Simple steps to clean a car at home

Every middle class family is having a car these days which they use daily for going to different places. I have observed that many owners do not wash their cars and there cars start looking ugly and old so early. So I am writing this article for the people who want to know the steps to clean their cars at home.


Today every middle class person is having a four wheeler that they regularly use for going to office, School, or somewhere else. After almost every week the car becomes dirty and needs to be cleaned. So I am writing this article for step to step guidance to clean your car. By using these steps you will be able to clean your car and make it shine in a small amount of time. Washing your vehicle in a shady spot or on a cloudy day(do not wash car in open sunlight) is beneficial otherwise spots will be left in the car when washed in sunlight because of evaporation of water. So here are some steps to clean your car.

Steps for cleaning the car from outside

  1. Park your car in a place so that it is not in direct sunlight. This will cool the paint. This will prevent the car from the spots which are generated due to evaporation when the car is washed in sunlight. Then assemble all the instruments and things needed for the cleaning of the car, at one place so as to know where everything is.

  2. Take a bucket and about five liters of water in it. Then pour some soap or some old shampoo into the bucket with the hose running until the water gets soapy and bubbles start generating in it. You can use any soap or shampoo but for best results use the soap which is designed for car washing. Other detergents can wash the wax off or can also remove the paint of the car.

  3. Take another bucket and fill it with normal water. Then after some time when the paint of car is cool, rinse off the car with normal water to remove the dirt, dust or grime and to soften the poop. If you are using a pressure pump then keep the pressure low as strong pressure can rub grit over the paint and snatch it. It will be beneficial if you try to aim the pipe downwards on all surfaces. If you aim it upwards around windows then it may cause water to dribble into the car from the window, if there are flaws in the rubber seals.

  4. Then take a soft cloth or a sponge and place it into the soapy water and start wiping it on the surface of the car. You can start from the top as the soapy water will start to flow down when you wipe the sponge on the top. Then move towards bottom. Always rise the sponge with the normal water before putting it back into the soapy water. And put the sponge into the soapy water at regular intervals so that equal amount of soap is distributed everywhere. While wiping the sponge on front glass, pull the windshield wipers away from the glass until they click into their propped position. Do not use brush on the car as it can leave little scratches on the body.

  5. Wipe the car with soap section by section, starting from the top. Always remember to circle around the car several times and wash lower areas(bottom) with each round. Clean the wheels with a small rag and the soapy water and leave it for some time. Rinse out the dirt of sponge by clean water in the bucket. Wash the car section by section and do not allow the soap to dry. Then wash the section on which you applied the soap water with clean water. Then rinse the wheels and remove all the soap from it.

  6. Keep the entire car wet while washing it as this will prevent spots from generating on the surface due to evaporation of droplets. It is advised to use a separate cloth for the lower sections as they are the dirtiest and grittiest parts of the car. You can use brush to clean the wheels so that maximum amount of dirt can be removed from it. Clean the sidewalls of tires with plastic brush. At last wash the whole car with clean water through a pipe with different angles.

  7. Do not leave the car for drying itself as by doing this the spots of droplets will generate on the surface. Dry the car with fresh towel.

  8. After drying the car leave it for sometime. Then take car polish and apply it to a clean buffer pad. If you do not have a buffer pad then you can use sponge also. But there is an advantage of using buffer pad as this ensures that the polish will scrub off the oxidation. But doing it with a cloth will not have such accuracy. Then buff the entire surface of the car and then apply wax on it. This makes the car shine as a new one.

  9. You can apply tire shine (a product used for the shining of tire) to the tires but be careful to avoid over spray. You can use a trim preservative for the shining of trim.

Steps for cleaning the car from inside

  1. Remove all the floor carpets and seat covers and clean them with vacuum pump. Vacuum the seats and use a narrow and extension to get into the cracks. This will remove all the dirt from the floor and seats.

  2. Spray a glass cleaner to the front glass and then to all the window glass one by one. You can use any glass cleaner but the best ones are non-ammonia glass cleaners. Then take a soft and dry cloth and clean the front glass and window glasses. Roll down each window a little to reach the muck at the top. After the glass is dry, use newspaper to polish the glass until it start glowing.

  3. If you are finding the glass cleaners expensive, then you can try an alternative method. You can use a solution of half water and half vinegar to clean the windows. This will leave you window with a good shine.

  4. Then take a cotton cloth to wipe the dashboard, steering wheel, and interior trim. Cotton clothes are used so as to reach small spaces such as small holes and spaces between the handles.

  5. Some additional tips related to car cleaning

    • Never use dishwasher soap to wash your car as it can strip off the paint and wax.

    • Do not use ammonia glass cleaners. Use non-ammonia cleaners and rub the glass inside and outside with newspaper for super clean windows.

    • Always start washing your car from the top to bottom and from the least dirty area to the most dirty area. Remember to use different cloth for the bottom part as those are the dirties parts of the car with lots of dirt.

    • Do not waste the water while washing the car. Close the tap after washing the car thoroughly. It is advised to buy a hose sprayer with a lever that shuts off the water when you want to shut it off.

    • Do not wash you car in direct sunlight. This will evaporate the water so quickly after the wash and leave the spots due to evaporation of droplets on the surface.

    • Use microfiber towels to dry the surface of car immediately after washing it so as to prevent it from spots generated due to evaporation of droplets.

    Things needed for washing the car

    1. A shady place

    2. 2 buckets

    3. 2 sponges or pieces of clothes

    4. Microfiber towel

    5. Soap or shampoo

    6. Polish

    7. Glass Cleaner

    8. Vacuum Cleaner

    9. Newspaper


    By following the above given steps you can clean you car easily. If we are using our car daily then we should wash it once in a week for making it look well for long time. Remember to use only genuine products for cleaning your car. Use dedicated cleaning tools for the wheels and tires.

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This is the very good thread started by the author and appreciation for that. I have seen that many middle class people are going for the car as they get the bank loans easily and the repayment is also easy for them. But up keeping the car is the big task and the middle class car owners fail to keep their car in good condition. They never has the time to wash the car during leisure period and they tend to clean the car at the time of leaving the home to office in huff and in that melee the car is cleaned half and half looks ugly for the on lookers. This article surely makes them to realize their mistakes.

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