Top 8 important tips for hygienic shopping

Are you a shopaholic or fond of shopping? If yes, then you have to be extra careful about your health and hygiene during your shopping hours. Because people generally never think seriously while they enjoy shopping. But to avoid the issues of health hazards from different infections which arise from shopping, you need to follow the 8 important hygiene tips discussed below.

Life is basically about good health and hygiene at all the circumstances i.e. while eating, sleeping, playing, driving and also even while shopping! Yes, have you ever contemplated upon how to do hygienic shopping? If no, then here is the brief description about all the related issues and its remedies regarding healthy and hygienic shopping for you.

What are the top hygiene tips to keep in mind while shopping

Generally, we are not at all bothered about health issues while we go for shopping. But seriously speaking, shopping with improper care to health and hygiene can cause severe contamination to the body and eventual diseases as well. The disease spreading germs are present everywhere including the shopping malls and market complexes. They wait for their opportunity to attack on the careless humans. So, if you don't go with proper hygienic consciousness to shop, you are the most likely to invite diseases for yourself. Let us discuss some of the important issues with the tips to be followed regarding this matter as follows.

While shopping for cosmetics and stationery items

Girls and ladies are very sensitive to their favorite objects especially cosmetics and skin care products for improving beauty. They never think anything serious before touching or testing the samples that a shopkeeper shows to them. But a very crucial point to remember here is that the testing samples which are kept by the shopkeepers are already tested by a good number of ladies and girls. If you touch or apply it to test on your skin directly, you are very much likely to get the germs presided in it into your body without any knowledge. So, the must do for you here is to avoid applying it immediately for testing its richness. Rather you can make a rough test and wash your hands subsequently by a soap or sanitizer to ensure protection from high infection.

While shopping for dress items

Dresses, clothing, suiting or shirting are also a class-A choice while shopping. We have seen it on each and every occasion of buying clothes that a buyer takes long time to select his best one by wearing almost all the clothes of his/her choice. Then how can we say that the dresses are new and in a pure state always? The dresses which are daily brought out to the buyers for testing and selecting are definitely infected because of touching the body of thousands of people. So, what should you do to prevent yourself from such infections?

The best convenient way to tackle such an issue is to select your choice of dress by color and measurement. Tell the seller about your favorite color, actual size and measurement. In this way you can get the right set of dress in less time. Never make the mistake of wearing it in the shop. Rather take the warranty of returning the same dress within a stipulated period in case you find it unsuitable later on. After bring it home, open the set of dress completely and if you are satisfied, wash it thoroughly with your available modes (soap/detergent/washing machine). Dry it in an open air and now it is ready to put on!

While shopping for food items

Foods? No-one can avoid it while shopping. But you know very well that all the fast food sellers or restaurants never clean the tables, plates, spoons or glasses properly. They simply focus on their volume of sale and turnover of business score. It is not that they don't provide good foods, but their activities are too quick and harsh which do not ensure purity. Again, a single table or plate is used or shared by many persons for enjoying the meals. So, isn't there the best chance for you to get infected with diseases? What should you do here?

I recommend the following must dos on this situation:
  • First of all, clean your hands with soap/sanitizer before taking your foods.
  • Ask to clean a plate thoroughly and then serve the foods.
  • Never use the same glass to drink water that is already used by others. Rather you can buy and use packaged drinking mineral water bottles. If you are spending money, then spend it wisely so that you don't invite danger to yourself. A little more expense can save you from a disease which will cause you spend thousands of rupees.
  • Never use the same spoons unless properly cleaned. Rather it is far better to carry your own spoon while going for meals.

Important:- Never accept the foods if it is stale or found contaminated.

While shopping for ornaments and other essential items

Ornaments are very important as well as objects of curiosity for women. They become very excited while choosing some silver, diamond or gold ornaments for themselves. But they often touch the same samples that are already checked and tested by millions by opening the seal of the pack. Germs are present everywhere and how can the ornaments be safe? So, it's better for you to wash your hands after touching the ornament samples. You can even order your desired model of necklace, earrings or bangles to prepare fresh ones and receive everything duly packed.

All other various essential items like vests, briefs, ladies inner wears, socks etc. are to be equally handled while choosing and buying. Never ever take a pack if there is slight breakage in the seal. Always prefix your mind with detailed ideas like model number, measurement or color before buying such items. You can simply tell the details and pick it packed and sealed from the seller. No need to touch and try many.

While shopping online

Generally, the online sellers keep their goods in a large ware house and after they get an order online, they pack your goods and send it by courier/postal mail. But it is also possible that there might have been some physical visitors who would have come across your set of goods and used as trial while choosing to buy at that spot. So, the goods you receive through online purchasing are also not safe at all. It is better to wash them before using.

While shopping for spectacles

In most parts of India, generally people with 40+ age start using contact lenses. So, if you are one of them, then make sure the seller is giving your set of lenses completely sealed while buying. No tampering should be there. Even after you open the pack, you should wash the lenses by lens cleaning liquid prior to using. If you feel some irritation after testing, take the warranty to return or exchange for a correct set of lenses.

While shopping for packed items

In the modern day, we find all the goods in packed and ready to deliver state. Starting from foods to all major and minor objects we need, everything is provided with a good packaged condition and a brief narration about the content. But the problem is, if you are shopping for packed items, then you have to use the same cart that is already used by many. In that way, you are sure to get infected. Hence, you must put all of your packed goods in a special carry bag and wash your hands properly before and after using the shopping cart.

Note:- While buying packaged or canned items, make sure the pack is safe and the seal is not broken.

While shopping for scientific study items

If you are a science student in a college/university and require a set of biology box, then you must extreme care while purchasing the same. Check the seal of the pack and open after ensuring all good regarding price and quality of the brand etc. Verify the functions of all the instruments like the forceps, sterile blades, glass slides, magnifying glass, scissors and all others. Even if everything is okay, you need to purify all the instruments by liquid wash before using the same in your practical study to avoid any infection.

Another occasion for safeguarding hygiene is while shopping for medicine and other health related items. For purity of medicinal items, always buy under the supervision/guidance of a good doctor/physician. Generally they have some preferred purchasing destinations for such items. Again, if you want to buy other items for improvement of health like vitamins or proteins, you should always check the expiry date and the seal on the pack.


If you follow the above simple hygiene tips while shopping, then I am sure you can experience a better perspective of the shopping activity. You can learn and prove that shopping is not merely about enjoying in leisure or making fun. It is also about adhering to the basics of a safe and secure life with sound health. My final statement for you is that you should not neglect in applying these tips at all from the moment you read this article and conveying the same to your near and dear ones for betterment of all.


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