Mr. Muscles Vs. Colin Glass cleaner : comparison and review

This article deals with two well known household cleaning products available in the market. Mr. Muscles glass cleaner and Colin spray glass cleaner are most commonly used products to clean glass surfaces, mirrors, car windshields and rear-view mirrors, fridge doors, TV(CRT) screens etc. In this article, i am going to first give product description of these two cleaners and then my personal review on how was my experience with both of them.


Dust and dirt tends to accumulate on the glass surfaces of windows and makes it look dull and unimpressive. Imagine a Shop whose window panes are dirt ridden, you won't even feel like entering it. Further, these dust particles might contains bacteria which when touched with bare hands gets transferred to us and may cause health problems. Dust particles can also trigger allergies, aggravates asthma and other respiratory problems. There are a number of glass cleaners in the market which makes it so much easy to clean them within no time. Now no more tedious job of cleaning glass surfaces with soapy water and a dripping cleaning cloth, just spray a bit of cleaning solution and wipe it dry with a cloth and you have got a sparkling shining glass smiling at you.

In this article, I am going to discuss the major features and specifications of two most familiar Glass cleaners available in the market: "Mr. Muscle Glass Cleaner" and "Colin Glass Cleaner" and give my view on which one I find better.

Mr Muscle Household Glass cleaner:

Mr. Muscles is a well known glass cleaner in the market. Not only to clean glass surfaces but this product can also be used to clean table tops, cars, appliances, kitchen tiles, counter tops, TV screens (CRT), refrigerators, mirror etc.

Mr. Muscles Glass Cleaner

Product description:

  • Mr. Muscles works best on glass surfaces, stainless steel materials, plastic, tile, chrome and even on porcelain. It is a multi- utility product.

  • Mr. Muscle is high quality low foaming liquid glass cleaner.

  • It is fragrance-free and thus we would have no odour-issue with it.

  • This product works smoothly on surfaces and is eco-friendly.

  • It can be easily stocked and disposed.

  • The fast-drying formula of Mr. Muscles gives streak-free finish to the surface.

  • It comes in an easy to use 500ml plastic bottle with angular nozzle which makes it very easy to be used on any glass surface. It is also available in 750 ml bottle.

  • It is a reasonable priced product and very much cost effective.

Mr. Muscle household cleaner.

Directions for Use:
  • Spray Mr. Muscle directly from the nozzle of the bottle, from about 15-20 cm away from the surface to be cleaned. Wipe with a clean cloth for sparkling result.

  • Do not dilute the product as this may result in improper cleaning and appearance of streaks.

  • Use a soft lint-free cloth for better results. Paper towels may also be used but changed them frequently.

Cost Price: MR. Muscles cost Rs. 59.00 for 500 ml bottle.

Colin Glass Cleaner:

Colin is a very common name in every household. It is the first choice of every housewife for household cleaning. Colin spray cleaner is one of the best product to get sparkling surfaces; Its tagline "Cleans to a Shine" is so accurate and well endorsed.

Colin Spray household cleaner.

Product Description: Colin spray Glass cleaner
  • Colin Glass cleaner is great for fast, easy and streak-free cleaning on every glass surface. It can even remove tough grease and grime on glass and other hard surfaces. It can be suitably used on glass windows, shining table tops, refrigerator, electronic items, car windshields, mirrors, laminated furniture and for spotless CRT screens.

  • This product comes in a specially designed plastic bottle which provides easy grip.

  • Latest product combines Colin with Vinegar power to give stain-free cleaning.

  • It is an eco-friendly product.

  • Colin comes in easy to stock and dispose-off bottle.

  • This product is available in 200 ml and 500 ml bottle with a spray nozzle.

  • Colin spray cleaner is economical and value for money product.

  • This product is easy to use and do not requires any extra care for handling.

Directions for use:

  • Hold the bottle about 15 cm away from the surface to be cleaned with its nozzle pointing towards the surface.

  • Press the pump of the nozzle to spray fine mist over the surface.

  • Wipe it clean with a clean dry cotton cloth or a paper towel to get a clean, sparkling and smear-free result.

Cost Price: Colin Costs Rs. 35 for a 200ml bottle and Rs. 55.00 for a 500 ml spray bottle in India.

Warning: Never use Colin spray, Mr. Muscles or any other regular cleaner to clean LCD, Plasma or LED screens.

My Review:

Both Mr. Muscles and Colin are very good household glass cleaners and are value for money. I have been using Colin for the past 8 years and never had any problems with it. Recently, I tried Mr. Muscles and found it equally effective. Both of them are eco-friendly and can be used on surfaces of food preparation.

I have small kids at home. These products being safe and not possessing any toxic ingredients, I don't have to be worried about my kids touching the surfaces where these cleaners were used.

After using both the products, I felt, Colin is best for cleaning window glasses, glass tabletops, CRT TV screens, refrigerator, Car windshields and mirrors but when I have more stubborn stains I would prefer Mr.Muscles. For rough surfaces like kitchen tops and tiles, Mr. Muscles proved to be better than Colin with its more powerful formula.

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Guest Author: jawahar25 Mar 2014

Can we use use Colin or Mr.muscle to clean not only windshields of car and can we use it for the body of the car, if we use is there any affects for the colour of the car.

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