A review of World class Home cleaning and Body cleaning Products from Amway

In this resource I am giving a review of several daily or regularly used home cleaning and body cleaning World class products produced by Amway Company. In this resource I gave a review of LOC (multipurpose versatile cleaning liquid), Zoom (grease and stain remover), Dish Drops (utensils Cleaner), Pursue(Cleaner and Disinfectant), SA8 Zelzyme (laundry Care), Car Wash(for washing cars), Hair care products, Persona body cleaning soap, Glister tooth paste and Persona tooth brush for teeth cleaning.


Amway Corporation an internationally renowned and well established Company started by its founders Richard M. De Vos and Jay Van Andel in 1959 in Ada, Michigan of USA. Amway is one of the largest direct selling home consumer product company in the World. Amway Corporation do not sell their products through shops but they sell them through their business representatives directly who spread through out every part of the World to their consumers. Thus this company is providing great opportunity for their business representatives to do their business on their own and earn money. Amway Corporation got 28th rank in Forbes Magazine survey in 2011 among private business organizations in America. Its business is well spread over hundred countries and more than one million business representatives are working in this business.

Salient features of Amway products

1. Amway produces more than 450 varieties of unique products which include Home clean products, Health care products, Beauty care products, Daily home need products.

2. Amway products are time tested, highly ranked and those who want to use quality products, for the money they pay these products they stand top in the list.

3. Amway cleaning products are available in concentrate form and they have to be diluted before we use them. One pack of 500ml or 1000 ml may thus last long for 6 months or one year for a family. Thus Amway products are cost effective.

4. Unlike other routine products Amway products are environment friendly products. As many cleaning products of Amway are made from ingredients collected from nature, all products are completely biodegradable which don't add any pollutants to the environment. For this fact their products were ranked to be the best by many surveys of high standard agencies and thus they are eco friendly to the environment.

5. Amway cleaning products are available in various quantities starting from small trial sachets to a quantity of 1 liter. Amway company also guarantees the money return policy if the customer doesn't satisfy with the quality of its product.

Review of Amway Home clean Products

Amway Home Cleaning Products
(Courtesy: Amway Company)

1. LOC (multipurpose cleaning product)

The first product formulated by Amway Corporation was LOC, a versatile multipurpose cleaning liquid. Most probably there is no other product formulated by any other company which can be used for multipurpose like LOC. It can be used for all kinds of cleaning purposes. LOC can be used for cleaning floors, garments or daily used clothes, plastic chairs and tables, utensils, marbles, granite, washable walls, bathroom fixtures, tiles, greasy surfaces of all kinds. LOC is a multipurpose cleaner with bio extracts and coconut derivatives, remove tough stains with great cleansing action. As this product is not made out of any harsh chemicals, it is gentle to our hands and very safe to our skin. No chlorine or bleaching agents are used in this product so it can be used to wash our clothes with great value. If you are not able to remove a tough stain from one of your favorite garment with any of the stain removing products available from market, you can definitely remove it with LOC. You can test it by buying a small trial sachet from any Amway business dealer.

How to use LOC

As LOC is available in highly concentrated form it has to be diluted to use for our various purposes. LOC can be used on all washable surfaces including our pet animals safely. For mopping the floor 3 ml of LOC is mixed with one liter of water. With one time mopping only it remove greasy stains, scuff marks on floor and from carpets. After mopping it leaves a non sticky floor surface with lingering fragrance.

For dish washing 1ml of LOC to be added per 1liter of water. It removes greasy stains from the surface of your utensils.

For washing clothes one cap full of LOC can be mixed with one full bucket of water. It removes dirt, markings from the cuffs and collars, tough stains from the clothes very easily. It also leaves a nice light fragrance to the clothes after drying.

Cost price of LOC: LOC trial sachet: 8ml (Rs.6); LOC 500ml container (Rs.279); LOC 1 liter container(Rs.385)

2. Dish Drops(Utensils cleaner)

The made servant or the lady of the house has to work hard to clean various kind of utensils used for cooking in kitchen. It is tough time for them to clean the oily or greasy surface of these utensils. The Amway's Dish Drops liquid makes this task easy and simple for the house lady.

Method of using Dish Drops

Concentrated Dish Drop solution has to be diluted 1:3 ratio for cleaning the utensils. By using dilute form of this liquid any kind of utensils covered with oily or fatty or greasy surfaces can be cleaned just by spreading the dilute liquid over both the surfaces of the utensils with a piece of sponge. Magically any kind of greasy surface can be cleaned to its perfection after rinsing with water. After cleaning with Dish Drops the utensils appears to be shining brilliantly without leaving any white marks left on them unlike as in the case of using chemical detergents. The product is safe for hands as it is made from materials obtained from nature like Aloevera and Coconut derivatives which are safe and gentle on hands. Like any other products of Amway, Dish Drops is an eco-friendly labelled product.

Cost of the Dish Drops in India: Amway Home Dish Drop Sachet(8ml):Rs.7; Amway Home Dish Drop(500ml): Rs.355; Amway Home Dish Drop(1 liter): Rs.599.

3. Amway SA8 Gelzyme(laundry Care)

Amway's SA8 Gelzyme is one of the solutions for laundry care problems. SA8 Gelzyme can be used for pre-treatment, cleaning and softening of clothes in one step. It effectively removes tough stains from clothes, remove grime and dirt from collars, cuffs and Sari falls. SA8 is formulated with five stain removing agents, a liquid spot cleaner, a natural softener, a fluorescent whitening agent and powerful enzymes to work most effectively on any kind of clothes. SA8 has low foaming technology which makes the requirement of water for washing less. SA8 also provide a lasting fragrance after washing the clothes with it.

Method of using SA8 Gelzyme

If the clothes are having any tough stains, grime and heavy dirt one can pre-treat the clothes as follows. Take 40ml of luke warm water to which 120ml of SA8 Gelzyme has to be mixed and can be used as a pre-treatment solution. Apply this solution on tough stains and dirt marks of the clothes and can wash it immediately or they can leave for one day or week days, even after also one can wash the clothes without any problem. Magically all the tough stains and dirt marks from the clothes will be removed most effectively. For normal wash there is no need of any pre-treatment.

SA8 Gelzyme can be used for both machine wash or for hand wash. For the normal wash, clothes have to be pre-soaked 30 minutes before washing. For hand wash 1ml of SA8 Gelzyme liquid is used for one liter of water. For machine wash, 20ml of SA8 Gelzyme has to be used for 45-70 liters of water of larger(6-7kg of Clothes); 10ml for 20-30 liters of water for smaller (3-4kg of Clothes). After soaking the clothes for 30 minutes, the clothes can be simply rinsed only one time unlike that of many times as in the case of chemical detergents we use. No bleaching agents are used in this SA8, so the clothes never loose their natural colors and texture.

4.Amway Car Wash

Amway Car Wash is an unique Car as well as automobile vehicle cleaning product. This product can be safely used to clean surface dirt, grease, oil, dust but without loosing its original shine. Amway Car Wash product is phosphate free and thus it is an eco-friendly product. As this product is not formulated with harsh chemicals, it doesn't affect the protective polish or finish of the car or vehicle.

Method of using Amway Car Wash

First we have to dust the surface of the car with a dry cloth. Take 5ml of Amway Car wash in 4 liters of water in a bucket. Take a sponge and clean the Car or your vehicle with this solution. After some time rinse thoroughly with water and then clean it with a dry cloth. Definitely you will find your car or vehicle shine with great brightness than any other car wash product you used before for your cleaning. 500ml of Car Wash product can be used for 100 washes of the car and so it is very economical.

Cost Price of Amway Car Wash: 500ml (Rs.257)

5. Amway Zoom (for household grease and stains)

Amway Zoom is a concentrated liquid used to clean greasy surfaces of all the places and articles of your house. This concentrated liquid can be used to remove the grease and stains from the surface of interiors and exteriors of refrigerators, ceiling fans, Table fans, exhaust fans, blocked burners of Gas Stoves, greasy surface of grinders, dusty and greasy surface of wall clocks, Cycle parts, machine parts, surfaces of plastic articles, oily and greasy surfaces of Gas stoves, Washing machine, greasy surface of dressing mirrors etc. It effectively cleans the lip stick marks, pencil marks, food stains etc.

Method of using Amway Zoom

Make 1:2 dilution of Amway Zoom concentrated liquid and take in to a sprayer. Take the quantity of this solution according to your need. Spray the solution on to the needy surface and simply wipe out with a cloth. You don't find any stain, grease or oily markings on the surface on which you used this solution.

Cost Price of Amway Zoom: 500ml (Rs.270)

6. Amway Pursue(disinfectant cleaner)

Amway Pursue can be used as a disinfectant cleaner, germicide, fungicide, virucide as well as a deodorizer. So Amway pursue can keep all your house environment hygienically clean which will protect the family members from dangerous disease causing pathogens. This diluted solution can be used to clean floors, walls, sinks, Dust bins, kitchen counter tops, Dining tables, baby's living room, surroundings of the swimming pools, for washing hands, hospitals, hotels etc. most effectively.

Method of using Amway Pursue

For highly infected areas 16 ml of concentrated Amway Pursue can be mixed with 1 liter of of water. For medium infected areas 8 ml can be mixed with a liter of water. With the help of sponge the whole infected surface can be cleaned with this solution.

Cost Price of Amway Pursue: 500 ml (Rs.255)

7. Amway Satinique (hair cleaner and conditioner)

Amway Satinique is formulated from natural ingredients like Oats, Soap Wort and kelp. The formulation technology of this shampoo helps to cleanse the hair gently, strengthens the hair, makes the hair look shiny and healthy looking. It cleanse as well as conditions the hair.

Method of using Santinique Shampoo

First rinse your hair to remove any dust, dirt or any other particulate matter. Take 2-5 ml Amway Satinique shampoo into your palms. Keep this liquid on your scalp, massage it and spread it thoroughly on to the entire hair. Leave it for sometime and rinse the hair thoroughly with water to remove any residue of the shampoo.

8. Amway Persona(body cleaning product)

Amway Persona soap provide perfect protection from germs, acts as an excellent skin moisturizer and deodorizer as well as it nourishes the skin. The ingredients used in its formulation are Plantaren, Triclocarbon and Almond oil. The ingredient Plantaren is made from special Corn and Coconut derivatives. These ingredients cleans the skin a natural way. Triclocarbon gives long lasting and effective protection from all kinds of germs. Almond oil acts as skin moisturizing agent, keep the skin soft and smooth. The fragrant oils used in the preparation of this soap keeps the body with long lasting lingering smell.
Amway Persona Body Cleaning Soap
Courtesy:Amway Company

Method of using Persona Soap

Amway Persona can be used two times a day during the bathing to keep our body free from germs as well as to keep the body fresh.

Cost Price of Persona Soap in India: Rs.43.

9. Amway Glister Paste(teeth Cleaning Product)

Amway Glister Tooth Paste is one of the World trusted tooth paste used by millions of people through out the World. Amway Glister toothpaste include a polishing agent as its ingredient. This agent polishes and makes your teeth white without any abrasion to your teeth. The unique formulation of glister paste removes plaque from your teeth, safely cleans and whitens teeth, stop cavity formation, promotes re-mineralization of the teeth. It removes stains formed by Tea, Coffee and Tobacco on your teeth. It refreshes your mouth and stops bad breath.
Amway Glister Tooth Paste
(Courtesy:Amway Company)

By using Amway Glister tooth paste daily twice one can keep their teeth well protected through out their life without any dental problems.

Cost Price of Amway Tooth Pate: Rs.140.

10. Amway Tooth Brush (Teeth Cleaner)

Amway Tooth brushes make uses Accu-Pressure Wave and Ribs technology. This technology applies low pressure on teeth which protects the teeth from unnecessary abrasion. The slender neck of the brush helps in effective brushing while flexible ribbed neck reduces the brush pressure to protect the teeth and enamel. Tongue cleaner on the handle with more ridges will help to clean the tongue as well as to remove bacteria.
Amway Persona Tooth Brushes
Courtesy:Amway Company

Amway Persona Tooth brush with Glister toothpaste will take care about your oral care and cleanliness.

Cost Price of 4 Persona Tooth Brushes: Rs. 120.


Amway products are all time tested, well established products and many award winning products used by millions of people through out the World. Most of the Amway products are formulated with natural ingredients and doesn't produce any harm like other products made by chemicals. More over All Amway products are completely biodegradable and are safe for our environment. Amway cleaning products are available in different sizes and so one can buy a trial sachet to test themselves the quality before you start using regularly. Amway Company guarantees money return policy on every product if the customer doesn't satisfy its quality.

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Author: Saji Ganesh25 Nov 2012 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Amway is known for its products and also as a pioneer in direct marketing. The article provides sufficient details about the products. The problem with Amway products is that they are too costly. The company claims that their products will last longer if used as per their guidelines but I am not sure how practical that would be. Recently raids were conducted in the Amway offices in Kerala and their functioning has been suspended on the ground that they were encouraging money chain business in the name of direct marketing and also that they were not maintaining proper registers or accounts. Other parts of India may follow suit.

Author: Sukhdev Singh25 Nov 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Among all the cleaning articles of Amway I have found their Glistner tooth paste and their tooth brushes to be of utmost quality and I regularly use these two products. The only problem with the Amway products is that these items are sold only by the registered distributors of the Amway. They are not available off the shelf in any grocery or chemist shop. The Amway claims that it sells its articles through its distributors in order to reduce the cost of the products by passing wholesalers and retailers' commissions. But if you look at the cost of the products of the Amway, they are very highly priced among all the products of similar type available in the market. So, if you want to buy the Amway products, you have to search for its distributor and then buy them at the cost which is quite high. The plea of the Amway for the high cost of products is that their products are unique in the market and are of exceptionally high quality.

Author: Kanipad18 Mar 2014 Member Level: Silver   Points : 4

This is a good article which gives an idea about the main products. Personally, I have used LOC (multipurpose cleaning product), Glister Paste and Persona Soap.
1) LOC is a very good product and never seen a product like this that removes stains and cleans the surface without damaging the surface.
2) Glister paste is good and I could not compare it with the other good brands.
3) Persona is one of the best soaps available in the market. It can be compared with a product called Conybio.
However, Amyway is far superior to many well known brands and no can say it is the only best brand.

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