Top two best Detergents in India

Are you looking for best detergent powder to remove stains in your cloths. Have a look here for top two best detergents that are rated high in India and Complete details on how these work on your cloths

Are you looking for a best detergent to keep it for regular use? There are plenty of Top Branded Detergent companies in Indian Market among which selecting a best detergent is quiet difficult. Here are the list of best detergents in India that could make your cloths brighter ever.

Detergents play avital role to keep your cloths clean and tidy. There are uncountable detergents which are being produced by local as well as branded companies. The matter is, which ia best detergent to use. Which deterget would give good cleaning. Choosing a wrong or local detergents will make your cloths fade and yellowish. So everyone should aware of choosing right detergent. This article will make you clear on how to choose detergents and which one would give you the best result. Currently Hindustan Unilever Limited, Henkel and Proctor & Gamble are the major companies that are contributing more in Detergent Industries. Let us see which one having more good qualities.

Ariel Detergent

Ariel is found to be one of the poplar detergent power in India. It is well known for its less water consumption and best cleaning result. Ariel is the costliest branded detergent powder among all other brands. Since the price is high, the result from using this powder is 99% positive. Small amount of Ariel is enough to clean large amount of cloths. Machine wash also gives best result. The following are the products of ariel

Ariel Complete- Contains Green, Pink and Bule speckles that could give you the power of a detergent bar. The pink speckles can act as brush to remove tough strains. Suitable for Top loading Washing mashines and Hand Wash

Ariel AntiBac- Similar to Ariel Complete but it has power to kill 99% percentage og germs in your cloths and could also give you 100% superior washing experience.

Ariel 24-hour Fresh- Is equipped with advance technology perfume that could give you long lasting fragrance for upto 24 hours. Suitable for both hand wash and machine wash.

Ariel Matic- Could remove strains even from collar and cuff part of your cloth and it is highly recommended for LG washing machine. Not suitable for hand wash.

How to use Ariel for effective cleaning?

Normally use two or three spoons for hand wash and four to five spoons for machine wash. Fill the bucket with full of water and put your cloths in it for 1 hour. Later pour ariel washing power and soak the cloths well and leave it for 20 minutes for the powder to work with strains. Later, wash the cloths well and put it on sunshade. Do not pour too much amount of powder as it would create a glue like experience with your cloth and forms white layer after drying.

Pros Of Ariel

  • Specially target and remove tough stains

  • Improvered fragrance with flavours

  • Shows Best result in mashine wash

  • Worth the price you pay

  • Long Lasting Nice Small

  • Need only a litle bit quantity for washing

Cons Of Ariel

Eventhough it has unique power to clean your tough dirts and stains, it has its own few disadventages. They are
  • It may wash off the color of cloths sometimes

  • Over quantity of Ariel may leads to adverse effect on your cloths

  • Hand wash may form a white layer in your hands

  • Expensive

Surf Excel

Surf Excel is also a pioneer in Detergent brands in India. Its new Surf Excel detergents are of X-Tra clean particles that can even removes tough stains of slurries(mud), tomoto sauce and other things. It has added lemon to bleach your cloth in smart way without affecting or fading off your color of cloths. So it is a all in one multi stain remover. Spcelially made for kids who used to bring high stains in their cloths. Surf Excel consumes less water so as to avoid water scarcity in India.

Surf Excel Blue Detergent Powder- Removes stains in white cloths made with a mixer of soap noodels.

Surf Excel Detergent Bar- Need no hard wash as it removes stains with two wipes with this bar.

Surf Excel Gentle Wash- Special liquid made for woolen cloths with no extra hard surf.

Surf Excel Matic Top Load Powder- Made for machine wash to clean your cloths without harming your washing mashine.

What about other detergents?

This would be a question from those who use some local brands. The answer is, others do not have such excellent features as like in ariel and surf excel. Others brands like Nirma, Active Wheel, RIN advanced, Tide, Power, Zoom etc are not having certain qualities as they do not have power to remove stains. You may get these brands in cheapest MRP but think about your valuable cloths. Cost is worth giving to Ariel and Surf excel.


I strongly recommend "Ariel" than Surf excel because, I personally experienced the uniqueness of both these detergents. Among these, Ariel consumes only less water and remove stains in short period of time while surf excel consumes huge water and take much time to remove tough stains. So I recommend people to go for ariel than surf excel. Do not look at the cost, instead look at the value of your cloths.

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Guest Author: Drupad01 Apr 2014

I am using Ghari detergent since very long time. it is no any cons you mention for above detergents. It is mild on color of clothes as well as remove tough strains. Also it is quite cheap in comparison to above. That is why every packet of Ghari detergent have slogan on it "First Use Than Believe".

Guest Author: sri03 Aug 2014

The above report does not have any scientific back up. Is this a promotion? The said companies are fleecing the public. Washing detergents advertisements are misleading, show me a demonstration where clothes sparkle.. Can we tome them to consumer court??

Guest Author: manjunath30 Dec 2014

It is nothing but how you wash clothes, and how much dirty they are.even local brands can give satisfactory results compared to branded products.

Guest Author: Kishore05 Jul 2015

In my Opinion, both Ariel and Surf Excel are not good. It does not worth value for money. These contains 30-45% filler materials and residues which weaken the threads in clothes and fill in pores of clothes. And also these detergents have chemicals which are harmful for environment and skin.

Better to use SA8 Gelzyme from Amway. It is concentrated, for me (3 adults in family) it lasts for 11 months with a 1 Ltr bottle. No chemicals, no phosphate and no chlorine. Its Bio-degradable. Also it is dermatologist tested.

If You buy Surf Excel or Ariel, think how many packets of 1 kg powder you will use in 10 months? That price will be more than SA8 Gelzyme. If you use, you will know the difference.

Also SA8 contains softener, so no need extra softener from market.

One more thing: Amway gives 30 days money back guarantee which no banad gives. If you use the detergent or even just open the packet after buying Surf Excel or Ariel then you can't return it back. They will not take it back.

In case of SA8, you can do it and 100% money back is there.

Author: Selvipriya.N10 Jan 2017 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

In my opinion Ariel is more fragrant than Surf Excel but Surf Excel removes stains easily than Ariel. When compared to Ariel, Surf Excel is safe for our hands. My mother also tells me about that difference. In our house my mother normally buys Surf Excel.

Author: Gaurav Singh20 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Both of the above detergent are costly in comparison to other detergents in the market. These two are not affordable by a common person from middle class family. They usually go for other brands like Ghadi detegent, Fena or Active Whell because they are affordable for them.
Detergent cakes are also very effective in removing oil and dirt from clothes. So, there are also good alternatives of costly detergent powders.

Author: Partha K.14 Aug 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

I was going through this old article out of curiosity, but after reading the same, I am a little bit disappointed. The author, while discussing, detergents, have not discussed the surface tension, pH factors, lemon ingredients and many other factors which are essential to determine whether a detergent is good or not. He has not discussed whether the detergents (which are best according to him) can remove stain easily. He has not discussed whether these detergents can function equally well in all types of water, or not. The effect of the detergents on the skin, especially the skin of the children (who use clothes washed by these detergents) has not been discussed. I am afraid he has simply gone by the literature available for product promotion.

I am of the opinion that the popular detergents available in India are all more or less of the same quality. In such cases, we have to purchase those detergents which are less costly and less harmful to the body. We have also to check which detergent is most suitable in the water available in a particular locality.

Guest Author: kapil28 Feb 2021

Cleanliness is one aspect but detergents are the worst culprits in polluting our water bodies. Please check the testing done by Voluntary Organisation in Interest of Consumer Education and see how all these detergents fared.
Ariel and surf have excessive phosphate content. So these were the most polluting detergents.

Guest Author: Surf excel supporter01 Jan 2022

Your assessment that Surf Excel consumes huge quantity of water and takes much time to remove stains is completely wrong.

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