Various cleaning products from Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL)

Looking out for various types of cleaning products from Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Here you can find various Hindustan Unilever product descriptions. Various Hindustan Unilever products like Domex,Comfort fabric, Rin, Surf Excel, Cif cream cleaner, Vim and Active wheel product details can be known here.

About Hindustan Unilever Ltd

Hindustan Unilever Ltd in short termed ad HUL acts as one of the Indian largest fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) company with its headquarters in Mumbai. Hindustan unilever acts as a subsidiary of Unilever a leading FMCG supplier. Hindustan Unilever has a wide product categorization into different sectors and the distribution processes towards its products are being carried out in huge numbers across various types of outlets in different areas. According to a market survey report it says few of Hindustan Unilever brands has got with a good rating for its product features and specialty conducted by AC.Nielsen brand equity survey for various years.

Hindustan Unilever product list and its brand portfolio

Hindustan Unilever focused more towards its branding as they feel their branding strategy would be the best process in creating their identity towards their product lists and innovations. In spite of heavy competition in FMCG sector they feel their brand name along with their design, features, specialty and outcomes would help them towards increase of their sales and with proper branding it can help them towards customer loyalty and repeat purchase.

Hindustan Unilever Ltd has its product categorization into different sectors like home care, personal care, food & drinks along with water purifier. Here are some well known popular market brands of Hindustan Unilever ltd. They are Surf excel, Vim, Rin, Domex, Comfort fabric, Bru, 3 roses, Axe deodorant, Clinic plus, Close up, Hamam, Dove, Lux, Pears, Pepsodent and Pureit water purifier and many more. Now lets have a look about various Household products.

Homecare products of Hindustan Unilever ltd

Hindustan Unilever has different types of household products as mentioned below:


Active wheel


Cif cream cleaner

Surf Excel

Rin and

Comfort fabric conditioner

Domex product information's

Domex is one of the well known cleaning products from Hindustan Unilever Ltd for floor and toilet cleaning. It can be used in floors and tiles in our living areas. Domex acts as a best disinfectant and most effective toilet cleaner. Domex are marketed through different names outside India and the brand Domex had its launch in the year 1997 in India. Due to its advertising strategy and brand promotion the product has got with a good reputation in Indian market.

Domex Product Range

Domex comes in 500 mil and 1Ltr bottle in 4 different flavours for toilet and floor cleaning along with 2 different flavours for toilet blocks. The price of these products ranges from Rs 60 to Rs 115 based on pricing in different stores. The list of Domex products are given below:
Domex Toilet cleaner
Domex Toilet specialist - 200ml and 500ml

Domex Toilet specialist (Lemon Explosion) – 500ml

Domex Toilet specialist (Pine Blast) – 500ml

Domex Toilet specialist (Pink Power) – 500ml
Domex Floor cleaner

Domex Floor cleaner -500ml and 1000ml

Domex Floor cleaner (Lemon Explosion) – 500ml

Domex Floor cleaner (Pine Blast) – 500ml

Domex Floor cleaner (Pink Power) – 500ml

Domex phenyl cleaner – 500ml
Domex Toilet Block

Domex cage Atlantic Toilet block – 40gms

Domex cage Citrus Toilet block - 40gms

Domex usage procedure

Open the nozzle and apply the liquid to the disinfectant surfaces. Make sure the liquid is spread all over the required surfaces. If not take a brush and spread it across all surface. Leave the liquid for a while and after few minutes 5 – 10 minutes with the help of water, brush or mop clean the required surface.

Comfort fabric conditioner

Comfort acts as one of the best conditioner product for various sets of fabrics in ones laundry and washing activity. Comfort liquid would be in the form of a creamy liquid and it comes in different fragrances. Due to its powerful ingredients and empowered formula it gives and satisfies its user with a long lasting fragrance. Moreover comfort products acts as No 1 fabric conditioner brand with good market position in laundry care due to its effects of outcomes and results. Also we would be able to witness an animated ad for comfort fabric where two clothes speak to each other about their results.

Comfort Products

Based on the necessity of the customer and market analysis towards laundry care comfort products comes in different quantities like 800 ml and even 1 ltr. Comfort fabric products are being marketed in 3 different varieties as mentioned below:
Comfort fabric

Comfort Blue – Morning fresh

Comfort Pink – Lily fresh

Comfort Green

Comfort fabric usage procedure

Comfort fabric products are used at the end of washing activity that is after rinsing of clothes. Remove the cap of comfort liquid and based on the clothes washed pour the liquid in required amount in the cap and let it down into the clothes. Don't rinse it again but simply take the clothes and dry it in outside air.

Rin product information's

Rin acts as one of the oldest brand of Hindustan Unilever ltd. Initially Rin was launched as a bar soap for cleaning in the year 1969 and this product acted as their iconic product and later as years passed away towards its product innovation in 1994 the company launched the same product Rin in the form of a detergent powder. Later in order to provide perfect satisfactions towards whitening and shining of various types of clothes used in laundry the brand had its growth and expansion of products under different names and due to the promise and effect of outcome it delivered the brand Rin holds out a good trust and position in the minds of Indian customers.

Rin product lists

The brand Rin by understanding its customer base and their necessity has come up with different varieties of products in different price slabs. The list of Rin varieties are mentioned below as:
Rin Products

Rin bar

Rin Matic

Rin powder

Rin perfect shine

Rin fabric whitner

Surf Excel product information's

Surf excel acts as one of the premiere category towards various cleaning products with a good market position. Surf excel acts as one of the oldest detergent powder and the product had its launch in the year 1959 and later due to competitive market situation the product has been fine tuned into different varieties and released under different names. Moreover the same product is marketed in different names at other countries and due to effective results the brand surf excel acts as a pioneer product in the market even till now.

Surf excel product lists

The brand surf excel has different set of products as mentioned below:
Surf Excel 1
Surf Excel 2

Surf Excel Blue detergent powder

Surf Excel Matic – Top load and Front Load

Surf Excel Gentle wash

Surf Excel detergent bar

Cif Cream Cleaner product information's

Cif creamy cleaner

Cif cream cleaner is another product for cleaning utensils and as the name indicates Cif product are creamy in nature. Cif product can help any individual to make their dish washing easier and the results can also be witnessed through sparkling and shine of utensils after its usage. Cif products comes in two different quantities like 250ml, 500ml and 750ml and its varieties are named as Lemon surface cleaner and White surface cleaner.

Vim product information's

Vim is another well known and popular home cleaning product as it finds a good place in every shelves in Indian kitchen. Vim now acts as one of the best products towards dish washing and due to its product innovation the product is categorized into different varieties in different quantities in the form of bar, powder and liquid. Due to its powerful ingredients Vim dish wash range of products are more effective and provides value for money to its customer. In addition to its results of outcomes Vim products also comes out as Refill pouch pack where the customer can make reuse of their old products.

Vim product lists

Vim products can be categorized into different types as mentioned below:
Vim 1
Vim 2

Vim bar

Vim powder – 500gm and 1kg

Vim liquid lemon – 250ml and 500ml

Vim liquid orange – 250ml and 500ml

Vim liquid lime – 250ml and 500ml

Vim refill pack – 225ml

Vim pouch pack – 140ml

Vim double power mega saver pack

Active wheel product information's

Active wheel products

Active wheel is another well known detergent brand from Hindustan Unilever Ltd and its advertising strategy made it to be a popular product. Active wheel provides the user with a good cleaning experience and Active wheel also takes different types of varieties like laundry soap, bars and powders. Active wheel due to its competitive factors has designed its products in different flavour of fragrances like lemon & orange, Lemon & jasmine and Active wheel gold.

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Guest Author: Chitra19 Jul 2013

I was earlier using VIM - however it was observed that the VIM soap sediments many a times is seen in washed utensils.
Is there a problem if we use RIN bar for utensils or is it likely to have an adverse effect?

Author: K Mohan06 Sep 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

We all know that Hindstan Unilever is the multinational company which has strong presence in every household of this great country with their varied products. But what I really don't like is their advertising policy. They keep on giving advertisements on various television channels and this extra spending is again levied as price increase in next purchase. The rates of their products are not same when compared to last month. That means to sustain market presence they are giving heavy dose of advertisements on televisions at the cost of the consumers which is very wrong.

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