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What are the risks of high blood pressure?

Blood pressure is a killer disease all over the world. Blood pressure kills a person with in few hours, if the treatment is delayed. Some times, Due to blood pressure sudden heart attack leads to death. In this article, the causes, symptoms and risks of blood pressure are listed to create awareness about the killer disease.

About blood pressure

Blood pressure is the fastest affecting disease that attacks all age groups. We should be aware of it and know all the precautions to prevent the disease. Blood pressure means the force of blood that strikes against the artery walls. In turn, the blood circulates all over the body. The rise and fall of blood pressure is normal for every person in his day to day life. But, the risk occurs when it stays high for a long time. High blood pressure cause severe riks that leads to death with in few minutes. Blood pressure attacks heart. Stroke, heart diseases are in high danger for blood pressure persons. In many countries, blood pressure kills more people without giving the time for treatment. Sudden attack takes more lives. Blood pressure warnings and symptoms are very rapid and before knowing the detailed symptoms, the patient will be at the last stage of the disease. Track your blood pressure levels to prevent these risks.

What are the Causes

The chances of getting blood pressure are high for the following conditions. It is one of the heredity disease that comes from your parents or grand parents who already has this disease. Even though you maintain your health there is a chance of getting blood pressure. Now a days, it is impossible to know when and to whom blood pressure attacks. Few years back, old age people are at higher risk of getting blood pressure. But now, even thirties are taking treatment for blood pressure. People who have diabetes has the huge chances of getting blood pressure sooner or later. More than sixty percent of people are affected by diabetes also got blood pressure and vice versa. The danger ranges high when unhealthy lifestyle and heredity risk are combined together. Eating lot of unhealthy foods like junk food, high cholesterol food items welcomes blood pressure soon. Smoking and drinking can cause blood pressure due to the chemical contents in it. These two killers not only cause blood pressure, highly dangerous diseases tie up with these killers to kill the person who is addicted to it.

How to identify Symptoms

The symptoms or signs are very less and it is difficult to identify it is due to high blood pressure. Most of the people don't know that they have blood pressure. A sudden attack or highly complicated disease identify that they have blood pressure. One way of finding blood pressure is doing periodical blood pressure check up. The continuous signs of high level of blood pressure indicates that particular person has blood pressure. If the person has not taken any blood pressure check up then he or she will be in high danger of losing a life at any point of time. If you are over weight then take precautions to escape from blood pressure. Person with symptoms of high blood pressure feels uncomfortable while breathing and he sweats a lot then normal situations. The abnormal activity also a symptom of high blood pressure.

Risks of high blood pressure

There are many risks that are attached to high blood pressure. Any thing may happen at any time. It is impossible to say or list the risks that attack while high blood pressure occurs. Some of the common risks are mentioned. Person with high blood pressure should take care of your health to avoid risks. The blood circulation is reduced that reduces the flow of oxygen all over the body, mainly heart. It leads to chest pain or angina. Heart helps to supply oxygen and blood all over the body but this mechanism will be stopped or lowered and that results in heart failure. The other body organs will reduce the functions that develops more risks. Immediate treatment is required to save the person from this danger else he may loss his life within seconds. High blood pressure rapidly jams the functions of many parts of the body that leads to congestion and uncomfortable situation. Breathing problem indicates the suffocation inside the body. The required oxygen should be provided to the patient to save his life.

What is diastolic and systolic

A doctor wraps inflatable cuff with pressure gauge around the arm. This cuff squeeze blood vessels and helps to listen to pulse very clearly with stethoscope. The air is released slowly to measure the pressure or flow of blood. The gauge slowly raises up and shows the blood pressure level. mmHg is millimeters of mercury that indicates the blood pressure level. To measure blood pressure two numbers are used. The first number indicates systolic and the second number indicates diastolic. The first number shows pressure in blood vessels during the heart beat and second number represent pressure in blood vessels when heart takes gap between every beat. These two numbers decides the result that a person has blood pressure or not. Doctors always recommend to check blood pressure every week or at least after every two weeks. Blood pressure shoots up at any time and any circumstances. So, it is our duty to maintain blood pressure by reducing stress and sodium diet.

What is normal blood pressure level

It is more important to track the level of blood pressure at regular intervals to avoid danger diseases. Normal blood pressure level is 120/80 mmHg. Systolic level is less than 120 and diastolic level is less than 80. If the systolic level is more than 120 and less than 139 and diastolic level is more than 80 and less than 89 then it indicates the blood pressure level is higher than normal level and that welcomes unwanted risks. High blood pressure are shown when systolic level is more than 140 and diastolic level is more than 90. In this blood pressure level, the person has to take severe precautions and treatment to reduce the blood pressure level to normal level. Concentrate on diet and exercises after taking treatment for blood pressure else it may shoot up at any time.

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Author: JyotiS17 Jan 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

A well written and researched write up by the writer, but can you tell me if is it possible to have high blood pressure for a person who is leading a completely normal life with zero cholesterol and no overweight issues? If yes, then what do you think could be the reason for that and possible side effects, if any?

Author: Madhu18 Jan 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

First of all, thank you for taking time and reading my article. As far as I studied, Person has a chance of getting blood pressure if his genes has it. Even though a person leads a healthy life style with strict diet and exercise, if his parents or grand parents has blood pressure then that person may have the chance of having it in future.

Author: JyotiS18 Jan 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Thanks Madhu. You are right, it seems connected with genes. Hope it won't show any side-effect in the near future.
Keep on writing such good and informative resources.

Author: Saji Ganesh18 Jan 2013 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

A well written article, but I feel that some more details could have been added. Shivering, lack of control over emotions, uneasy feeling etc are also supposed to be symptoms of high blood pressure. Another thing is that the author could have mentioned about low blood pressure also which is in fact more dangerous.

Author: Madhu18 Jan 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Thanks for your feedback Mr.Saji Ganesh. The above symptoms that you have mentioned is there in my article. Sweating, uncomfortable feeling, and abnormal activities includes what you have mentioned.I am sure that I will write about the risks of low blood pressure soon.

Author: K Mohan21 Dec 2013 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

In India people suffering from High blood pressure and diabetic are increasing. The reason for this slow poison diseases are many. The family heritage, the eating habits, the tension work at the office and over all the attitude of the person brings this disease to the fore. Though medicines are there to have the control on BP and sugar levels, we often give a chance to taste the food and there by giving more risks to our life. Neglected people always suffer eye sight, falling of teeth, failure of kidney and finally heart attach is also imminent.

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