How to get building permit in Kerala?

In this article I will explain the procedure to get building permit in corporation, Municipality and Panjayath. I have also mentioned the documents to be submitted and the time frame to get the approval.


Building permit is an important document to start the construction work or any other structure in your land. You must get building permit from secretary of municipality if you are looking to construct a house in your land. As per municipality rules every person who wants to develop or build any structure should apply in writing to secretary in the form Appendix A of building rules. It will take 30 days to getapproval. The Secretary will notify you in writing if any additional document he required within 30 days after your request. The documents that should submit to get permit are as follow. All these Documents should be signed by you and engineer/Architect before submission.

1. Filled application form (Appendix A)

2. Site plan shall be drawn to a scale of 1:400 and shall be fully dimensioned. Site plan should contain following things
  • All boundaries of the plot and the any neighboring street in relative to the position of the site

  • Access to the site and the name of the same. Also mark width of the access.

  • All structures exist in the plot

  • All street path and footpath exist in the site.

  • Mention the subdivion if the plot is subdivided to any division

  • The area of undevelopable such as rocky outcrops, steep terains, marshes etc.

  • The area and the land which is not proposed to develop with in the plot.

  • The area of any paddy field

  • The north direction and wind direction

  • Topographic contour

  • The site plan shall include a key plan drawn to a scale of 1:4000that gives all details of the site, adjacent landmarks within a distance of 30 KM of the plot.

    3. Service plan in scale 1:400

  • Existing watersuply plan

  • Existing electricity plan

  • Existing drainage and sewage plan

  • Proposed water supply plan

  • Proposed electricity plan

  • Proposed drainage and sewage layout

  • All the drawing should be prepared in A3 paper (24*33) cm and signed by a registered engineer

    4.Building Plan Building plan is an another important document to submit to get residential permit. It should contain street elevation building section of the home that you are going to build. All these drawings shall drawn to a scale 1:100.
  • All floor plans, staircase, water closet bath, sink etc.

  • All street elevations

  • Section of the building from foundation to roof

  • Location and direction of water tank , fire fighting and all small structures.

  • 5.A Certificate:Attach a certificate from the designer to effect that the work shall be carried out in the supervision of him

    6.Fees depending on the area and type of building you are going to construct.

    Approval of site plan and issue of permit

    After inspection, the secretary shall approve the site and site plan. After approving the site plan he will study the building plan elevation and section of the building and specification of the work and approve the plan and issue permit to execute the work. Approval of the plan and building permit shall be intimated to the applicant in writing.

    Time frame to approve the permit by secretary

    The maximum time took by secretary to approve the site plan and building permit is 30 days. If not the applicant can make a request to council and they will approve wihin 30 days. Even council not make any response, consider the permit is given and can start work.

    Items of work that don't want permit to do work

    Following small works are excluded from resdential permit.
  • Adding or removing of windows or doors

  • Adding inter-communication doors

  • Adding or removing of partitions

  • White or color washing

  • Painting

  • Plastering and patchwork

  • Interior decoration without any structural alterations.

  • Gardening excluding any permanent structures

  • Qualificaion of Designer.

    Now you have doubt who can actually submit the building plan in panjayath or municipality. The role of designer are advise the owner regarding the feasibility of the project at preliminary stage, coordinate the project, agent of owner to supervising the work, make specificaton,scedule and drawing and work as arbitrator in the building project between the owner and the contractor. The qualification and competence of designer are as follow

    Supervisor. Qualification of a supervisor is certificate diploma holder in architecture or engineering and 5 year's experience. A supervisor can submit the building permit application connected with the building permit up to 300 sq.m and up to two storeys.

    Architect. Qualification of architect is any degree in architect. He can submit all pan and information connected with building permit for one hectare area. He can also workout structural details for building o plots up to 500sq.m and up to three storeys.

    Engineer Qualification is civil engineering degree. He can submit as mentioned above for an architect and structural work of any building.

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    Author: K Mohan02 Jan 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

    I really appreciate the initiative of the author for giving basic details which leads to obtaining the required permissions from the sanctioning authorities. But normally I feel that the town planning officer of the particular region plays the major role here. He has the list of government properties, lands and also rules and regulations regarding deviations and permissions. But normally he wont reveal to the beneficiary and waits till the building is constructed fully. After that he tries to scuttle the progress of occupying the premises by giving show cause notice for the violations. In that case the owner as no other go but to shell down handsome amount as bribe to the town planning officer and thus this kind of corruption exists in all the states. Is Arvind Kejriwal listening ?

    Author: Shaji K P04 Apr 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

    Thank you for your valuable response.

    Yes, Town planning officer often playing here. But consulting an engineer before starting work may avoid future such problems.

    Guest Author: Wilson17 Nov 2014

    Is there any provision to issue permit for the building of which the validity of the permit lapsed more than 15 years. The property is now under another person. Is it possible to get a new permit or the renewal of permit.

    Guest Author: DINESH K PILLAI27 Jan 2016

    Could you please clarify;
    1.In case if the plot is sold, is it possible to transfer existing building permit to new buyer?

    2. If the plot is classified as "Nilam Nikathiya Shalam", in the documents, would it be possible to get building permit for making a house on that plot?

    Guest Author: DINESH K PILLAI27 Jan 2016

    Could you please clarify;
    1.In case if the plot is sold, is it possible to transfer existing building permit to new buyer?

    2. If the plot is classified as "Nilam Nikathiya Shalam", in the documents, would it be possible to get building permit for making a house on that plot?

    Guest Author: umer23 Feb 2016

    I want to get a building permit for myself on my father's land. We will also set up a registered lease deed.

    Guest Author: Dinil23 Feb 2016

    Nice details.however few things to be notified for commercial buildings:
    1. If the building height is 7m from ground level, then it requires an NOC from fire department.
    2. Disabled persons parking and toilets should be shown in plan accordingly.
    3. Scooter and car parking area.
    4. Lift or ramp.

    Guest Author: shanavas01 Mar 2016

    If the property is nearby a CRZ area (Mampuzha river), only 35 meters away from the land, what are the procedures? I applied for construction of 2 units of 2 bed room flats in one floor and is now waiting for approval. Please provide some guidance.

    Guest Author: ashirclt17 Mar 2016

    We have a building in Calicut. All works have been completed and the remaining thing is that we need to get the building number from the corporation. The architect of our building is not co-operating with us for the corporation follow ups. We are not in good terms now. Please help us. What are the required papers for getting our building numbered from the corporation.

    Guest Author: shanavas22 Mar 2016

    If the property is nearby a CRZ area (Mampuzha river), calicut. River is only 35 meters away from the land, what are the procedures? I applied for construction of 4 units of 2 bed room flats in 2 floor and is now waiting for approval. Please provide some guidance.

    Guest Author: Nagesh R10 Jun 2016

    Could you please confirm-
    1) Is it require to use the service of same engineer, through whom we got approval for plan, through out the end of the construction till get the building number.
    2) How many stages engineer/ supper wiser need to inspect the construction work.

    Author: Shaji K P23 Jun 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

    1. No need of same engineer. Once you get the permit, you can build it up to finishing stage unless there is a change in plan.
    2.Prefer throughout the work. But mainly at following stage 1)setting out 2)lintel, beam and column concrete and 3)Slab concreting.

    Guest Author: shanavas24 Jun 2016

    My property is nearby a CRZ area (Mampuzha river), Calicut. The river is only 35 meters away from the land. What are the procedures? I applied for construction of 4 units of 2 bed room flats in 2 floor and is now awaiting approval for more than 4 months. As per your information, we can start construction after 60 days assuming that the permit is granted Please provide some guidance.

    Guest Author: Sanjeev Kumar14 Oct 2016

    I have an existing ground floor with 1310 sqft. I want to build a floor on the top of 715 sqft. Can I know what are the documents required to be submitted to the municipality to get the approval for the extension work? Also how many days will it take to get approval? Moreover, do we have to take electricity permission for the extension work?

    Thanks for your advice and comments in advance.

    Guest Author: Ramesh G28 Jul 2017

    I have a land of 5.2 cents purchased in 2007 and now when I approached the Corporation for building permit, they are asking about land subdivision. Land is already divided into 5 plots. Is it possible to get land sub division now?

    Guest Author: Basil09 Aug 2017

    Is some undertaking necessary for the submission of application for building permit? How to submit undertaking? Is there any samples to see.

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