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In late autumn, in many cities is celebrated Thanksgiving Day. It is common in this day invite family and friends to give thanks for the good things that life has given us. And as it comes to giving thanks, we fill the table usually delicious dishes and sweets of all kinds for the enjoyment of the guests.

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In late autumn, in many cities is celebrated Thanksgiving Day. It is common in this day invite family and friends to give thanks for the good things that life has given us. And as it comes to giving thanks, we fill the table usually delicious dishes and sweets of all kinds for the enjoyment of the guests.

In short, a display of culinary deceptions, that's what usually marks this day. Even the feast often continues until the following week because leftovers are so many that you have to keep inventing until they are gone. Nothing is left to waste.

But aside from the food, much of this celebration are the autumnal decorations. On one side is a day to give thanks, but also is the time when we say goodbye autumn. And as part of this ritual is common dress our homes with the colors of the season. So for those who do not know where to start, here are some inventions from our own garden.

Horn of plenty or cornucopia

The cornucopia is a typical image from this period, as it is a symbol of a good harvest and a prosperous year. Usually placed at a table a basket of straw or horn-shaped wicker. This is filled with dried fruit such as, seasonal fruits, sweets and treats. In my house stood on the dessert table and filled with guava and other tropical fruits.

Dried leaves

The dried leaves of autumn, especially Japanese maple, have magnificent colors that work for any type of decoration. So you can put them all together in a basket as you can attach them to the tablecloth. Also a good idea is to place the leaves on the covers lamps to create a lighting effect.

"Stencils" (leaf-shaped templates)

If you live in an area where the leaves are the same color throughout the year, you can create templates type "stencil" and give a dash of color with spray paint. These are easy to create with a piece of construction paper, scissors and a pencil. You can paint the leaves on tablecloths, napkins and other items of cloth or paper.

Flowers orange, yellow, white and red

Any type of flower that has these colors, is perfect for this time decorations. Just follow the color patterns with autumnal leaves. Also dim autumn sunsets are good to choose colors and flowers. My mother contrasted the orange or yellow flowers with pale blue tablecloths to make them stand out even more. The effect was dramatic and very cheerful.

Dried fruits or time

Nothing described this time that the fruits and vegetables you have on hand. You can decorate a table combining shapes and colors, either in a basket or in the middle of the table. You can add some candles on a plate and surround with these natural delights. Combine squash, apples, lemons, oranges, guavas, cranberries, whatever you have on hand. And if your patio or harvest, the better.

Potted plants

This is the perfect time to be entering the house plants that may be affected by the cold winter. So why not put them to work as part of the decor. Insert some colorful autumn leaves or small fruit bind (may be artificial) in the fields of excellence. Lemons and oranges are great for their bright colors.

Make a wreath for the door

Welcome your guests with a festive wreath on the door. Use fresh wire to create the round shape. Then append autumn leaves as filler and wind up some strawberries and flowers. As simple as that.

Cones and nuts

The cones and nuts that give us the pines are the perfect combination to decorate at this time. You can also keep them throughout winter. Place them in baskets or just hose down colors on tablecloth. Add a dash each cinnamon sticks tied with ribbons or golden orange and ready.

Give bulbs

Because it is time to give thanks, why not give to the guests as a memento of exquisite evening. When starting, you can give her a flower bulb to each of the guests as a symbol of prosperity. You can print a little paper with care instructions and include the bulb with some colored ribbons.

In this season of giving thanks, including Mother Nature. She is the one that gives us life, our most basic foods, the air we breathe, the ground we stand, shelter and water among other things. So when decorating your home for Thanksgiving, come to the garden and be inspired by the natural elements. It also builds and recycles. There is no better way of saying thanks to giving more uses for what we already have at our fingertips.

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