List of best security systems of top brands for securing your home with better safety

Are you looking for the best security systems to furnish your newly made or old home? Here is a brief list with descriptions of the most suitable security systems like wireless, hardware and driveway alarms, security cameras, video intercoms and digital door locks of top brands for modern day home furnishings. These products provide better safety and always help avoid the possibility of theft or robbery of your home to a great extent.

To live luxurious is good but it has turned out a 'pay the price' matter in modern days unless you furnish your flat or villa with the best security systems which are of latest technology. Because thefts and robberies by dacoits have become day time affairs these days. And the ordinary security systems have proved to be brittle for the mobsters. Unless you secure your family and home with good security, you are the most likely the person to get robbed first. Hence, the necessity arises here to furnish the newly made or old homes to furnish with latest security systems from reputed and renowned high tech security solution provider companies worldwide. For your better convenience, I have given a complete list of the most suitable security solution products that can be applied to modern day homes. Choose the product that fits to your need and apply immediately to avoid further dilemma and ensure permanent security of family, wealth and home appliances.

List of top security systems for home furnishing

Well, if you are wondering to which security solution would be best for your home, I recommend you go through the list given below and select your best suited for furnishing.

  • Wireless Alarms:- These products are specially designed and used for alerting the residents of a flat, colony or office building well before certain triggering events like theft, robbery or outbreak of fire happen. These alarms run on battery power and are equipped with automatic sensors to detect and report any suspicious movement or activity through wireless mediums like the infrared, radio waves or line carrier etc. Hence it stands number one for the modern day homes.

  • Hardware alarms:- These security essentials are more intensified than the wireless mediums. Because these are equipped with improved peripheral devices like alarm's sirens, motion sensors and smoke detectors which are separately and specially wire-connected to the main control panel of the hardware alarm. It is really very tough for an intruder to destroy the hardware alarm completely because the sensor, dialer and siren warn the occupants of that residence or colony much before it happens so.

  • Driveway alarms:- These devices are actually little confusing who try to understand the product from its name. These alarms are the simple and typical sensor devices which are used for monitoring a particular area (especially the main or front entry gate) in the surroundings of your flat or residence. The term 'driveway' implies that this product is especially applicable for the area where maximum people or visitors come or enter to your home i.e. main entry gate.

    These alarms have a sensor which transmits a straight wireless beam that triggers a receiver in case the beam is broken. That invisible beam is technically used to monitor your specified area.

  • Security cameras:- These products are becoming extremely popular now-a-days. Security cameras not only help to determine the identification of a stranger who knocks at your door but also it records digitally all the movements to ease providing proofs in case of anything serious happens. These cameras are of different sizes and types. You may choose according to the space locations of your home.

  • Digital door locks:- These are high security keypad combination locks by which you can use a numerical expression (typically a difficult one to guess) as a lock to open the door. Since padlocks are easily crushed by the dacoits, these digital locking systems are getting high popularity among the mass people.

  • Finger print digital door locks:- This product is more improved than the simple digital door locks. It has a 'finger print' feature which allows only opening or locking the door by the user's finger print. Sounds quite interesting! Isn't it? Yes, you can feel fully secured and relieved with this type of door locking systems.

  • Keyless digital door locks:- The keyless digital door locks are provided with a ultra touch screen that enables you to enter your password securely. This password system also works fine with the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems i.e. the non-contact reading and writing of data in a safe and secure manner. So, you don't ever have to worry about your password being revealed or guessed by someone.

  • Video Intercoms:- These are similar to driveway alarms but have more expanded performances to chat or communicate though video graphic transmissions. You can use this at your entry gate as well as inside your home and other places that suit to have a direct contact and talk with your family members as well as others. These security products are also applicable for offices, hotels or any such public gathering places to ensure better safety to all before anything unexpected happens.

Top security solution brands for modern day home furnishings worldwide

Whether you are looking for best security systems of top brands in India or worldwide, I recommend buying from the following 10 manufacturers or distributors of such products which are extremely popular for its quality and performance around the globe.

  1. Indiamart


  3. Godrej Security Solutions

  4. Sony Security

  5. Honeywell

  6. WINN

  7. DSC

  8. Visonic

  9. GE Security

  10. Lorex


Like the interior and exterior blinds, the security systems I have discussed are also equally helpful in keeping your identity safe and hidden from the sudden intruders. If you need any of the above products, just go to its official site and make an online purchase to receive it at your doorstep. Make your home more secured today!

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