Pros and cons of using Plastic furniture in office

This is an informative article which deals with the advantages and the limitations of using plastic furniture in your office. Furniture made from plastic is light weight and more durable than the traditional type of furniture made from other materials such as wood and metals; But can it be really a useful and elegant addition to your office room? Go through this article to know all about it.


Plastic chairs find its presence in every office and household. With a wide range of design and variety, they could fit in every decor style. Plastic furniture were first designed and made popular by Douglas Simpson and James Donahue in 1946, since then they have become very popular in every part of the world.

Plastic furniture are made from different type of plastics that include polymers, polyvinyl chloride or popularly known as PVC and polypropylene. The durability and low cost have made them an excellent material to be used in outdoor settings and for indoor requirements. Further, plastic furniture especially the chairs are common option for any temporary requirements such as in weddings, birthday parties and functions and so on. The modern touch, custom designs, user requirements and experimentation has made them a perfect choice for office use as well as for accent purpose. Due to their versatile quality, durability, designs and other characteristics, most people prefer plastic furniture over traditional wood and metal furniture.

Advantages of using plastic furniture :

Plastic have entered from temporary portable chairs to our drawing room and board-room furniture list. We use it for making durable and stylish chairs for home and office use, various types of tables including dining and study tables, cupboards, kitchen table, kid's furniture, tv stands and trolleys and many more. Some advantages of using plastic furniture include:
  1. Unbreakable : A furniture made from good quality plastic such as PVC seldom breaks. When tested for maximum weight and pressure that plastic furniture could handle and it turns out that good grade plastic furniture are as strong as furniture from any other material.

  2. No effect of change in environment: Further, it never cracks when exposed to environmental changes like sunlight and cold. They could be suitably used in air conditioned office rooms as well as for outdoor seats or even for visitors in offices.

  3. More elastic strength :The good deal is they do not easily break even when dropped from a height.

  4. No effect of termitesPlastic furniture do not get effected from termites unlike wood furniture.

  5. No rustingthey do not rust unlike iron furniture when exposed to air and moisture.

  6. No storage problem it is easy to store them when not in use by stacking them one over the other. This makes them consume less space for storage.

  7. No effect of moisture Plastic furniture could be used effectively in moisture prone areas near water bodies. This makes them the first choice for outdoor furniture as they are unaffected in rains and snow falls.

  8. Least maintenance :Plastic furniture requires less maintenance compared to wood and metal furniture. There is no need to varnish them or apply a coat of paint every once in a while to protect them.

  9. Economical :Plastic furniture is less costly and thus is more economical than any other kind of furniture which includes wood, metal and glass. You can even buy twice as many as you would buy while considering wooden or metal furniture. This makes it an ideal choice especially when you are in initial stages of your business and have fewer funds.

  10. Light weight :One of the most desirable characteristic feature of plastic furniture is its light weight which enables it to be shifted around easily without much fuss. This feature also makes it easy for cleaning the room without much difficulty. Moving around of furniture from one room/place to other according to the demands and requirements of the office is a common thing and being light weight, plastic furniture is every working person's first choice.

  11. Recyclable :Plastic materials can be easily recycled and moulded into different shapes without causing any environmental hazard. These recycled materials are equally good and usable. Whereas most metals and wood could not be recycled and used again and again.

  12. Do not support de-forestation :We do not cut trees to make plastic furniture and thus we could say it is environmental friendly. The basic ecological balance is not disturbed in the making of plastic furniture which could be recycled.

  13. Versatility :Plastic chairs and tables are available in the market in a number of attractive colors and styles, which makes it all the more versatile. Moulded in beautiful and user-friendly shapes with eye-catchy colors and custom designs, plastic furniture business is here to sweep up the market.

Disadvantages :

There is no doubt that plastic furniture is the requirement of time when we have become more touchy about cutting trees. Metal furniture requires maintenance and is generally costly. But, in spite of a number of advantages of using plastic furniture, there still exist a few disadvantages that cannot be ignored. Some of them are listed below:
  1. Plastic furniture generally lacks of elegance and style which an executive office is supposed to have.

  2. Furniture in an office is considered as a symbol of economical standard and prosperity of the business and plastic furniture do not represent any prosperity and wealth. So when it comes to a status symbol, wooden or metallic furniture are more desirable.

  3. Compare to heavy wooden furniture, the life-span of plastic furniture is less and thus it has to be replaced after few years.

  4. Non-biodegradable: Plastic is a non-biodegradable material. So, even though no trees are cut to make a plastic material, it is equally harmful as it cannot be destroyed or degrade by natural agents and will remain on this earth for almost forever. This is very dangerous for our ecosystem.

  5. Harmful fumes liberated when plastic is processed are very dangerous for our atmospheres. It is one of the reasons of air pollution.

In spite of a few limitations, plastic furniture is still the hot favorite of almost all the offices. They could be suitably used in canteen area of an office, in waiting rooms, in corridors, for peons and sentry guards, for storage cabinets to store files, as stand-up tables, and even as an extra alternative seating arrangements required frequently in an office. Custom made utility based plastic office furniture is the demand of the time and we are heading straight in this direction.

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Author: Umesh16 Dec 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Many people are now going for plastic furniture in offices and in their homes. It is replacing the wooden furniture at many places.

There are many advantages with plastic furniture but one thing which is most important to consider while buying them is that one must purchase the rugged and durable quality. There should not be any compromise with this aspect especial items like stool and chairs. The reason is that the inferior quality plastics can break any time and create an embarrassing situation. It may be injurious also for the person who was occupying it.

Plastic chairs can be stacked on each other during storage and do not occupy much space, unlike wooden ones. This is useful when one has to store them in a small house having space constraints.

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