Make huge profits by investing in Australian teak plantation: budget, land, fertilizer details India

Looking to make small investments for huge turnover of profits in India? Yes, here is such a way to earn big by investing your money systematically in the Australian Teak wood plantation projects. Here in this article, you can learn about this valuable plant, its required land or area, climate condition, required budget, fertilizers, the period of its harvest and the guaranteed amount of profit in detail.

First of all, let me tell you that I am a tree lover. I have my own gardens and lands for cultivation which I have lent to some professional farmers in my locality to yield good amount of grains, cereals, pulses and vegetables during its yearly and seasonal harvest. However, I have also recently made an Australian Teak wood project in my land. Let me share here exactly what and how to do in the systematic process to this project successfully and produce huge profits.

Australian teak baby plant

What is Australian teak special and famous for?

In a fast growing country like India, the demand for official and residential furniture has reached its peak and with the trees being cut down for the urban sprawl, there has been a necessity to plant trees which yield best timbers to serve the purposes. While there are several other plants that stand up in this regard, I recommend the Australian teak best because I have personally made my small project with 300 of this plant in my own land under a professional horticulturist's guidance.

This plant is a leguminous species and it absorbs Nitrogen and fixes it by its root nodules to increase the fertility of the soil. Science defines this phenomenon as "Nitrogen fixation". It also prevents pollution. This teak wood from Australia is widely famous for being specially used in ship building, making furnishing products like doors, cabinets or tables etc. for home or offices which provide stronger durability and exotic beauty and craft works.

How to make a successful and profitable Australian Teak wood project

Area and land required for Australian teak wood project

Generally, to make an Australian teak wood project, you need an open land and an annual mean rainfall of 1500-2500 mm with 20 to 40 degree Celsius temperature is favorable. Size or dimensions are not important but there are exact figures to know how many plants you can grow in your available amount of lands. "1 Acre of lands will grow 1000 Australian teak plants." So, according to this rule set by professional teak wood harvesters, you can calculate how many plants will be sufficient for you to grow.
Australian teak young plant
Another rule is that each and every plant will have mutual distance of 6.5 ft from other plants in all directions. Have a look at the picture given above to understand better about this. Applying this formula helps the plants grow straight and freely to have fair-sized trunks that can yield good threshold amount of profits for you.

Fertilizers to be used in Australian teak wood plantation

There are three principal fertilizers used in Australian teak wood plantation and cultivation in India. For Indian soils (especially in my native region), the following three fertility ingredients from the Super Agro India Pvt. Ltd. are widely used for the purpose. Have a deep study to understand it completely.

  • 'Ormacomin':- This is an organic fertility element from the Super Agro India and it is produced exclusively for the purpose of applying in any type of soil to make it suitable for the teak wood plantations.
    The Ormacomin Organic fertilizerof Super Agro India PVT LTD
    One bag contains 10 kg of its contents and its price all over India is INR 280.00. If you are using 1 acre of land for your project, you will need a compulsory amount of 50 kg Ormacomin to apply in the soil before plantation. For your better understanding, I have given a picture of its 10 kg packet above which was brought for my own project.

  • Urea:- This well known fertilizer is applied with Ormacomin as an additional growth booster for the Australian teak trees. It helps in increasing the speed of growth of the baby plants and thereby avoids the chances of being eaten and scattered by animals like goats. Please take note that Ormacomin and Urea are applied in the ratio of 1:1 to make the soil fit for a new project i.e. for 1 acre of land, both Ormacomin and Urea will be required 50 kg each.

  • Super Zyme organic manure from Super Agro India Ltd.
  • Super Zyme:- This fertility product from the Super Agro India is the most vital element to aid the growth of the teak plants till their adult and maturity stage. Its granulated bio-extracts and manures are to be applied after the first quarter from your date of plantation has passed and to be continued as per the guidance given by the professional team. If your soil is naturally fit enough to grow the plants, then you may not need and apply it in high scale. Remember that a 10 kg bag of Super Zyme organic soil essentials costs INR 580/- all over India.

The accurate budget of Australian teak wood project

Well, I am from the eastern part of India and the budget I am going to provide you here is as per the professional teak wood harvesters who are employed by the Government in my region. If you are from India, then the rates given here my vary according the demand of the place when compared to that of your states. But if you are from outside India, you are requested to contact the concerned and available authorities in your area/country. Here it is:-

In India (my native place), 1 Australian baby plant = INR 40.00
So, if you buy 1000 plants for 1 acre of lands, you will pay = INR 40,000.00

The rates include transportation of plants to your land, digging of planting spots, labor charges, fertilizers, the process of plantation, watering, regular or occasional checkups for spoils or damages if any and an insurance coverage up to 1 year i.e. within one year from the date of plantation of your plants, if single or multiple plants die due to several reasons, you will get replacement plants free of cost. You are also at 100% freedom up to 1 year i.e. all types of care will be taken by the team of harvesters who planted them and you will handed over the charge when the plants look exactly as given in the picture below. From this moment, there is less chance for the young trees to be washed out or died of any natural or artificial calamities (no chance).

The Australian Center for International Agriculture Research (ACIAR) of Australia concludes that its teak trees will grow up to a height of 100 fts (30 mtrs) with a stem or trunk of 2 fts (60 cms) diameters in 12 years time frame. From this, you can easily guess how quickly the trees grow to the maximum. It is here noteworthy that if you can't wait for such a long time to harness the profits, you can also sell in the interim period between 5 to 6 years with 50% incomes. But when the trees become fully matured like the picture below, you are at a point to sell the trunks as per your demand. But an average figure has been put up here to confirm of the profit.
The adult Australian teak plants after 12 years

The period of harvest and guaranteed amount of profit

How much can I earn through Australian teak wood plantation? Here is the calculation:-

You invested per plant = INR 40.00
You will sell an adult tree = From INR 2300.00 (minimum) to INR 16000 (maximum), depending upon the thickness, size and quality of the trunk.
Your profit per plant = INR 2260 (min.) to 15960 (max.)
Percentage of profit = 5650% to 39900% (in 12 years)

In other words, if you invest INR 40,000 for 1000 plants in 1 acre of lands, you will easily earn a guaranteed profit of INR 90 to 100 lacs (average) in 12 years.

So, from the above realistic calculation, it is clear that Australian teak wood plantation is far better than making a long term fixed deposit in any nationalized bank or other such policies. What do you say?


I hope I have given you one of best areas to invest your money. Especially in India, where we are having several financial problems and high price issues of the consumer goods and products, earning money seems to be the only way to manage oneself rather than complaining to the situations. And in the context of this noble and profitable project, I want to conclude that it is also beneficial in many other ways. You can help nature by creating forests. You can get district-level, state-level or country-level award and recognition if you get noticed by the Government's horticulturists and the authorities of the Forest departments. Again, by investing your hard earned money in the Australian teak wood plantation project, you will earn an amount of money which is probably far better and larger than insurance policies, fixed deposits, mutual funds, equity investments or other such means.

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Author: Shaji K P10 Dec 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Dear Aditya Das,

Thank you for sharing this information. Can you please clear some doubts?
1. What is the price of teak baby plant in south region like kerala and where it available?
2.Is we can get support price by insuring teack plantation
3.You didnt consider land value when profitt analysis calculated

Author: Aditya Das10 Dec 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Hi Shaji,

Thanks for going through this article and giving your valuable feedback. Indeed, you suggested some good points.

Well, regarding the Australian teak, whose scientific species name is 'MANGIUM', is basically available from professional teak wood harvestors as I already mentioned it. In the northern region of Kerala, Nilambur is the place where you can find people making good harvest from the traditional Indian teaks [whose scientific name is Tectona(Genus) Grandis(species)]. This place is 40 km away from Mallapuram and most probably, if you contact the Government nurseries or horticulturists of this region, I am sure you will find the best quality plants for you.

Yes, most of the professional Australian teak wood harvestors provide insurance and its fees are primarily included in the prices of fresh baby plants. As I said here, I will get replacement trees in case of theft, damages, deaths and other natural calamities up to 1 year.

Oh, man! I averaged the gross profit. And in addition, teak wood projects are generally made on specific lands with a tropical atmosphere. You can easily calculate the amount of traditional average harvest it was yielding earlier and multiply it by 12 to get the gross amount of land revenue. Then you have to subtract it from the gross amount of the Australian teak business to determine the net profit. That's it! I did not write anything on it because the amount of traditional harvest per year varies from person to person and place to place. Hope it finds you all.

Guest Author: Shaik13 Sep 2013

To make max 900cr in 15 years how many plants to be planted? I am intrested in it.

Guest Author: prem24 Jan 2014

We get approximatily 10 to 12 cubic feet wood from one teak tree. The average value of teak is 2500 rs per cubic feet in Indian timber market.
So, we get 12x2500 = 30000 rs per tree.

Is it right?

Guest Author: Robert Steve02 Apr 2014

Dear Aditya,

I am impressed with the new business.., it's amazing. Can you please let me know where can I get this baby plants in Bangalore?

Robert Steve

Guest Author: Goutam Praharaj01 May 2014

Dear Aditya Das,

Thank you for sharing this information. Can you please give me the detail information of baby plant supplier and who can guide us to make it success.


Guest Author: Praful13 May 2014

Dear Das, Thanks for sharing this information. Is this information is true & profitable in 2014?

Please provide me the detail's of baby plant supplier.

Guest Author: Narendra Singh25 May 2014

Dear Aditya Das,

Thank you for sharing this information. Can you please give me the detail information of baby plant supplier and who can guide us to make it success in Damoh mp.

Guest Author: Rajesh07 Jun 2014

Thank you for sharing this information. Can you please give me the detail information of baby plant supplier and who can guide us to make it success.

Guest Author: DR SANJEEV KUMAR D L30 Jun 2014

I am interested in this type of plantation. Would you please let me know where could I get these saplings at Bangalore or Davangere or Hadagali or Bellary.

Author: SHANKAR CHOUDHARY02 Sep 2014 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

What is the price of teak baby plant in south region satara in Maharashtra and where it available?
2.Is we can get support price by insuring teack plantation
Please provide me the detail's of baby plant supplier.

Author: Aditya Das03 Sep 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

@ Shankar Choudhary,

Please try to consult with the professional Horticulturists or professional teak wood plnt sellers in your region. I am sure you will be helped.

Author: Pravat Kumar Das16 Sep 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

This is a very well explained article about Teak plantation and its profit. This is a very good project for those who are having 1-2 acre unused land and might be vacant for since long period. That land can be utilized for next 10 year for Teak plantation. As well as now a days we are facing shortage in Teak wood and in future demand will be more high as some people are choosing wood furniture more than steel or iron.

So, start planting Teak wood at your vacant land and earn big profit. It can be used for your daughter's marriage or son's higher education etc.

Guest Author: BARISH LAL CHAUDHARY21 Sep 2014

I am Kolkata based land developer, firstly I have bought land from farmers and thereafter I have done the plotting and sold the land to the buyer. After studying your article , I am interested in farm land marketing for teak plantation.
please guide me how I should start.

Guest Author: sadat14 Oct 2014

mahogany/ Australian teak which is more profitable to plant/acre for a period of 15 yrs

Author: Aditya Das24 Oct 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

@ Barish Lal Chaudhary,

There are good number of professional teak wood harvesters or horticulturists in metro cities of India. Try to consult with them for better project and successful designing.

Guest Author: Sangram Mali03 Nov 2014

Hi Mr. Das.

Nice information. Is there any insurance in latter stage project? I am talking about wildfire or some man made troubles for such projects.


Guest Author: Sangram Mali03 Nov 2014

Hi Mr.Das,

Good information. Is there any insurance when project is at the end stage? Like coverage from Wildfire or man made troubles.


Guest Author: umeshwar03 Nov 2014

Great article. I'm only worried about the temperature. You said 20 to 40 degree. In my region, vidharbha, temperature soars to 48 degree. Is it feasible to grow in this temperature?

Guest Author: Anurag Palia03 Nov 2014

Dear Mr Das,

I am interested in doing this Australian teak tree plantation in my small land of 5 acres in Pipariya, distt : Hoshangabad (M.P.)
Kindly guide me from where d I get the information and baby trees for plantation

Also sir please let me know after 12 years who are he probable buyers of our trees and does this rate may increase after 12 years.


Guest Author: vijay shinde09 Nov 2014

Dear sir
thanks for this great article. can u please tell me is it plantation of teakwood possible in Maharashtra. at my place rainfall is not as u said in the beginning and temp is around 40 to 48. where is the primary market for selling teakwood,in Maharashtra

Guest Author: mahesh bhatkahde14 Nov 2014

I have 8 acers land I want to land 1.5 acar aust teak but I want to no the govt rules will cutting the teak wood tree if we plant an we don't get permission to cut then we are finished no so I would like to no the cutting rules of Karnataka govt of Indian govt of Australia teak or India teak

Guest Author: ad nath15 Nov 2014

Dear Das sir I am from Tripura.I have 2 acres of tilla land.kindly guide me as to where I will get the baby plants in Tripura & where I will get other information & help in Tripura.

Guest Author: N.J.Sharma16 Nov 2014

I am interested in Australian teak wood farming. Please send me the details.

Guest Author: umeshwar17 Nov 2014


This project is not successful. I had a detailed discussion with Professor from Nagpur university. They tried this project as part of their study and it failed. Moreover this is not teak wood

Guest Author: Varun18 Dec 2014

I am interested to do this. Please give me your contact address and necessary information. I want some more information.

Guest Author: P SENAPATI20 Dec 2014

I am from Orissa our temp is 44 and winter is 18, please advice me AUS tuck plant is suitable for this area

Guest Author: anil aghav21 Dec 2014

Dear Das,

I am interested in Australian teak wood farming. Please send me the details.

Guest Author: Somashekar23 Jan 2015

I would like to plant Australian teak in ten accer. So I want information about the crops.

Guest Author: Vijay Bagani08 Feb 2015

I Am Interested for Sausar Dist Chhindwara to plant for (M.P) for first Phase of 2.5 Acre of land, and will continue next 10 years if a got appropriate Result

Guest Author: somashekar10 Feb 2015

I am inspired after read this and I decided to do the plantation in 8 ecer

Guest Author: ranjit patil17 Feb 2015

I have interested the plantation for teak wood please guide me

Guest Author: somashekar11 Mar 2015

I want detail about plant where I can get who is plant seller plz send me detail about plant seller.

Guest Author: mung buansing11 Mar 2015

I am planting teak in my field fir around 17yrs now. But the size of the plant is still small i.e. around 8 inch in diameter, can you suggest me how to make it big. I have never applied any fertilizer.

Guest Author: PRAKASH SINGH MEHTA17 Mar 2015

Please tell in which plant ,I must invest in hilly areas of Uttarakhand to earn huge profits

Guest Author: Rajan Chopra21 Mar 2015

From where we can get Australian Teak Plants.

Guest Author: Ganesh Katurde13 Apr 2015

Yes, it's great plant for teak wood. I am interested about this plant but I have doubt that where I can get this baby plant in Pune, Maharashtra.

Author: globe30 Apr 2015 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

Please contact me for booking of Australian Teak Wood Baby Plants. Supply in 1st Week of June 2015. Also Pineapple Grafts (Suckers) are available.

Guest Author: Veer Sheta02 May 2015

I am interested very much. I have 16 acres of land vacant in Palghar, Maharashtra. Please tell me where I can I get the plants.

Guest Author: Renuka03 May 2015

Please share your contact details.

Guest Author: Aditya04 May 2015

We are interested and would like to start the project in our land. Please let us know how to contact you. We are from Telangana State, Hyderabad. If you can share your contact details, we will contact you immediately.

Guest Author: Mahesh Verma05 May 2015


what type of land and water supply are required for Australian teak or other plant to make profit ?

Guest Author: Gopi18 May 2015


We have more than 150 Mangium trees near Chengannur which are 20years old.

Can you help us selling them for the price you have mentioned?

Then we shall plant Mangium throughout our 3 acres land.

Thanks and Regards,

Guest Author: chandan20 May 2015

I am from Karnataka and I am interested in Australian teak cultivation where do I get the plants.l need to contact You sir.

Guest Author: SUSHIL ROUT07 Jun 2015

Dear Aditya,

I am interested to do this. Please give me your contact number. I have 6 acres of land at Aul, Pattamundai.

Please contact me through my email:

Sushil Kumar Rout

Guest Author: Vikas Veer Rastogi14 Jun 2015

i am interested please send me details.
I also have 25 plants 10 year's old. I want to sale them. please help me.
I have 1.5 acre land.

Guest Author: Yash22 Jun 2015

Very well explained information about teak wood. please suggest that it will work in hill area like uttrakand.

Guest Author: Nawab Trivedi15 Jul 2015

I am from West Bengal. I intend to start commercial teak plantation. I have huge uncultivated land. I need some expert opinion. Expert may be a volunteer or a professional. Please contact me.

Guest Author: B V REDDY23 Aug 2015

I am interested to start my venture first so anybody can give me the complete details like availability of plants (close to Hyderabad)? I also want to know the details of the physical trees. Please guide me in this regard.

Guest Author: Tushar gore24 Aug 2015

I am interested in cultivation of Australian teak. Will you please assist me to know from where I will get it. I stay in Maharashtra (Mumbai-Thane) and am willing to cultivate it in my farm which is located in Thane itself.

Guest Author: Sagar Wani21 Sep 2015

Thank you Mr. Das. Where can I get a mahogany tree plant in Maharashtra? Please give me some information related to this.

Guest Author: sunil01 Oct 2015

Can you tell us where to sell this wood because planting is Ok but I did not get any wood purchasers for such kind of wood. There is no market for wood like eucalyptus, Poplar, mahogany, sagwan, neem, mango etc so please don't misguide to farmers.

Guest Author: Vikas11 Oct 2015

Beware: Mangium is NOT Teak. It is a variety of Acacia wood (commonly known as Kikar in India). It is a very low value wood because of its inherent property to develop cracks. This is commonly used in industrial pallets and wooden crates for packing.

Guest Author: santosh chawan30 Oct 2015

I am from Rajapur, Maharashtra. I planted 1000 trees in an acre and it is 12 years old now. My purchase and maintenance cost was Rs. 80,000/-. Now I am would like to sell it but no local buyer is available for this wood and other buyers are bargaining for Rs. 70,000/- maximum.

The ground reality at present is that no buyer is available in India for this wood. Be careful while opting for plantation of Australian Teak Wood.

PS : Please contact me if any buyer is available for this tree .

Guest Author: Rajnikant Pawar08 Dec 2015

I have more then 50 acres of land in Betul dist - MP . I not doing active farming on the land. I am interested in this long term tree plantation plan. Please suggest me which trees can give benefit to our nature and some profit to me as well.

Guest Author: sarbeswar mahanti17 Apr 2016

Hi, I want to start a teak plantations in Kolkata. Please let me know the details.

Guest Author: Abhijit29 Apr 2016

I am from Solapur district of Maharastra where the climate is hot with temperature ranging up to 48 degrees. Is the climate suitable for Australian teak? Also, what type of soil is required for it and where can I get customers near by?

Guest Author: Anil Vadhavane20 Jun 2016

Very nice and clear article about investing in Australian teak plantation. I'm from Pune, Maharashtra. Could you please let me know from where I can get the plants?

Guest Author: Nisha Sebastian20 Jun 2016

I am basically a Keralite and I have rubber plantation in Kerala. I am interested in this project but don't know how to start on this. I have 5 acres of land. Can you guide me on this please?

Guest Author: Shailesh02 Jul 2016

Anyone on this forum who has made a real profit by planting trees & selling them after 5 yrs please post your results on here in the comments box for other farmers' knowledge. I am a farmer from Pune, Maharashtra. I contacted nurseries selling malabar neem with tall claims, namely Vasudha nursery. When asked them to share contact details of at least 1 satisfied farmer they abused me on email sying if I dont believe them then I should not go ahead with the project. My farmer brothers - please ask for references before putting your hard earned money in any fancy project

Guest Author: vikram malli13 Jul 2016

First of all thanks for your valuable information on Australian teak wood. I am a resident of UP, border of Uttarakhand. I have 2 acres of land. I want to know few things like, from where I will get these plants, insurance, who will buy these plants etc. Please guide me. Which are the government or private sectors who sell Australian teak plants? Kindly let me know Sir.

Guest Author: Ramarao Chilukuri31 Jul 2016

Sir, from where can I procure baby plants and how to find prospective buyers for these plants. Please guide me. I have three acres of land.

Guest Author: Manjesh14 Sep 2016

I am from Mandya. I already have 300 plants of teak in my farm. I am ready to put another 1000 plants. So where can I get the plants in Bangalore?

Guest Author: Daval13 Dec 2017

Thanks for the article about Australian teak plantation. It is a very detailed one. Can I grow these plants in north Karnataka?
What is the current price for this teak wood? Can you share your information as I want to plant teakwood in 1-acre land.

Author: Vikas Jain02 Apr 2018 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

Can someone share the details or Nursery location or any other contact details, so that I can contact for seedling of Australian Teak plan.

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