A Guide to make your own Beautiful and Healthy Garden

Today the dream of a middle class human is to have a house with a beautiful surrounding. This article guides you to build a beautiful and healthy garden around your home. It also explains a step by step procedure in building a garden.


A dream of a general middle class family man is to buy a car and build a house. Population explosion has increased the construction of new houses and leads to the depletion of forest areas. The number of vehicles has also increased which has increased the greenhouse gas, which leads to depletion of Ozone layer. If there is enough greenery on planet Earth then they would save us. But no one cares about the pollution these days. It's our responsibility to take initiative to increase the greenery in our planet. In this article I am going to explain how you can construct your own garden that will add beauty to your house and also will keeps you healthy. You just need to spend one hour in the morning and evening.

Clearing the Area and Fencing

First clean the entire area around your house that you use a dumping ground. Calculate the total area that is empty. The initial step is to build a fence around your empty space that will not only safeguard your garden but will also be helpful for the growth of vines. Don't use wooden sticks for the fencing. There are plants like tapioca which has a strong and straight stem which has leaves only at the top. Plant these saplings close to one another and form a fence. They will look beautiful and strong. The leaves of these plants will lock against each other and will make the fence close and strong. Important thing you should keep in mind is that you should change these plants every year. These plants will bear you tapioca that is edible and a good resource of fiber. These plants will need less water.

Set the Ground

Now, that you have constructed the fence the next step would be to prepare the ground. The soil type is very important for the growth of plants. First remove the unwanted weeds from the ground. These weeds will consume more water and will make the plants die. Dig the ground for a meter. Fill it with red soil and dry cow dung and the top layer should be filled with river sand. This combination would help your plants with nutrients. Do this throughout the entire garden. At a corner set compost that will help to decompose your wastes from home.

Planting Saplings

Next step is to choose the plant types. Form circles on your ground based on the size of it. This will give you more area for planting saplings. Select ornamental plants like flowers for the outer ring. This will not only save the plants inside but also will give good look for the garden. Plant flowers plants like Nerium that will consume more carbon monoxide for the outer ring. The remaining rings should be planted with fruit and vegetable bearing plants. The remaining area should be planted with vines like cucumber, bottle guard. Plant medium height trees like papaya, gooseberry, orange and suppota near the fence, that will give shade and also bear fruits.

Final Step

Now you have planted the saplings. The final and important step is to save them. Sprinkle water to the sapling daily. Make sure that they don't die because of water scarcity. Don't use any artificial fertilizer for the plants. Use egg shells, tea bag remains and manure from the compost for the plants. You should check on the plants daily and remove the weeds. This will be a good exercise.

After some months your ex-dump yard area will look beautiful with a garden and it will also give you healthy air, fruits and vegetables. Spend one hour in the early morning for your garden and it will keep your heart healthy. So, constructing a garden brings you various benefits.

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