Best Body Lotions for Dry skin in winter with key ingredients and cost price.

In this article I am going to brief you about some body lotions and their costs in Indian market for the best care of dry skin in Winter season. Our skin tends to become dull and dry due to severe cold and need to be hydrated and nourish properly to keep it glowing and lively. Go through this resource to know about these best Body lotions that could provide your with best glowing and healthy skin ever in winters.


We do a lot of beauty treatments for our face to fight off the dryness caused by the cold season but usually ignore our other body parts. Our complete body tends to dry out in winters and need proper care and nourishment. In ancient times, people used to apply butter and oils to keep their skin soft and non-scratchy in cold seasons. Even now many people in rural areas prefers to apply various oils like coconut oil, sesame oil, til oil and butters like Shea butter, Cocoa butter, 'desi ghee' to moisturize their skin. These are very good natural moisturizers that keeps your skin soft, supple and suitably nourished even in adverse climatic conditions. But these products are very sticky and smelly. Now, there are a wide range of body lotions and milks to fulfill this demand of your skin which not only moisturizes your skin but also tones it up and makes it more healthy and scratch-free.

Some of the best body lotions in India for dry skin in winter are as follows:

Parachute Advanced Deep Nourish Body lotion

Parachute is one of the most trusted brands that have many variants in the field of body lotion. These variants are based on the different climatic condition that affects our body. Here I am going to brief about the body lotion for winters for extra dry skin. This body lotion is packed in a specially designed hourglass shaped plastic bottle that makes gripping very easy and smooth.

Parachute body lotion.

Parachute body lotion contains coconut milk that deeply nourishes your body making it smooth, soft and youthful even in the harshness of the winter. This product is suitable for both men and women. Along with nourishing your body, the specially formulated ingredients in Parachute Advanced body lotion will hydrate your skin making it more fresh and lively. The active components init revitalize your skin and keeps it far away from dryness and roughness. This product is especially formulated for extra dry skin in winters.

Key Ingredients :

Cocos Nucifera oil, Coconut Milk, Hydrogenated vegetable oil, Propyl paraben, fragrance, carbomer, titanium dioxide, phenoxyethanol, BHT, Disodium EDTA etc.

Price :Rs. 160/- for 400 ml and Rs. 109/- for 250 ml.

Directions for Use :

Take adequate amount of Parachute advanced deep nourishing lotion onto your palm and gently apply it on your body parts, massaging gently with soft hands.

Nivea Smooth Body milk:

If you are looking for best nourishment for dry skin this winter then Nivea Smooth Body milk is for you. Nivea is one of the oldest brands in beauty products that is internationally trusted. It is light and gets absorbed in the body very quickly making your skin smooth and radiant without being sticky. The magic is its thin natural and organic formulation of body milk that is easily absorbed by our body cells.

The main ingredients of Nivea Smooth body milk are Shea butter, ginkgo and vitamin E that are scientifically blended together to give soothing and young experience to your body. The Shea butter provides necessary moisture to all the layers of the skin thus eliminating roughness and dryness from within. Regular use of this body milk will left you with smooth beautiful skin even in the harsh dryness of winter climate. The emollient properties of Nivea Smooth body milk lotion works wonder on both the sexes by making everyone's skin super smooth and soft. It also protects the skin from damage caused by environmental conditions and ultra violet rays of the sun. This product is dermatologically tested and is found compatible with all skin types.

Nivea Smooth Body milk.

Nivea Smooth Body Milk lotion removes dryness of your skin by nourishing and moisturizing the skin from deep layers and keeps your skin scratch free and glowing. Its effect lasts throughout the day and special Vitamin E content in it repairs the damaged cells on your skin. For super soft baby skin use this product twice daily.

Cost :

  1. Rs. 296 for 400 ml

  2. Rs. 218 for 250 ml.

  3. Rs. 109 for 75 ml.

Direction for use :

Apply Nivea Smooth body milk on your skin after bath daily; you can also apply this lotion before going to bed for baby soft skin.

Ponds Triple Vitamin Moisturizing Lotion

"Googly Woogly Woosh". Who can forget this jingle of ponds that has made it a well known brand in every household. Ponds have a specially formulated body lotion which has special ingredients for total nourishment and repair of your skin cells. Ponds triple vitamin moisturizing body lotion is packed with vitamins for body nourishment that imparts extra glow and softness to the skin. It is suitable for men and women. The emollient active ingredient consisting of mineral oil adds just accurate amount of moisture to skin making is soft without giving a sticky look. Vitamin C promotes collagen production on your skin and glycerin protects it from environmental pollution. It does not contain and sun protection so have to be blended with Sunblock or sunscreen to protect from UV rays of sun.

Ponds triple vitamin body lotion.

Along with suitably hydrating your body, Triple vitamins present in this lotion also helps in fighting problems of age spots and wide pores over your skin making it look more young and lively. Its active action on fine lines and wrinkles makes it look more supple and beautiful. Its creamy texture is neither very thick nor thin; it is just right for smooth application all over the skin. Its special formula makes it to get easily absorbed in your skin.

Vitamins included in the lotion : Vitamin B3, E and C.

Ingredients :
Water, mineral oil, glycerine, cetearyl alcohol, niacinamide, sodium cetearyl sulphate, dimethicone, glyceryl stearate, paraffin, fragrance, microcrystalline wax, cellulose gum, methylparaben, disodium EDTA, DMDM hydantoin, propylparaben, tocopheryl acetate, benzophenone-3, BHT, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, simethicone.

Cost :Rs. 128 for 300 ml.

Directions for Use :

Apply Ponds triple vitamin Moisturising lotion all over the body daily after bath.

Vaseline Moisturizing Body Lotion

Vaseline has a wide range of body lotions for different skin demands in different climatic conditions. It is a brand that is blindly trusted for skin care products. Vaseline petroleum jelly is one of the products that find its place in almost every household.
Famous Body lotions from Vaseline include:

  • Vaseline Total Moisture Nourishing Body lotion.

  • Vaseline Healthy White Skin Lightening Body Milk.

  • Vaseline Healthy White triple Lightening Body lotion.

  • Vaseline Aloe fresh Body Lotion.

  • Vaseline Cocoa Glow Nourishing Lotion.

All these skin care moisturizing body lotions from Vaseline are very effective in rendering smooth and supple skin. Depending on your requirement and personal preference any one of them could be used effectively for daily skin care in winters.

Vaseline Total Moisture Nourishing Body Lotion.

Vaseline total moisture body lotion.

Vaseline Total Body Lotion is suitable for all ages and for both the sexes. It provides 24 hours protection to the body from dryness of the skin. The special formulation of vitamins and minerals penetrates deep within the skin to give fresh, young and smooth skin. It nourishes the skin from within and keeps it moisturizes throughout the day. This body lotion provides cent percentage of daily hydration required by the skin along with nourishing the body with essential nutrients to make skin healthy, vibrant and baby soft. The sun-protect formula of Vaseline products provides protection from harmful UV rays of the sun. It comes in lovely fragrance and a non greasy texture that is easily absorbed in the skin.

Cost :Rs. 145 for 300 ml.


Protein from Soya and Oil Extracts and Vitamin E.

Vaseline Healthy White Skin Lightening Body Milk

Vaseline Healthy White body lotion.

Vaseline Healthy White Skin Lightening body milk is the best multi-functional product that can be applied for fairness, pigmentation, hydration, toning, skin conditioning and sunscreen. Its special composition protects you from UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Thus along with moisturizing your body, nourish it, lighten it and rejuvenate it with this lotion. It is suitable for all skin types and accelerates fairness along with hydrating the body. In this product natural and organic body milk is scientifically infused with vitamin B3 and yogurt serum. This combination helps in providing lighter, softer and brighter skin tone. Its easily absorb-able form is quickly infused within your body cells to provide nourishment and conditioning from within.
Cost : Rs. 69 for 100 ml.

Vaseline Cocoa Glow Nourishing Lotion

Vaseline Cocoa glow body lotion.

Vaseline Cocoa Glow contains cocoa extracts and vitamin E that nourishes and moisturizes your skin. This product provides 24 hours protection from dryness and roughness of the skin. It is suitable for all skin types. Main effect on Cocoa Glow Nourishing Lotion is to provide smoothness to rough skin and to tone it up; it also does skin conditioning for beautiful glowing skin. The sweet feel of the enchanting aroma of cocoa as you massages this lotion over your skin is very intoxicating. The smell of cocoa triggers your brain cells and acts as a very good mood lifter; Along with it is said that the cocoa in this lotion helps in keeping blood pressure under control. The thick and non greasy formulation of this lotion provides a soothing effect as it gets absorbed in your body. Over all this lotion provides extra smooth, firm and toner body all day long with regular use.

Cost : Rs. 69 for 100 ml.

Vaseline Aloe fresh Body Lotion

Vaseline Aloe fresh body lotion.

Vaseline Aloe Fresh body lotion comes in feel light formula that provides multi-layer moisture to your body. This lotion is for all skin types and for both the sexes. It provides ample hydration to the body removes dryness of the upper layer of the skin and also results in skin conditioning. Its major composition is aloe vera that is known for magical effect on skin. It nourishes your body from skin deep and protects it all day long. If you are suffering from damage skin due to heat and environmental pollution, then this lotion is for you to have a healthy skin. The multi-layer moisture penetrates deep into your skin and its special feel light formula continues to provide freshness and softness to you.

Cost :Rs. 65 for 100 ml.

Himalaya Nourishing Body Lotion

Himalaya Nourishing Body lotion.

Himalaya Nourishing Body Lotion is suitably formulated to provide skin hydration and moisturization for all seasons. It consists of an organic infusion of moisture for your daily skin care for soft and supple skin. It is perfect for normal skin types of men and women. The pure herbal ingredients in Himalaya body lotion nurtures your body in a natural way to give super smooth feel on your skin. The special non greasy and thick formula keeps your body suitably hydrated without making it sticky. This dermatological tested advanced formula is most suitable even during harshest cold in winters. Its main natural ingredients includes 'Aloe Vera, Apricot, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Wheat, and Proteins ' ,that protects and repairs your skin keeping it young and healthy always. Vitamin E is a very good antioxidant which has the property of protecting your skin from free radicals and also helps in skin repairs. Aloe Vera, wheat germ oil and apricot effectively moisturizes your skin and keep it smooth and baby soft all day long. Its perfect pH balance is more suitable for your skin in keeping it naturally balanced and hydrated. Now keep on pampering your body with new Himalaya Nourishing Body Lotion for perfect radiating and super soft skin.

Composition :

Aloe Vera Juice, Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E, Wheat Germ Oil, Corn Oil, Vitamin D, Proteins, Greater Galangal, Spiked Ginger Lily, Gandhapalashi.

Cost :
  • Rs. 65 for 100 ml.

  • Rs. 220 for 400 ml.

Directions for Use :
  • Take small amount of Himalaya Nourishing Body Lotion in your palms and apply all over the body.

  • Gently massage it all over your body, paying more attention to the dry areas like your elbows, ankle and knees.

  • Use this lotion every day after bathing for best results.


Every skin is unique and beautiful in itself but a little care and pampers in harsh climatic conditions helps in keeping it young and lively always. So this winter say 'no' to dry, scratchy and dull skin by using any suitable body lotion that suits your skin type.

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Author: Aruna Kumari26 Dec 2012 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

Wow! Thanks for sharing this list. I am currently using Parachute Advansed Deep Nourish body lotion. I like this lotion because it is light, absorbs in a jiffy and stays for long...moreover, I am a big fan of products which are coconut milk based.

Author: JyotiS26 Dec 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

I am glad Aruna that you liked my article. I too prefers Parachute Advanced Deep nourish body lotion, it is one of the best for winters. Do try Nivea Body lotion as well. I have tried it and found it very useful, light and healthy.

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