Indiastudychannel Platinum membership reached within two years of joining the website. makes you to reach five levels of membership with Platinum level membership to be the topmost. This article gives information on how the author of this article reached the platinum membership within two years of his joining the The article tells about all the five levels of membership and the score of points needed to achieve and maintain these levels of membership. The author also gives a brief picture of earning and learning avenues on indiastudychannel.


"When there is a will, there is a way". This is a very old saying, but it is true for all the times. Your will or strong determination is always the decisive factor in your achievements. However, the wishes alone will not work unless they are supported by hard work and consistency in efforts to achieve the goal. This has been proved to be very true in my efforts to reach the Platinum membership of the India Study Channel. When I explored the information about the member levels at the Indiastudychannel, I had resolved that I must reach the top level, viz. the Platinum level before I completed two years of my stay on this website. I left no stone unturned to work towards this goal from the date of my joining the indiastudychannel on January 15, 2011, and it gave me an immense pleasure when I completed my mission within the set time limit on January 8, 2013. I would have reached this spot quite earlier had I not suffered from ill health for about six months from May 2012 to October 2012.

What are the levels of membership at

There are five levels of membership at indiastudychannel. These membership levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum. The membership levels are based on the points scored by a registered member of the These points are scored by the members from their contributions to various sections of the indiastudychannel and also the points added to the members' accounts for winning various awards and also from the duties performed as editors of the website by some members. Given below are the details of the points to be scored for reaching each membership level:
  • Bronze: up to 100 Points

  • Silver: 101 to 1000 Points

  • Gold: 1001 to 10000 Points

  • Diamond: 10001 to 50000 Points and 2,500 points earned in last 12 months

  • Platinum: Above 50000 Points and 10,000 points earned in last 12 months

The levels of the diamond and Platinum level members are scaled down to one level below if these members do not comply with the above conditions of scoring the points. To make it clearer, a Diamond level member will be brought down to the Gold level in case the member is not able to score 2500 points in the last 12 months. Similarly a Platinum member will be scaled down to Diamond level if the member is not able to score 10,000 points in the last 12 months. However if a referrer has already earned the referral bonus by virtue of a referral having achieved Diamond or Platinum level, such referral bonus will not be cancelled due the scaling down of the level of the Diamond or Platinum members.

Brief history of membership level badges

The story of the beautifully sketched badges of membership levels at indiastudychannel which you see on my profile at Indiastudychannel. started on October 13, 2008 when the webmaster Mr Tony John announced cash prize for creation of images for badges for the five membership levels in Indiastudychannel (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum). Within a few days from the announcement, there were 49 responses with varying images displayed in the responses themselves. Whatever the way the webmaster used to select the badges for membership levels, they appeared to me one of the best, which I had ever come across. In fact, it was my earnest desire to have all the badges on my profile which I finally fulfilled on January 08, 2013.

What are the benefits of the membership levels?

There is no direct link between the monetary benefit or cash credits from increase in the membership levels of the members. However, the following benefits can be enumerated for membership levels:
  1. The level of membership shows a direct relationship to your contributions to the website. The higher the level, the more are your contributions to the website and vice versa.

  2. Indiastudychannel will have a close relationship with Diamond and Platinum members and will discuss personally with them if they have any concerns on the website.

  3. Diamond and Platinum members are usually given an extended revenue sharing from Google AdSense revenue share whereas other members get this privilege only for one year.

  4. Some of the Diamond and Platinum level members may be hired as paid editors of the

How did I reach Platinum membership within less than two years?

The details given hereunder will benefit many members who keep on asking how to score fast and more number of points while working on The fast scoring of points not only helps members to upgrade their membership levels fast, but also helps them to be selected for awards of the Member of the Week, Member of the Month, Member of the Year and Wizards of various sections of the ISC. These not only quicken their score of points but also help them to earn good cash awards. Their services get duly recognised by the For the information of the members, I take the pleasure of informing them that I won the member of the week, member of the month and the member of the year awards and was also declared the wizard of the Forums Section twice. Most of the points were scored by me from Resources, Forum Messages, Forum Responses, Practice Test Questions and Awards / Prize credits. The formal list of points can be seen in my Scoreboard

Some sections like Practice Test Questions, Bookmark Submissions, and Business Directory etc. from which I scored points are no more active. My progress in scoring fast and more points was quite good during my first year at the ISC and can be gone through by reading Earn and learn through India Study Channel – my one year experience on the website.

What else I learned and earned from Indiastudychannel in my race towards Platinum level membership

Indiastudychannel motivated me to help increase my knowledge in varied subjects of which I was unaware before I joined the website. The most prominent among them was the knowledge about Google AdSense of which I knew nothing before joining this website. Now I am a regular earner from Google for the contributions which have been placed on the internet by virtue of my being a member of the ISC. I gained a lot of knowledge by answering thousands of questions on the website for which purpose I had to make a search of the written or printed material in books, newspapers and internet. The website recognised my talent in writing skills and made me an editor on the website, the post which was later upgraded to the Lead Editor. I have also been honoured with a 'Proficient Writer's badge. I participated in numerous contests held for group discussions and articles on varied topics. So far, I have win declared winner or runner up in 15 group discussion contests and about 19 key word resources contests. Within two years of my membership on this website, I have earned Rs. 24,314 and I have reached among top 11 earners of money from this website. In addition I have earned Rs.11332 as my share from Google AdSense revenue.


It is a natural desire of the people to earn money from whatever the sources they can. Some are interested to make a fast buck and in their zeal to earn more, happen to lose even their personal funds. There are some money circulating websites on the internet who will promise to make you rich very fast and will finally land you in trouble when they close their shops all of a sudden. There are others who lure you to work from home and promise to make you earn even if you are not a writer. Their promises finally prove to be false when you cannot earn much from them because you could not make enough number of referrals they wanted to let you earn more. Then there are websites who will enrol you as data processors by paying a registration fee. They will load you with so much of data that you might be forced to leave them. Consequently you lose the amount which you have paid as registration fees. There are online surveys conducting websites which pay you for conducting the surveys online. You can consider yourself lucky if you get enough of surveys to undertake, which unfortunately is not the case. I have found a genuine money earning website where you earn money while learning and that too without paying any registration charges.

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Author: Kalyani11 Jan 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Thank you Sukhdev sir for presenting your journey through Platinum level of membership in this great site. It is indeed a great inspiring one for not only the Diamond and Gold level members to reach this target level of membership but it is equally motivating to the new members. In fact your continuous, consistent and dedicated contribution to this educational portal has helped you to reach this pinnacle. I can very well understand the great feelings when a member is elevated to the next higher level and this is very much reflected in your write-up. Wish to see and read many more such inspiring and motivations write-ups penned by you. Wish you good luck sir and thank you once again.

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