Advantages, disadvantages, features,selection and types of short term courses

This article deals with an overview of various short term courses. By going through the article you can understand the advantages of pursing with a short term course in placing yourself in a better position in the job market. The article would be useful to you in case you are planning to do a short term course. Just go through article.

About short term courses

A short term course is a course which can be completed within a short period of time unlike the regular formal degree courses which take 2-3 years duration. Most of these short term courses are completed within 6 months period or so depending on the syllabus of the course. The period of completion of such short term courses range from 3 months to 1 year. Most of the short term courses need to be pursued after the completion of the regular degree course while other short term courses can be pursued even after the completion of +2 class and the eligibility criteria differs from course to course. Even employed people can join most of these courses and do it on a part-time basis as they are unable to attend the regular courses. Most of these courses provide the flexible timings for the convenience of the candidates and allow them to pursue their course. Whatever the criteria is, most of these short term courses are completed within a short period of time. Moreover such courses are mainly based on practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge, hence it is easier to pursue such practical based courses for most of the candidates.

Advantages of doing the course

There are various advantages of doing these short term courses. The main advantage is that the course can be completed within a short period of time and thus you can get a certificate soon. In the present jet speed world as everyone wants everything at jet speed, these short courses enables you to acquire the required skill within a short period of time and thus makes you capable and eligible to place yourself well in the job market. Some of the advantages of doing these short term courses are listed below:
  • As in the present competitive world various companies expect skills in more than one area from their employees, In such a case, these short term courses helps the candidates to acquire skills in more than one field within a short period of time. Hence these courses help in adding to the talents and skills of the candidates.

  • In a person is keen on improving his skill on a specific field so that he can have self-employment, in such cases as well there are specific courses which help in providing skills in the specified field to the candidate. In this way short term courses in various fields give scope to the candidates to choose their area of interest and help themselves in improving their skills accordingly which would be beneficial for them in this competitive world.

  • Besides such a scope of improving your skills, short term courses help you in utilizing your free time in an effective way. In fact joining a short term course is something like developing one's own hobby and maintaining the same. So short term courses can be taken up as a hobby as well and not only for developing career, thus this makes you enjoy the course.

  • Short term courses helps in giving you multiple career options and increases your chances of getting a good placement in good companies. When you get certificates after completing a good number of short term courses, this would help in making your profile / CV more attractive with good number of skills in your profile. Thus your chances of getting placed in the job market become very high. As you are open to multiple career options by doing various short term courses, this makes you fit to various sectors / areas at a time and thus it helps you to choose the one which is according to your interest and attitude.

  • As the present world is highly competitive, it is quite challenging to get a job with the regular degree certificate unless you exceptionally score high. In such a case doing short term courses as per your interest helps you in making a good competitor and your chances of getting a good placement becomes fairly high.

  • A the term indicates 'short', it implies that you can finish off the course within a short period of time thus it becomes easier for you to study the material and become skillful. You need not go through the boredom of sitting in front of the piles of books and cursing yourself when the stuff do not get into your brain. Instead short term courses make your learning process much easier and faster as well. And this is the reason why short term courses are gaining popularity these days.

Choosing a short term course

Well choosing a short term course depends on your specific area of interest and the talent or skill you acquire. So whenever you make a selection of joining a short term course, you need to choose that course for which you have a person interest and liking so that it would be naturally interesting for you and easier as well. For instance, if you are interested in fashions, then you can choose one in the fashion designing or fashion technology, Instead if you go for a networking course which is not your area of interest, you might end up with frustration and might have to leave the course in the middle without completing it. So the most important thing to be kept in mind while choosing a short term course is that choose those courses which are in your areas of interest and liking. This would help you in making and developing your career and becoming successful in life.

Some important short term courses

Mainly the short term course are job-oriented and are focused on helping the candidates in getting jobs in their areas of interest. There are few main sectors that offer such courses. These are:
  • Computer / IT sector

  • Engineering and technology

  • Agriculture sector

  • Film industry

  • Fashion designing

  • Interior decoration

  • Hotel management

  • Media and journalism

Besides these major areas, there are many more courses, small and big as well, that provide wonderful opportunity to the deserving candidates. It all depends on you to choose the best option as per your area of interest so that you can outshine in the field instead of regretting later.

  • In addition to the above mentioned courses, some courses have much attraction due to their job-orientation and high success levels in job placements. Courses in hardware and networking has gain such popularity in the recent years. Other course like software programming, CAD, multimedia and animation, web designing, accounting and many more are highly attractive due to their demand in the specific fields.

  • In addition to such high demanding job-oriented courses there are certain personality development courses as well like spoken English courses, dance and music courses, courses in cooking, beauty courses and many more which helps in the development of the personality.


In addition to the courses mentioned above, the present day world is full of scopes and opportunities in wide areas of interest which are very helpful to the deserving candidates in making their career / professional life successful. People need to avail these opportunities and help themselves in self improvement of skills and thereby help themselves in building their own career. It depends on choosing the right course according to one's own interest and thus outshine in their area of expertise.

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Author: Swati Sharma21 Oct 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Nice article by the author. According to the changing environment and job market, these short term courses related to the IT field can prove useful for you. Nowadays there is a huge demand for multi-tasking IT Engineers everywhere. If you know the skills related to hardware networking, cloud computing, ethical hacking, and chip-level engineering, then there is a lot of potential in the job market for you. The fees for these short-term courses related to the IT field are also low and they can be done in a short time.

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