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This is the article on creating a website. In this article I discussed the all important points related to designing of a website. I think this will definitely guide the beginners who are searching for tips and tricks in designing a website.

A website consists of a set of pages and documents connected by hypertext links, available on the Web, that is to say on the world wide web servers with content conforming to HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) and designed in HTML (HyperText Markup Language).

Design and production

The realization of a website has a technical aspect (content creation, different languages, programming) and appearance (presentation of content, creating graphics and animations, the choice of colors and police, etc..) which we must attach equal importance.
The credibility of a website based in fact, not only on the quality and reliability of its content, but also on the quality of its design (the composition of the page, the choice of colors and graphic elements, typography of the visual consistency) it will have to be creative as well as artistic technique.
There are some excellent sites devoted to the design and implementation of web sites. For example: The Zero Site (courses and tutorials on how to create a website), CSS play (in English, demonstration of the possibilities of CSS menus, galleries, images, animations , text, etc..). I propose instead a few tools, tips, suggestions and resources that can help you start the start of construction of your site, or even guide you in modifying an existing site.

Understanding of the project

Designing a website is good, have something interesting to say, it's better. So we define a subject likely to interest a number of people, we propose audience relevant information in relation to the target. Avoid making a site to a site.

Concentrate on the design

It will decide, depending on the structure of the site, between a fluid design, extensible, which adapts to the width of the browser window, and a fixed width site, each with its own constraints . Some presentations are well suited to a fluid design, others less so. In the case of a site that has a lot of elements to be precisely positioned a fixed design may be preferable because a fluid design, by definition, is deformed according to the resolution.


Carefully select container, cover the site. Thus, a blog should be published before any notes or articles in the form of diary and should not, for example, be used to build a recipe site or computer tricks, a forum is a virtual space allows a group of people to discuss, exchange views and ideas on a given topic, can see each other and interventions occur at any time, a directory is a website, general or specialized, which are identified and other sites listed manually classified by categories or headings. We will therefore choose the most appropriate container content.

Contents play a lead role

Gather information related to the topic (texts, images, sounds, videos), then select the group according to the structure defined. Promoting relevant content is clear and concise, adapted for the Web.

Texts formats

Write short texts, well developed, free of spelling and grammar , going straight to the point. Adopt a writing style suited to the Web.

Images within the contents

Incorporate some relevant images in ensuring that their weight does not slow too load the page.
Avoid establishing, without permission, a direct link to an image posted on another website for the display on its own website, blog or forum: This practice, called hot-linking, causes the server usage of others and is thus theft of bandwidth. To save an image from another site (respecting copyright and usage conditions, it goes without saying), save it and put it on its own server, and correctly identify the source.


Music that starts automatically when you open a site can be perceived as an aggression and a nuisance. Do not forget that many people navigate their own music listening or use their computer late at night or in areas where noise may disturb. If there is, it is better to propose rather than impose. For this purpose, we can use a reader such Dew-player (mp3 player for Web licensed Creative Commons ), and give the user the choice of whether or not start the song. Do not forget to respect the copyright.


Plagiarism does not apply only to the original elements of a page or site (images, photos, texts, music), it also applies to the concept of the so called page or site.
If the wealth of a website is much originality in both its container and its content, few webmasters who can boast of having created everything without borrowing from other sites or other sources. There is however way to present the information in a very personal, inside a distinctive graphic frame.
For example, a procedure for a Windows setup can not be reinvented, by cons, the text describing the procedure or accompanying graphic demonstration can be an original creation and therefore belong to the author. In the same vein, copy the full source code of a site or a portion thereof without authorization is unacceptable in the world of web mastering. Appropriate as a graphical model without permission or remove any copyright notices.
In consideration to the work of others, we therefore include the source of the information reproduced or will be a direct link to the page that contains the information in question. The rumor quickly on the Web, why risk losing its reputation? Was therefore respect copyright, explicit and implicit.


Realize a navigation system accessible and discreet. Check the links (internal and external) prior to publication. A simple principle to be observed at all times: the least possible clicks to access the desired information. In this spirit, skip the tunnel entrance or page, if a user chooses to go on a site, it is obvious he wants to enter. Not only is this page retards Does access to information for visitors, it imposes an additional step to access the content.

Page length

Avoid pages of a mile long, as we see all too often on blogs, in particular. If, for one reason or another, it is not possible to insert markers that facilitate navigation without the need to always use the vertical scroll bar, sometimes very small. In the archives of the site, for example, I placed anchors separating small words by year of publication, which allows lower or recover quickly and easily on the page.


Without exaggeration, add forms, guestbook, email, surveys ... to allow users to contact you and give you their feedback. Respond to messages in a timely manner.


Reserve a domain name , if applicable, and contact a host that meets your needs, within your means. Using an FTP client (software file transfer) as FileZilla , for example, transfer (copy) the files from the computer to the server. Take care to keep a copy of the site on the computer, and ideally at least one external support for security.

Test and re-test

During the design, test pages on different browsers ( Firefox , Opera , Safari , Chrome , different versions of Internet Explorer ...) and, if possible, on different operating systems to ensure a display as identical as possible. Also check the display in different screen resolutions (800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 960, etc..) As a small software MultiRes can facilitate this task. Once the site is uploaded to the server, re-test all the pages. Also check all the links, internal and external.

Update content

A website is never finished: it must evolve, gradually enrich and respond, to the extent possible, the needs of users who consult and compare. It therefore requires regular updates, excellent tracking and a periodic check of the validity of external and internal links .

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Author: Saji Ganesh19 Jan 2013 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

I must admit that your article has given me a fair idea about creating and maintaining a website. I think it goes without saying that some technical knowledge is required to find success in this area. Anyway, thanks for the inputs.

Author: PD22 Jan 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Today, website are not so tough to design when we have ready made PSD/CSS templates.
Website logo is very important and fluid css. your article is really useful for starters.
Since, strong framework like codeignitor,php-nuke,joomla, wordpress, drupal with high enhanced HTML5 themes are available over internet, web development had become very easy.

Author: sushil vasudeo pawshe27 Jan 2013 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

hello. you can also make website by You can create your own website free. which type of theme you want which font size images. Through this site you can create your mobile website also. You can also site business through this. You can register your domain.

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