Tarot classes by Neo Astrological Sciences Academy in Delhi

This article is about the classes being held at Delhi NCR for a short term course on Tarot. Tarot is a Science which can help a person to learn the effects of cosmic energy on a human being. Tarot classes are held on weekly basis and a person can learn Tarot at ease on the weekends to further polish his / her personality for a better future ahead.

What is tarot?

Tarot is blending of cosmic energy, with the body energy which is amalgamated with printed cards–which are the tools of Tarot–to foretell the futures of a consulter.

Tarot introduction

Tarot is a system to read divine messages through pictorial cards. Tarot is reading of the future by interpretation of the ways of nature using the energy dispersed from body and the energy which is around us termed as cosmic energy. There are number of thought to the real etymology of the word Tarot. Some say that, the word Tarot is derived from the Italian Tarocchi others argue that the origin of the name Tarot is to the Taro River which is in Northern Italy near Parma, advocating the that game originated in Northern Italy in Milan or Bologna. Some of the other historians perceive that this name Tarot has come from Arabic word Turuq which means ‘ways’ or it can also be from another word of the same language Taraka meaning ‘to leave, abandon, omit, or leave behind’. The French etymology advocates that the Italian word Tarocco is the outcome of the Arabic word Tarh which means ‘rejection, subtraction, deduction or discount’.

Tarot card Wheel of Fortune
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History of Tarot

This system of Tarot is centuries old rather as old as the desire of the human being to know about his / her future. It is the art of divination which is as old as the cave painting where in the caveman described his life and the reader reads it to decode the personality of the person. But the original Tarot came to Europe in the 14 century from Egypt and then started to bloom in this new land as a game. With the span of time the game became a future telling one and now is a part of fortune telling all over the globe.

What happens in Tarot

Life is a series of deed which have effects on a person. Some religions advocate that deeds are the Karmas which as sometimes relate to the past birth. The deeds of a person result in destiny which is said to be predestined but can become solace for one if control over desires and temptations is mastered.

In the time of distress and uncertainty a person is not able to take a decision on his own and there comes the use of counsellor. It is similar to take an advice from the expert of the trade e.g. if one has a court case he / she have to consult a lawyer. Lawyer suggests the consulter what he / she have to do in respect to the case and how to file the application in the court.

Similarly a person who is not able to under what has to be done can consult a Tarot Reader who through their meditation and study can provide solace to the person in distress.
Tarot provides:
• Reply to the queries and solutions
• Helps one to redirects path in life
• To generate focus, clarity and reassurance in a give situation.
Tarot helps one to change the influencing factors which are creating problems in their life and which one thinks are uncontrollable but this is a misconception.
Tarot helps one to judiciously use the available resource to bring harmony and solace in their life which they are unable to understand, can be of major use for them.

The Magician
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Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a pack of 78 printed cards.
Major Arcana Cards are 22 in number from 0 to 21 and the rest 56 cards are termed as Suit Cards or Minor Arcana Cards which are further divided into group of 14 cards in 4 suits.

Wands, Swords, Cups and Pentacles:

Each of these suits consists of 1-10 numbered cards and 4 court cards along with the 4 court cards, Page, Knight, Queen and King. Wands are corresponding to the Clubs, Cups to the Hearts, Swords to the Spades and the Pentacles to the Diamonds.
In Tarot also the 4 basic elements–Air, Water, Fire and Earth–which are the basis of Minor Arcana.

Queen of Pentacles Tarot card
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What the cards denote in Tarot:

In Tarot the Cups suit denotes to emotions.
Swords suit denotes air and mental matters.
Pentacle suit denotes possession and wealth.
Wands suit denotes the fire.
But the Tarot reader can interpret the suits and the cards to his / her sense level or add to the predefined denotation to the suits or cards. E.g. Cups suit can be considered to denote the family life, wherein the Swords suit can be related to the problems which is related to mental instability or distress or stress.
The four suits consisting of 14 cards signify the fundamental type of person and the situations which are common to the entire human being collectively.

Laying of the cards

Spreading of the cards is also having particular meaning/interpretation in Tarot and the entire meaning/interpretation changes. The face of the card when pulled by the consulter can also be read or interpreted in a particular manner as per the sixth sense of the Tarot reader. All the cards are related to different moods and different interpretation which is the basic guidelines of Tarot and the Tarot reader has all the sweet will to add to interpretation to the cards in a given situation to satisfy the consulter.

How does Tarot helps us

After learning Tarot we help to find solace in life as our sixth sense is developed through it. Tarot helps in developing focus and helps to find the path in life if the person is wondering in dark. It also helps to become honest and clarity to fight a given situation. It also helps us to understand the cosmic energy which a normal person is not able to understand of feel the same. Tarot helps to keep us calm and the handling of a given situation is increased to perfection.

Duration of the Course, Fee and Timing of the classes

Tarot course run by Neo Astrological Sciences Academy (NASA) is of SIX months duration. During this course the basis of Tarot is being taught to the students. After the completion of the course the Tarot reader is able to practice this Science at large.
For the six months course the fee is Rs. 6000.00. The fee includes the Tarot kit (cards).
The classes are held on every weekend i.e. Saturday for one and a half hour.
Class timing: 6 PM to 7:30 PM.

The organisation and Venue of Classes

Neo Astrological Sciences Academy (NASA) is an organisation which is conducting classes on various occult Sciences at Noida, Delhi NCR.
Venue of Classes: Marigold Public School, Sector 19, Noida.
Email: nasaneoastro@gmail.com

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