Handwriting analysis classes and online courses conducted by World of Handwriting in Bangalore.

This article is about the Handwriting courses which are being conducted in Bangalore. In this article reader can find about the courses which are even conducted online. This course can help a learner to understand the personality of a person and help them change their shortcomings.

Writing is a segment of life which is always same and slight difference in the pattern of writing can be decoded in a bigger way which one might consider it to be false but the reality is only know to the experts. It is also a Science which can help the person to under his positive or negative traits. Handwriting Analysis or Graphology is a system to read the person in and out.

What is Handwriting Ananlysis or Graphology

Handwriting Analysis or Graphology is the science of analyzing one's behaviour through the medium of his/her handwriting. A person can lie about how they feel, can control their facial expressions, but your handwriting comes from the sub-conscious and faking it is just not in your hands. People feel that their handwriting changes all the time. Absolutely! It does, because you can never be in the same mood through out the day now can you? Then how would it be possible for an analyst to come to the right conclusion?

Introduction to Handwriting Analysis or Graphology

To understand this lets discuss with an example, say you go in your room, the basic height, width and immoveable furniture would be the same, like your cupboard, TV stand, library, but we clean the same room everyday, and are in apposition to make minor changes in it, similarly our mood also changes from time to time, sometimes we experience anger, another time we feel like laughing and sometimes we just want to be left alone. But the basic character, just like the room remains the same unless of course there is some external force like an earthquake to shake the entire house up! Then even your personality will undergo a tremendous change.

One is in a position to be able know the human personality, the emotions, likes, dislikes, strengths, weakness of a person from their handwriting, because handwriting is just not handwriting, but it's the mind that's writing rather the mind is on parade while we are writing and hence some Graphologists term it as Mind Writing or Brain Writing as well. It has the ability to look deep into the minds of both young and the old, some people use it to know more about themselves, some use it to have a better present and future, some do it out of mild curiosity and some get the writings of their children analyzed to help them in their studies, increasing the memory power and concentration, have a neater handwriting. Even the Government authorities and professionals from different fields using this powerful science for detecting forgery, examining documents, or employers use it for screening a person. Homeopathy doctors get the writing analyzed, using it to know the personality of their patients, which helps them in their treatment. Teachers who are always looking for innovative means to teach their students get their writing analyzed. At Grapho Therapy classes the people are given suggestions to those who want to change their life, because Grapho Therapy deals with changing the handwriting in order to change the personality of a person.

Many think of Handwriting Analysis as an Occult Science, but it has Scientific Validity to prove it's genuine as a Science. In this new age and technology, it is believed that using the power of the internet to get across many people, this is one mode by which classes are being conducted. In fact, one can have a trial online class on "Introduction to Handwriting Analysis and Grapho Therapy" which are being conducted on:

Handwriting Analysis Fee Structure

This organisation–Wonder of Handwriting is providing number of Handwriting Analysis. This is a helping hand for the people to get themselves analysed.

Half Page Analysis :

This analyse is at the cost of Rs. 550/-
It includes analysis of your emotional outlay, intensity and expressiveness. How you would make your decisions, how logical or impulsive you are. It will also include your signature analysis (spell out your signature letters) 3 more traits and 3 Grapho-tips to work on will be suggested to the consulter.

Full Page Analysis :

This analyse is at the cost of Rs. 1050/-
It includes analysis of one's emotional outlay, intensity and expressiveness. Signature analysis (spell out your signature letters.) It shall include 15 personality traits and 7 Grapho-tips to work on.

Compatibility Analysis :

This analyse is at the cost of @Rs. 1650/-
Here the handwriting analysis is done for two people and how compatible they are. For any kind of relationship this is a blessing in disguise. One can know in just a few minutes how one's life partner is and helps one to understand him/her in a better manner.

Children writing Analysis :

This analyse is at the cost of Rs. 250/-
Here it is encouraged that the parents get their child's handwriting analyzed as they are still in their growing years and whatever the parents should teach them now will be with them forever. The analysis will include basic traits and Grapho-tips.

Handwriting courses

Grapho Therapy Course of 40 Days: it is a book which shows how each alphabet should be written scientifically and benefits derived from the same. The course can be done online.

Grapho Therapy with Mind Power (Home study): @Rs. 2500/-
Medium: Home study course of 40 days; 4 session's online (1 hour); coaching available for kids at centre.
(Material needs to be purchased beforehand)

Course on Handwriting Analysis: home study programs available

You and Your Signature : @ Rs 1550/-
Medium: Home study course; 4 online classes (1 hour); Classes conducted in Bangalore (dates to be announced)
(Material needs to be purchased beforehand)

Online classes on various subjects : @ Rs.250/hour
Medium: Internet;
(This session is started newly; in this session one topic is considered and the entire program is epicentres around it, e.g. Margins in Handwriting, or pressure or zones in writing etc. It's very effective for both beginners and people already registered in the course.)

For more information you can contact on:

Email: theworldofhandwriting@gmail.com
Phone: +91 99166 49452

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