Think, feel and live for others

Ever thought of the idea, "thinking, feeling and living for others"? What about sharing your joy, ideas, what about sharing what you are feeling towards the well-being of the people who lie in the lower strata of the society. Have you ever thought how much smile it would bring to their face if you smile at them, ever thought about sharing a small portion of your happiness with them? If not , then start thinking, don't have to share anything, just think about this , and see how much joy it gives you.

I am not writing this article, to tell you that you must contribute to a charity, give money, raise funds. I am just trying to create a sense of consciousness. If you look at the present condition of the society, there is enormous gap between the rich and the poor, unemployment levels is on the rise, inflation is galloping, illiteracy is prevalent, a greater section of the society is under the BPL level, so what common people like us should do??Just sit and think, yeah I should do this, I should have done that, I should organize some campaigns for the needy people, or we should go out there and really take some initiative and do something for them. Truly speaking, this should come from inside. After reading this article, many people would question me "what I have done", honestly speaking I would say "nothing", but what I felt, is start something from scratch, instead of aiming for big things, and not able to execute it. So, what I felt let's create a sense of awareness or you may say consciousness by at least writing a few lines. After this, if it brings a smile to my face, then only I can bring smile on others people face.

What we should be thinking is that what is wrong with the society we live in that is creating the barrier in the mindset between the rich and the poor, and we shouldn't be thinking what negative attitude the poor people have. We should keep in mind, that god created mankind, and every one of us came to this world by the same process, and then after that over a period of time we evolved as an individual. Suppose for e.g. say two children X and Y, getting birth at the same time. Now, the mother of child X gives birth in a platinum ward in a state-of the–art hospital, and the mother of child Y gives birth in a village field because of the lack of knowledge or other financial problems whatsoever. Now both the babies doesn't know that they were both to rich or poor parent, their mother brings them up overcoming obstacles, and after a certain period of time we will be noticing a distinguishing change in their lifestyle. So, what really create this bifurcation are what we as human being should try to understand, and develop measures to correct it. So, that every poor people in this world, doesn't grow up with the idea, "Why they came to this world, they shouldn't have been born, life is not fair to them", I am not saying that we as a human being should change their lives and they will become affluent overnight, what I am trying to say is let's do some basic changes at the grassroots level, then only the other measures will fall in its right place.

Well, by saying all these things, I am not trying to mean that the ones who are deprived don't have any options, nor needs helps of others to survive, they should always do something to create their own destiny. The thought patterns and behavior of those people should be corrected, like they always think small about themselves, they should start dreaming big. The constant fear in their mind about some circumstances which according to them is unavoidable should be avoided by them. They think that life is not fair to them, all the time, and start cursing themselves, instead of getting the best out of everything what they have. Pessimistic attitude, negative thoughts about themselves gets the better of them all the time and they spent their entire life living in misery.

"Medicine is the only profession where you can create smiles, do your best, give happiness, bring smile to the people," Kalam said. Kalam emphasised on the urgency to improve the quality in primary education where the first seeds of learning are sowed. So, if a President of our country can be so humble, down to earth, why can't we as an individual do something for the needy people? "Where there is righteousness in the heart, there is beauty in the character, where there is beauty in the character, there is harmony in the home, where there is harmony in the home, there is order in the nation, where there is order in the nation, there is peace in the world," he said.

Who says, that it is only the poor people who are dishonest, and they lie, steal or cheat because of their status. Many of us will be thinking that they has a reason to do all types of bad activities, but if you go by the current flow of this universe the rich people are the ones who are most likely and vulnerable to unscrupulous activities. It is the greed of the rich people is what forces them, a sense of satisfaction which they get (God knows what kind of satisfaction is that) from doing all sorts of ill-activities.

Have you ever seen a poor people trying to steal something from a grocery store, but I have seen with my own eyes rich, wealthy people with enough potential to buy everything from a super-market, trying to steal and at the end being handed over to the police. Why in this case, the poor people should have doing this thing right? Because at the end they could have given an excuse that they don't have enough money, and they were unconsciously stealing goods, without knowing what implications it might have, but what we see it's the rich people, with credit, visa, master card in their wallets, having their names registered under the "loyalty programs" in the store stealing things. A rich person often voices their concern for the poor, by not doing any social activities but exaggerating the plight of the poor people, in fact they very well know if for a single day they had to spend their lives in those conditions, what they would have done? Their ultimate aim is to get attention, and they spend their entire lives thinking in that way. They think that if they start sharing happiness with the poor people, they will be ashamed, in front of their peers and start leading life with all kind of false notions.

So, why not start doing something for the persons in need and why not start sharing happiness with them. It can be of any form, we can support a child through many charitable programs, we can start sharing our knowledge with them, and we can share our old clothes with them (be careful not to give torn clothes, so they feel down, give them in a proper condition with neatly ironed), give some sort of basic education to them, and see what they give back to the society. We can organize campaigns, like elaborating the need to eradicate illiteracy, unemployment, poverty, and this only is possible when people from all corners of the society start contributing. What I want to say, is that we shouldn't be thinking what we can give to others, first try to feel it from the core of your heart, then only we will get the real satisfaction.

So, let's start "Thinking"," Feeling" for others, I intentionally didn't mention "Living" for others, because that needs a great level of generosity, and honestly even I am not matured enough, to say that "I will live for others", but what I think is that if you "think" and "feel" for others, you will definitely bring smile on the face of poor people.

What inspired me to write this article is that I came across a post or a blog, I don't remember it exactly, which read "We should find god in poor people's smile".

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