Travel tips while traveling with children in India

The present article gives a few tips to follow when you are traveling with children. Children, by their nature cannot be steady in their behaviors or reactions and soon get bored and tired of travel. They will not be able to tolerate hunger or sudden weather changes and may even fall sick. So it is always necessary to take some advance precaution to take care of their needs, food and drinks, rest and to keep them engaged and active. Here are some useful travel tips to be handy when you travel with children.

A few tips to prevent children from boredom on travel

Children are very enthusiastic about travel. They will like to take the vantage seats or window side seats. That way they can see the interesting sights along the way. But very soon they feel bored and tired. Then they start troubling parents with all kinds of things. What can be done here?

  • Before starting on travel, tell the children about the place you are going, the distance and the time taken for travel.
  • If it is gong to be a multimodal way of transport tell them about that also.
  • Tell them what all things they may be seeing along the way.
  • Before you are nearing any special sight, show them the picture and keep them ready to watch the sight. They may ask some doubts and you have to clear that.
  • For grown up children, if possible, give a basic camera and encourage them to take photos of whatever catches their eye.

Give children variety

With all the tips given above they may get bored after sometime. So now the need some change.
  • Carry some magazines, storybooks, cartoon books, to engage them in reading. In between join them for explaining or answering their questions. Family members can change roles in this.
  • Carry toys according to age of children. If more than one child allows them to play themselves and give those sufficient toys and support. The may play hide and seek and hide behind you. Allow and then tell them to adjust within the space available. For grown up children music players, chess boards and some other toys which will engross them can be taken along.
  • engage them in exhibiting their talents like drawing, music etc. This should be done taking care of the co-travellers
  • Allow children to interact with other co-travellers and children under your view and supervision.
  • Take travel as an opportunity for relaxation and hence do not put too many restrictions unless it is need for the safety. Even about safety they can be made aware before starting.

    Tips for keeping children properly fed during travel

    Children may not be able to follow correct routine of eating during travel. They may feel frequently hungry and thirsty.

    • Carry sufficient water and eatables with you. If the children are school going age, give them each their bags self contained with water and eatables and toffees.
    • Keep ready packets of insta foods (like instant bhel-puri), where the ingredients are available separately packed and you have to just open and mix them.
    • Even when we carry sufficient foods and drinks, children may still like to buy some outside foods. Within overall hygiene allow their small wishes.

    Reminder tips to avoid children falling sick during travel

    If the children are on regular medication, do not forget and doubly ensue to carry the needed medicines in sufficient sock.

    Arrange medicines to get easily on need.

    If not on regular medication, carry the common symptomatic medicines for fever, cold and cough, headache, indigestion etc.

    Keep simple aids like adhesive tapes,(band-aid, smoothening and antiseptic ointments.

    Miscellaneous tips to make children enjoy travel

    • Give children a little money in the form of coins or small denomination notes. Allow them to spend on small matters and guide them. It is good to train them on value of money and how to spend it, in these travels.
    • Give children a basic camera or video recorder as per their age and your affordability. Allow them to take the photos and videos and guide them on social etiquette on that.
    • If the children are little grown up, encourage them to record the sights with date and time and some points they observed in a book or diary. Encourage them to write this and ask them to write a travelogue on return

    A final word as a tip

    It is advisable to have this article ready in hand and compile the tips as per one's requirement and make it as a check list and ensure that it is complied by ticking each item by verifying. If properly followed, you will not have any complaints about your children, They will be eager to travel with you and you will also like to take them with you. Children will grow by enjoying and appreciating travel.

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    Author: Saji Ganesh21 Jan 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

    The tips provided in this article will surely prove handy to those who are travelling with their children. Travelling with children, especially kids, is a tough affair. You need lot of patience and some extra energy to manage them within the limited space available. The most common question, I feel, asked by children is with regard to the number of stations left to reach our destination.

    Author: Venkiteswaran21 Jan 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

    Thanks Saji,you have given a relevant point. It is better to have the printout of the list of stations from start to destination. It is available in the railway websites. I practice same. It can also be used to check whether the train is on time or late. It can be used as a record of your travel for future reference and reminiscence.

    Author: Sanjeev Gupta01 Oct 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

    Good article. Yes thats the problem children normally get bore while travelling.

    Thats the reason we should carry magazine, toys, video games etc to avoid their boredom.

    We should prefer going by our personal vehicles as its tough to travel with the kids in public transport.

    When you travel by your own car you have the option to stop at any place and may enjoy for few minutes and travel again.

    Carrying camera with you is a nice option as one can take pictures of the place when you take a hault while a tour. I normally do that and kids enjoy a lot while taking pics of sceneries and selfies.

    Author: Reena Upadhya24 Sep 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

    Many of us avoid travelling with children as we feel it is almost impossible to keep them steady. Travelling will seem more like a task rather than a fun-filled holiday. Especially if kids are too young, parents do not plan holidays. They only travel in case it cannot be avoided on certain occasions such as if there is a family function etc. However, if properly planned and all the things are taken care of, travelling with kids become much more fun and easy.

    Here are a few more tips-
    - Carry some comfort articles along. For example a stuffed toy, pillow or the blanket without which child does not sleep. Travelling to a new place and seeing new faces can be too much to the child and this can worsen unsteadiness. Travelling with such items that comfort the child means carrying something that the child is familiar with. Thus, it helps the child to adjust to the new places.

    - Before travelling, prepare a proper plan. Research everything and pre-book to avoid the hustle. There should be enough time allotted to rest and to see the places. Also, allow some time for the kids to play around. Not following the time table is the main reason for getting tired. Follow the schedule as much as possible. Remember child cannot adjust too much as per adult's requirements. Let the plan be flexible. Let the child sleep for adequate hours and let the child enjoy playing time before setting foot out for sightseeing.

    Author: Varghese24 Sep 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

    A very good guide to help people who travel with their young children on long trips or on vacation. We know that small children find it difficult to sit in one place for long hours and thus when travelling a long way, we need to inform them well in advance. As mentioned by the author, we can have a small meeting on the food table about the place of a visit, travel time, number of days, etc. This will help the children to have their own plan and may even help us prepare well for the vacation or trip.

    Some of the tips that can be added in the list are:
    1. Always be flexible and provide ample time for children to enjoy instead of always following a Hitler plan.
    2. Do keep spare time for children to play as it will help them to enjoy more.
    3. Try to capture the lovely moments spent. It will help you to explore more from your children.

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