Travel tips related to packing your bags for a leisure trip

In this article i shall tell you what are the essentials you need to pack when going on a leisure trip. Packing can be done a day or two before the trip to avoid the chaos of running around in the last minute and to ensure a hassle free and fun filled journey.

A good trip not only gives us a break from the monotony of daily life but is a nice way to unwind and de-stress the mind. Who doesn't want to warm up on a freezing winter morning under one of the few streams of sunlight seeping through misty clouds or stand with eyes closed embracing oneself when a soothing breeze from the lush green hills blows over ruffling your hair. Above all what is better than waking up in the morning knowing you dont have to jump up from bed and rush through your morning chores to get yourself on your office desk before the boss checks in.

Why you should plan ahead?

Its always better to plan awhile ahead for your journey to avoid disappointments like not being able to find train or flight tickets on the desired date or checking into a hotel which does not fit into your budget and worse has a view of not the crystal blue seas u had imagined of, but the rear of a fisherman's hut. We can opt for various modes of travel based on the distance to be travelled, preference and convenience of the travelers and physical difficulties if any of the people travelling. Old people might be unable to sit long hours cramped in a bus or car and toddlers also can get restless. People who tend to get travel sick need to either choose their favourable travel mode or take adequate precautions from getting sick and spoil half the fun. It is only a matter of seconds before you can check out various travel options ,vacation spots and packages that suit you ,online .So make the best of it.

Packing your bags

You can pack your things in the choice of your travel bag which is easy to carry or drag along with you. You should have clothes, footwear,accessories,toiletries,cosmetics and other products ,medications ,gadgets and snacks if required ,packed well not overstuffing your luggage.

Clothes and footwear

Packing up clothes is a challenging task considering the fact that it will comprise majority of your luggage. Pack the required number of clothes only without emptying out your wardrobe. The choice of clothes should depend on the place of visit. Make sure to have enough warm clothes,woollen gloves,caps,mufflers and socks if going to a hill station or the kind. Dry clean all your woollen stuff before such trips. Dont forget to pack your undergarments. Shoes to keep the feet warm or boots are preferable. If your holiday getaway is on an sunny island, where you are planning to soak in the sun on the beach you will need comfortable beachwear and bright colored cotton wears for the local sightseeing. Slippers go well with the attire. Casual wear like jeans are seen worn in almost all weathers and they never go out of trend too. Worn clothes can be kept in separate covers.


It is of individual choice whether or not to use bangles,necklaces,belts,stoles etc. Though adding a hat and cool shades can shield you from the direct blaze of the sun while adding to your style quotient as well. If you are into accessorising yourself every time you go out, pack the few you are sure to use. Women are more fussy over these stuff than men who usually are more than happy with their wrist watches serving as their only ornament.


You better not forget to pack your toothbrush,tongue scraper and mouth wash if you dont want to roam around with stale breath. It is inconvenient to rush off to buy toothbrushes first thing in the morning also. Though most of the hotels provide us with toothpastes ,one can be kept aside in case you plan to camp out in a tent for a night. I have always preferred carrying my shower gel in my travels and i guess the dislike for the tiny bars of hotel soaps is quite universal. If not you can risk not bringing one. In case you are carrying your brand of shampoo and conditioner ,buy their sachet or take them in small containers. I personally like carrying a small bath towel while travelling and would say it has never been in vain eventhough hotels dont run short of them. If you are a hygiene freak its better to have your own stuff .Shaving kit and after shave lotions for men should be kept. Women should take along sanitary napkins or tampons if needed. Its better to pack toiletries in waterproof plastic pouches.

Cosmetics and other products

Carrying a make up kit with essentials is a must for most women. After all the pics should be perfect and worth to be posted on facebook. Apart from the 'looking good' part you better not chuck out from your bag those goodies which protect your skin from the merciless sun or bone chilling cold. Dab on some sun protection before going out during the day especially when its hot and sunny. Body lotions and lip balms can come handy to prevent those flakes on skin and chapped lips in low temperatures. Deodorants and fragrances can be included.


It would be more than a blunder to forget your prescribed pills.Health issues can pop up anytime to dampen spirits or even make u pack back for home much earlier than you anticipated. It is not unlikely to develop motion sickness during journeys. A migraine can trigger even by a delay in having your meal and those with allergies and poor immunity can have an episode of incessant sneezing leading to a terrible running nose. Anti emetics,analgesics,anti histamines,tabs for acidity and motion sickness can be included. A first aid box containing antiseptic,bandages and plasters especially for those set out for adventure trips and with mischievous kids will be helpful. A bottle of hand sanitiser overcomes the difficulty of not being able to wash and clean your hands before meals in camps or unhygienic conditions.

Your gadgets

Not many of us can spend an hour without checking messages on WhatsApp or liking pics on facebook. Such is the significance of mobile phones and laptops in our life. Cell phones have taken up the roles of our camera, PC and music player but its not uncommon for people to take, their professional cameras with them to make it picture perfect or their notebook to play a favourite movie or iPod that is dedicated only to music.What ever it be have your chargers packed beside the devices you will be carrying.


Those travelling with kids can equip themselves with healthy snacks to munch on and paper napkins for road trips . Snacks can either be bought or cooked from home especially for toddlers. Water bottles can be taken for long journeys by train or bus. As you are more prone to pick up an infection during travelling, stay hydrated and flush out toxins from your system . Having your packet of snacks is of individual choice. Home made snacks are always safer and healthier, but many prefer buying them on the way. Again, pack foods with care ensuring they are clean and safe ,and dont stain rest of your stuff.

Do's and don'ts

Pack minimal to avoid getting weary from dragging too many pieces of luggage behind you. By choosing only the required number of clothes,accessories and leaving behind the heavy stuff you can make a big difference. Too many pairs of jeans can be replaced by cargo,cotton pants which are way far lighter. Footwear tend to be heavy and rather than taking many to match each occasion, one or two that will do for the whole trip needs packing. Heavy boxes of makeup should be left behind by ladies even if with a frown ,packing only the basics needed in a compact bag. Heavy jewellery pieces and bulky belts are a sure no. So as to conclude i'll say, let us mount those backpacks light and steady and hike a mile away with a free mind to make this leisure trip a true pleasure.

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