How to improve business communication by technology?

In this article, I am going to provide the technologies to improving business communication today. The various tools used for communication are clearly stated. Effecive Business communication should be very essential for people those involved in doing business as profession. Read the articles below to grab the concepts.


Today, professional businesses heavily depends upon technology for improving the communication process.The people of both employer and employee use the technology smartly in order to communicate well and can be able to complete more successfully. Anyone who use computer very well can realize the benefits of technology that are not automatic. One important point to be noted here is that the poor designed or improper use of technology can hinder the communications more rathan than it helps. So, to communicate more effectively one should know the technology in perspective, apply the technological tools productively and spending time and money on technology smartly.The complete technological tools are listed below:

How to keep technology in perspective

Technology is not a replacement for interpersonal communication but it can serve as an aid for that. It can assist you when you lack in essential skill and can't be able to fill the gap. For example, if run a spell checker software to check all your words via dictionary, it will only monitor the rights or wrong, with your words using dictionary but not able to know whether you use correct words and excellent sentences or not. So keeping the technology in proper and perpective way is of very importance and can be only fulfilled by you with some essential skill.

How to use of technological tools productively?

Time and money are two important things in business. Saving these two is very big challanges to you. Both can be saved by effective use of communication technologies. For that, you don't need be an expert, but you should have familiarity with some basic features of technological tools that you are going to use on a particular job. If you are manager in an organization, you should ensure that your employees be capable of sufficient training to use the tools productively, otherwise you can arrange for training for them.

List of technological tools

The available technological tools for effective communication are given under.

  1. Flexible workstations

  2. Wireless networks

  3. Follow-me phone service

  4. Electronic presentations

  5. Intranets

  6. Wall displays

  7. Web based meetings

  8. Internet videophone

  9. Shared workspaces

  10. Video-conferencing and Telepresence

  11. Radio Frequency Identification

  12. Extranets

  13. Wireless warehouses

  14. Package tracking

  15. Supply chain management

  16. Over-the-shoulder support

  17. Help lines

  18. Corporate blogs

  19. Podcasting

  20. In-store kiosks


In addition to that there are lot of technological tools. Here the most important tools have been described.For every communication, the tools can be the best choice as the situation demands. Sometimes for best situations, technological tools can't match. For example, If you ask through IM(Instant Messenger) a colleague how did your sales presentation? and he or she replies simply fine. What is the actual meaning provided for fine? Are order expected very soon? or did he/she lose some sale? or He/she doesn't want to share about it with you?. Instead if you only visit him/her, you can get additional information about it. So apart from above technological tools, reconnecting is more important. You can reconnect often what you do with people to effective business communication.

Article by Jebaprincy
Jebaprincy is a Civil Engineer graduated from Government College of Engineering, Tirunelveli. She is very enthusiastic in computer networks as she learnt some basic HTML during her school studies. She has been active in ISC since 2011 and an editor as well. She loves writing online for the welfare of internet community during her free time. You can contact her via Social Networks Facebook and Google+.

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