Best Nursery/Play Schools for toddlers in Delhi: prospectus, facilities and admission details

In this article, I will explain some of the Best Nursery / Play schools for toddlers in Delhi and some of its important prospectus, facilities and details of admission. Playschool is very vital for all children's to set a target goal in creativity and achieving them on timely basis Every playschool aim at developing skills and creativity amongst all your loved ones.

About Play School

A playschool is a beautiful place where many lovable children's spend nearly 4-5 hours every day in showing creativity amongst group of children's and will be supervised by couple of teachers. Playschool offers many good things to every child and helps in development of social skills. In India, Play school plays a vital role in every child's growth and is a very important moment for the development of children's. Some of your loved ones step in at play home at the age of 2 years and above. Many of the play schools consist of good infrastructure which makes every child to play wholeheartedly without any difference made with each others. These play schools consists of huge activities which helps in stimulating your loved ones education verbally, physically and mentally. Children's learn nursery rhymes and also songs in this play school and try to learn more creativity. Every child's have power to learn important information through the mode of listening to songs, rhythm and would love to stay at play school for longer period of time without any differences made.

In every playschool important information such as what is right and wrong, good habits, giving and taking respect, obeying every one, speaking truth, and many other vital messages are imbibed in each and every child.

The below mentioned are some of the best Play Schools in Delhi in reference to development of various skills, creativity and good behaviors of your loved ones. Every parent would love to get in their loved ones in this beautiful and peaceful world of play school in Delhi.

Play School

It consists of famous Play Schools in Delhi and is summarized below for ready reference:
  1. Step By Step

  2. The Learning Tree

  3. Rising Stars

  4. Rumi Kids

  5. The Magic Years

Step By Step

Step by Step is one of the best nursery schools in Delhi, Panchseel. This nursery school was established in the year 1992. This school has more than 500 students and 50 professional staff in development of your loved ones skills and good behavior. In this beautiful environment of nursery school every child's feel completely at home. In this nursery school, every child will be taken special care to ensure their first school experience will be fruitful and very joyful learning activities and to develop creativity amongst group of children's.

Some of the key features of Step By Step

  • Prospectus

  • The foremost objective of Step By Step is to provide a good atmosphere to promote social and spiritual growth of your loved ones. Many good habits and some of the good skills are given in this school, some of them includes, co-operate each other, listening to others and sharing with others, emotional & social skills etc. Some of the activities such as listening skills, yoga, dancing, pottery, story time, art & craft will develop your child's growth and your child will be very cheerful in taking part of such valuable activities.

  • Programme

  • Programme in Step By Step includes Toddlers for 2.3 years to 2.5 years, Montessori for 2.6 years to 3.5 years, Nursery for 3.6 years to 4.5 years and Mother Child Programme for 1.9 years to 2.2 years.

  • Amenities

  • Step By Step have many facilities such as computer room, library, big garden, playground, studio for art, and spacious classrooms. Every child is very happy to be in this nursery school with lots of facilities and everyone love to be in this nursery school for longer period of time.

  • Faculty

  • Step By Step nursery school have more than 50 professional staff including learning specialist, co-ordination – learning center. In this nursery school every teaching staff is trained to keep your loved ones happy and cheerful throughout the learning period and achieve the learning and development process.

  • Admission Process

  • Parents are requested to fill in the Alumni registration form to finish the first process of admission of their loved ones in this lovable nursery school.

  • Contact details

  • Step By Step Nursery School
    Block - N, Plot No. 1
    Panchsheel Park
    New Delhi - 110 017
    Phone : 26494130, 26494957


    The Learning Tree

    The Learning Tree was established in the year 1995 to set forth the growing needs of every child ageing 2 years to 5 years. This playschool is without doors and walls with bamboo roofs, and every child would love to study in this environment with lovely nature, flowers, trees surrounding the playschool with rabbits and birds.

  • Prospectus

  • In this playschool every child is given more important and will be accompanied by a teacher and a helper for a group of 15 children's. This playschool was mainly introduced to give a strong educational foundation to every child with good natural environment and also sharing good social and personal skills amongst the group of the children's.

  • Program

  • This playschool works from Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m with many activities for your loved ones. Some of the main activities include:


    It comprise of many activities such as clay modeling, painting on finger, pasting, cutting and crayons.


    It comprise of many activities such as singing songs, playing music and instruments, nursery rhymes etc.

    Creative Play

    It comprise of many activities such as puppets, dressing up and doing a short play, story play and drama.

    Science & Maths

    It comprise of many activities such as coloring, counting numbers, reading numbers, understanding numbers, block games, planting flowers etc.

    Skills on Language & Pre-Reading

    It comprise of many activities such as telling stories, poems, rhyming introduction of alphabet, numbers etc.

  • Timings

  • This playschool have a time table for each activity to be performed as per the timings stipulated by the teaching staffs. This includes free play time from 9.30 am to 10.00 am, music play from 10.00 am to 10.30 am, circle time from 10.30 am to 11.00 am, snack time and outdoor play from 11.00 am to 11.30 am, activity center which comprises of puzzles, block games - from 11.30 am to 11.45 am and story time from 11.45 am to 12.00 am, 12.00 am to 12.30 am good bye speech.

  • Faculty

  • In every playschool, teachers plays an important role as there are named as one of the biggest asset in overall performance of the school. In this playschool, our teachers are the biggest asset. Every teacher in this nursery school helps in giving more care to your loved ones and bringing more light to your child.

  • Admission Process

  • Your loved one should have completed 2 years by 31st March in order to be eligible for admission in this playschool on the 1st April. The register for admission is opened in January every year.

  • Contact Details

  • The Learning Tree Playschool
    B – 13, Sujan Singh Park,
    New Delhi – 110 003



    Rising Stars

    Rising Stars Junior School was introduced to provide good education to your loved ones at an age group of 2 years to 5 years which includes Pre-nursery, Nursery and Preparatory Levels. This school has been established under the supervision of Surabhi Sarv Shiksha evam Kalyan Samiti. In this school your loved ones will be given utmost care, love and affection in overall development of his personal and social skills. In this school, every child is same and special attention taken to each and every child not just to their family but as an individual. One of the foremost aim of this school is to give a healthy and positive lesson to every child and in a good atmosphere of love and care.

  • Prospectus

  • In this school good care is taken to all your loved ones which incorporates physical health and fitness, development of motor skills, development of social and emotional behaviors, good communication skills, personal and interaction skills, self-respect, values & culture, personality skills, analytical & logical skills, numerical skills, language and literacy skills, social skills, and physical development. These courses will help in growing needs of your loved ones and setting a goal in future development.

  • Infrastructure and Facilities

  • Some of the good facilities in Rising Stars Junior School include toys, library, play ground, swimming pool, room for mid-day meal, art room, computer lab, sandy play, spacious air conditioned class rooms, multimedia room, activity room, comfortable transport facility, air conditioned transport.

  • Program & Admission Details

  • For Mother Toddler's Group – under 2 years

    The admission is open for the year 2013-14 [Program includes group activities, games (indoors), outdoor activities and games, art & craft activities. developmental activities, snack time, stories].

    For Toddler under 3 years

    The admission is open for the year 2013-14 [program includes story telling, poems, performing arts which comprises of singing, dancing, and role playing].

  • Faculty

  • The faculty of Rising Stars comprises of highly trained, skilled, and experienced teachers to take care of your loved ones. Faculties include academic coordinators, teachers, assistant teachers, and helpers to take care of your loved ones. They will be a training sessions to all the teachers at regular interval to refresh, their teaching skills and to take care of your loved ones with more care and love. Every teacher assures to inform your loved one's progress to parents on regular intervals.

  • Contact Details

  • Rising Stars Junior School
    Sector 10, Dwarka, Adjacent to GD, Goenka School,
    New Delhi - 110075,
    Tel: 8459150606


    Rumi Kids

    Rumi Kids is one of the best play schools which were founded to fulfill the needs of good education to your loved ones. This playschool was introduced mainly to enhance the growth of your loved ones. At this playschool, every child is known as god gift, and every child is unique and there is no difference made between each other. Every child is aimed at bringing more creativity and confidence amongst each other, and giving a strong foundation in literacy, language and mathematical thinking. In this playschool, there will be more room for development of creative thinking and artistic expressions. It also promotes well being and healthy and good habits amongst every child.

  • Prospectus

  • The main feature of this playschool is that it consists of small class sizes which give individual attention for your loved ones. Some of the activities include play and active learning through well-trained and professional teachers, language skills, social skills, personal skills, literacy skills, mathematical skills, artistic skills, and creative thinking. In this playschool there will be strong character development programme skills which will help your loved ones to learn personal skills and also learning good habits.

  • Program & Admission Details

  • Morning Pre-School

    This program is from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm for Toddlers – below 2 years, for Nursery – below 3 years old, and for Kinder – below 4 years old. The admission is open for the year 2013-14 and the session starts on 1st September of each year. [Program includes indoor and outdoor games, story telling, block games, sand games, swimming, art, singing and snack time].

    Afternoon Pre-School

    This program is from 1 pm to 4.00 pm for Toddlers – below 2 years, for Nursery – below 3 years old, and for Kinder – below 4 years old. The admission is open for the year 2013-14 and the session starts on 1st September of each year. [Program includes creative writing, numbers, mathematics – counting, story telling, rhymes, music, computer games, reading books, story session, playing with toys, good bye speech].

  • Infrastructure and Facilities

  • Some of the good facilities in Rumi Kids include smart classes, library, dance room, art room, good transport facility, activity room, blocks, toy room, class rooms equipped with AC, spacious play ground, sandy play.

  • Faculty

  • The faculty of Rumi Kids includes professional and well trained teachers, having good experience in training and given valuable ideas to your loved ones. Faculties include teaching supervisors, assistant teachers, support supervisors, and helpers.

  • Contact Details

  • Rumi Kids International Pre-School
    Plot No 83, Sector 12-A,
    Dwarka, Near Bal Bharti School,
    New Delhi - 110075,
    Tel: 9717726796


    The Magic Years

    The Magic Years is one of the best Montessori schools which is termed as "Montessori House of Children" and was established in the year 1985 by The Magic Years Educational Society. In this play school, there are more than 200 children from different countries. In this Magic Years, every child learns to talk, develop many skills, memory gain, and knowledge and helps in laying the foundation of personal skills. All together brings to magical moments of your loved ones in this "Magic Years" of playschool. This school has a 5 days week from Monday to Friday – 8.30 am – 12.30 pm. This school provides the midmorning snack, which is very comfortable to every parents to pack the breakfast in the morning, as the school charge a nominal fee of Rs 250 per month for this task. One of the best facilities of this school is that every child's are free to wear any clothes which they can take off easily.

  • Prospectus

  • The magic years playschool brings good environment of development activities which mainly comprises of regular exercise, introducing other children's, sneezing, how to greet, independent skills, personal skills, environmental skills. It also consists of sensorial activity which mainly helps your loved ones to become sensitive towards colors, shapes, sounds and temperature. This playschool helps in introducing language skills to your loves ones through stories, rhymes and songs which are taught to every child. Every child learns new word and enriches their vocabulary. Furthermore, language materials are introduced for all the children's and help to enhance spoken languages. In this playschool each and every child is given a task for counting numbers, blocks in order to enhance arithmetic skills.

  • Program & Admission Details

  • There are three groups of programme in the sector of admission of your loved ones in "The Magic Years"

    Infancy Programme – 18 months

    This programme is for pre-toddler and age group from 18 months – 2 years as on 1st April, and this programme is of two days a week. From 9.00 am to 11.00 am during summer, and from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon during winter - Tuesday and Thursday.

    Infancy Programme – 2 years

    This programme is for toddler and age group from 2 years – 2.5 years as on 1st April, and this programme is of three days a week. From 9.00 am to 11.30 am during summer, and from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon during winter – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

    Pre-School – 2.5 years

    This programme is for age group from 2.5 years as on 1st April, and this programme is of five days a week. From 8.30 am to 12.30 am during summer, and from 9.00 am to 1.30 pm during winter – Monday to Friday.

  • Infrastructure and Facilities

  • Some of the facilities in "The Magic Years" constitute spacious playground, library, computer lab, toys room, swimming pool, snack room, etc.

  • Faculty

  • The faculty of The Magic Years playschool includes good teaching staff having many years of experience in teaching field.

  • Contact Details

  • 'The Magic Years' Montessori preschool,
    Street E-3, Vasant Vihar,
    New Delhi - 110057
    TEL NO : 26140317



    I tried my best to bring major list of Nursery / Play Schools for toddlers in Delhi including the details of admission and prospectus. It is best for each and every parent to get admission for their loved ones before the closing date as mentioned in the above article. Every child's would love to share their feeling wholeheartedly with other children's and learn many skills which is very essential for the growth of each child. Every child learns self-confidence and good habits and also personal development skills. Every parent are so happy that they get an opportunity to admit their loved ones in such a beautiful place called "Playschool" to gain good skills and creativity.

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    Guest Author: abhilash17 Jun 2016

    It is a nice informative article. Playschools should serve the purpose of exploring, learning, having fun and happiness and making enriching relationships. As you said Schools should have a beautiful and playful environment for the kids and all the above conditions but other things also come of importance. One of such is end-to-end activity based curriculum which helps all round student's development beyond the books and taking care of their attributes to academic needs with personalize attention is needed and is a must.
    So,the best Playschool is needed for the overall development of a child.

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