Best tips to store gold and silver jewelry

Once you make wise decision for a good investments on the purchase of gold and silver jewelry, you need to think of how to store these valuable metals in the best possible way to safeguarding it from burglary and to retain its glitter for a longer period. In this article you will find the best tips to store your gold and silver articles.


Gold is considered as one of the best methods of financial investments which can be saved and stored for a very long period of time. In addition to this, the value of gold always appreciates unlike the other investments like shares which are highly volatile in the market and keeps fluctuating depending on the then situation of the market. Keeping in view the advantages of investing on gold and silver, it is always a good option to make a purchase of gold and silver articles when the price of these precious metals is down in the market.

Besides a wise investment, gold jewelry is compulsorily adorned by the Indian women during religious and social functions so also silver articles are compulsorily used by the Indians in social and religious functions. On the whole, gold and silver items form an integral part of Indian social and religious functions. Mostly Indian families make good investments on heavy purchase of bridal jewelry which is compulsory for the Indian brides and in fact these heavy jewelry is used very rarely by the women during special occasions only.

As these heavy gold and silver articles are used very rarely and are very valuable items, you need to think of various options for safeguarding and storing these precious articles in a proper way. When it comes to storage of this valuable metal at home, you need to keep in mind about its safety from external thefts which might take your peace of mind. However your safety in storing these valuables at home should be of topmost concern. Making a wise decision while storing these valuable metals is quite important.

Tips to store your gold and silver articles

There are various points to keep in mind when you intend to store these valuables at home. You need to keep in mind investing on this valuable metal is good only when you are fully confident with its security and under the benefits and ways of home storage.

In fact the most treasured pieces of jewelry are stored for more time than they are worn or used. This is why the jewelry has to be stored in the best possible way so that these will have a longer lifespan. In addition, the gold and silver jewelry need extra care and attention while storing so as to retain the beautiful grand look of these items. Particularly there are few gold jewelry that are contain precious stones like pearls and other gemstones which need extra care at the time of storing these. Here are few tips for storing some of the gold jewelry that contain precious gemstones:
  1. The first thing to keep in mind is that you should not keep informing every one about this pride possession of yours. Instead you have to limit the number of people who know about these investments of yours keeping the safety / security point in view.

  2. Once you invest your money on heavy purchase of gold and silver jewelry, the best option for a safe storage of these valuable metals is opening a safety locker in one of the nationalized banks in and keep all the heavy valuable items in the bank lockers. It is suggestible to have lockers in nationalized banks only instead of the small private banks which are comparatively less reliable.

  3. While keeping the valuable jewelry in bank lockers, keep only the heavy jewelry / articles in the locker which you use rarely in functions. Rest of the small gold / silver articles can be stored at home.

  4. Keeping the safety of your house, you can even go for safety lockers at home. Most of these are strong enough and are available in the market. Presently, there are even electronically operated home safety lockers available which are safe to store the valuables at home.

  5. Besides these home safety lockers, you can even have some in-house hiding spots specially designed for this purpose. Like you have have an underground safety place for one of the shelves in your house which is kept in secrecy and you can easily store all your valuables items in these secret in-house hiding places.

  6. Once you are done with the safe storing of your gold and silver jewelry, you should now start thinking of storing these in the right way. The most important thing to keep in mind while storing these valuable items is that keep the jewelry items in tact in the same box / boxes which you get from the jewelers shop at the time of purchasing the items. As these boxes are specially designed for the purpose, storing gold jewelry in the same boxes would be helpful in retaining the original luster of the metal. Particularly jewelry items like chains or necklaces should be stored in the same box as these would be helpful in avoiding any kind of twists or tangles. So, never discard these boxes and keep even the boxes of small items like earrings, finger rings etc to ensure a longer lifespan and to retain the natural shine of these items.

  7. Some poeple don't like to keep the boxes given at the time of purchase, in such a case instead of leaving them open or wrapping them in a piece of cloth or paper and securing these in polythene bags or even small pouches is not at all good. Instead there is a good range of jewelry boxes available in the market. You can choose the boxes as per your liking and use the jewelry boxes for storing the gold items. You can go for a compact box with a number of cases which accommodates most of the gold items or you can even go for box meant for storing single item. Whatever be the case, you should store these in the boxes meant for the purpose only and never to leave these in polythene bags or cotton pouches which will reduce the shelf life of these valuables.

  8. There are even many of the gold jewelry that are made of precious gemstones that are very delicate to handle. Such jewelry need to be handled very carefully and stored in the proper way. The best option to store such stone studded jewelry is keep each one in a separate box instead of storing these along with the other gold jewelry. By doing so it will avoid unnecessary scratches or dents on these precious items.

  9. In case you are having a good collection of gold and silver jewelry which includes stone studded gold jewelry as well then the best way of storing these items is to get a well-crafted jewelry box which has a number of compartments where in you can properly place each piece of jewelry in separate compartments. In such boxes there will even a provision for separate area as well where you can hang chains and this will avoid the chains from tangling and twists. The best practice for storing gold jewelry studded with gemstones is to keep these separate from the other gold jewelry to avoid scratches and dents. If possible store each piece of stone studded jewelry separately in the box to avoid unnecessary touching of one piece with the other.

  10. For some small gold articles, these are given by wrapping in pink paper tissues by the jewelry shops. When you store the gold items by wrapping in these pink tissues it will be helpful in retaining the natural glitter of the precious metal and thus gives it a longer shelf life.

  11. Similarly for storing gold items that contain pearls in them, you need to understand that these should not be stored along with other gold jewelry. But these need to be stored in separate soft silky pouches to avoid unnecessary scratches on the delicate pearls. So also do not expose the precious pearls much to the open air or sun to ensure longer life.

  12. Take extra care to store gold necklaces or ear hangings and place these carefully in the boxes only to avoid any twists or tangling.

  13. If the gold jewelry items are not stored properly, these jewels easily get dented or scratched and thus lose their natural glow and also sometimes lose their value as well. And you might not get good return for your investment. Keeping all these in view, you should never store the stone studded gold jewelry items along with other hard metals to avoid dents. Instead keep an exclusive box with a soft velvet inner lining for storing the gold items and thus protect these from any kind of dents and scratches on the gemstones.

  14. You can even store you gold and silver pieces in separate cotton jewelry bags. These bags help in reducing the absorption of moisture from the air and at the same time this allows to breathing space for the gold and silver items.

  15. Remember that when you store gold and silver jewelry at home, besides the proper way of storing even proper way of cleaning / polishing of these articles from time to time is equally important before storing the gold and silver jewelry.

  16. Storing silver in airtight containers which helps in reducing the exposure of the metal to oxygen. This will help in reducing the formation of a coat of oxide on silver and thus helps in retaining the natural luster of the metal. It is a well known fact that when the silver items are exposed to oxygen this will cause the silver items to quickly tarnish by the formation of silver oxide.

  17. There are special cloths available in the market which are used to wiping the silver items which help in absorbing the oxide formed on the silver articles and thus reduces the chances of getting the metal oxidized. Like stone studded gold jewelry, even the silver jewels which are made of precious stones should be stored separately from the ordinary jewelry items to prevent these from unwanted scratches, dents and nicks.

  18. Not only storing the gold and silver jewelry is helpful in providing a longer shelf life to these articles and getting good returns in future for the investments but these items being delicate need to be handle with utmost care. You should avoid rough handling of these jewelry if you want to have a longer lifespan of these articles.

  19. So also you need to be extra careful at the time of wearing the precious jewelry particularly that are made of precious gemstones. In general most of the Indian women who are used to apply facial products like cremes or talcum powder should take necessary steps while adorning the jewelry. Remember that you should wear the gold jewelry once you are fully done with your facial makeup and dress up as well. Avoid wearing the jewelry and then applying the facial make-up or wearing the dress to avoid unnecessary hook ups which finally ends up with a mess of things.

  20. Similarly at the time of removing the jewelry also you need to be extra careful and remove the jewelry first before undressing yourself. Spend some extra time to place these precious jewelry carefully back into their boxes and keep these in secured place.

How to clean gold and silver articles

Remember that cleaning the valuable metals plays an important role in storing these metals. In case you want to store these metals in the right way, then you need to think of the right ways of cleaning these metals.
  1. Do not use harsh liquids for cleaning gold and silver instead use the extract of natural herbal products for cleaning these valuable metals.

  2. Keep a small brush for dry cleaning the accumulated dirt and talcum powder in the notches and on the inner parts of the jewelry.

  3. Once you are done with cleaning the jewels dryly, then to get back the luster, soak the jewels carefully in the extracted juice of rita for few minutes and then brush the gold items carefully in the liquid. This would be really effective in regaining the luster of the precious metal.

  4. In case of silver items you can clean these items dryly using Colgate tooth powder or you can use tooth paste as well for cleaning the silver items which helps in making the silver items shiny once again.

  5. Even mild dish washing liquids like Palmolive liquid would also be good for cleaning silver items.

In this way if you follow some of the important tips of cleaning these previous metals, then you can store these for a longer life span.


As gold and silver articles are one of the best long term investments, it is important to safeguard these valuable metals and store them in the right way to retain the natural glow of these metals and thus get the maximum returns in the form of resale value. However besides storing the precious gold and silver jewelry in the best possible way, it is equally important to take care of your fashion jewelry as well and you should understand how to store your fashion jewelry in the right way.

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