Why do we give to the house of God?

In this article we learn why people give their funds to churches. The benefits they derive from the action. The beneficiaries of those funds apart from the church and how those funds help in enlightening people of the goodness of the Kingdom of God.

Association with God.

It will be noted that people give their money towards projects of their choice. Where your heart is there is your money. Golf lovers will be found to give handsome donations in the development of the game. A football fan might be seen to give donations to his favourite team. Those who are in love with God and his house should also be found to give their resources towards the development of church buildings and other related expenses involving the church.

The house of God represents the alter of God. The symbol of God's presence.

Although God does not live in a house, churches are the symbol of God. Where a church is situated people feel free to worship Him. They believe that their prayers will be more acceptable when taken in these houses of worship. Such churches must be beautifully built so that you don't tend to lower the dignity of God by worshiping in shabby places while your own houses are magnificent. The seats and sound systems must be of the highest quality that you can afford. With a comfortable church, worship becomes fun. The church must always remain to be the house of worship. Luke 19:46

It is a city of refuge where people run in times of trouble.

The church is where people run in times of trouble. When there is turmoil in a country people run to churches for refuge. It is assumed that the tormentors will not go into those churches in search of their victims. In fact whenever anything like that happens, there is a serious outcry from people all over the world condemning such acts. When people are critically sick or psychologically disturbed they run to the church for prayers. In these churches miracles have happened whereby diseases which doctors were unable to treat have been cured just by the act of prayer from the spiritual leaders. At times you can be feeling down but after attending a church service it feels good. The worship and sermons are found to raise people's morale and spirits.

The place of love

The value of the building and its components show how much man values God. It is common to find golden utensils and appliances being used in these churches. Furniture of the highest quality is also used here so that anyone visiting these houses of worship is made aware that the worshippers value God. It would be a great shame to worship in a shabby church while all the while praying that God does good and mighty things for you. Tithing and giving other gifts from your income to the church shows that you really love the God you worship. 1 Chronicles 29:3

Aids in the expansion of the Kingdom of God

The funds given to the church facilitates opening up new churches in hitherto unreached areas. In such cases new souls are saved and added into the Kingdom of God. This money facilitates the movement of missionaries in their quest to penetrate remote areas in search of people still in the dark concerning the good news of salvation. Some of these areas are not served by permanent roads and therefore more powerful four wheel drive vehicles are needed by these preachers. Facilities like water and electricity are lacking and these must be provided somehow to the missionaries in order to make their duties easier. John 18:36

Giving funds for alternative employment.

It is very important that as the missionaries go out to visit people for crusades and other preaching missions, they carry some essentials which would benefit the communities in setting up income generating projects. If as an example the mission is to youthful city population, you could buy a modern car washing system for them so that these people can set up a car wash business in their area of residence. For a farming community the missionaries would do well to carry with them seeds and farm equipment and implements as they visit for a preaching crusade. Arrangements of construction of dams to aid in irrigation would go down well with this farming community. When these people see that you mind so much for their welfare they will even be more interested in the teachings you have brought to them. Mark 8:32

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Author: K Mohan24 Dec 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Donation is the great cause and every human being is bound follow donating either cash or kind to religious work. It is generally believed that those who are working and earning handsome amount, must come forward to party with some money for the welfare of the poor and the community. If a person thinks in selfish way and wont help others can be considered as no man in this world. If all thinks negatively, then no donation can be collected by the Churches or temple for their survival. So parting with some and not huge money must be the motto of every Individual for the sake of good community.

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