How to Optimize Google Adsense Earnings - Useful Tips

It is quite possible that you might be blogging on your personal blogs and Google might also have approved your Blog as an Adsense approved blog. You might still be struggling to know the secret of optimizing earnings through Google ads. If the answer is Yes, this article is designed for you.

Checklist for AdSense Earning Optimization :

Getting approved as an AdSense Publisher in itself is not going to yield any earnings if your blog and website does not find favours with search engines leading to more and more visitors or page views which may or may not lead to ad clicks. All the technocrats on the web call it Search Engine Optimization but I have prepared a list of AdSense Earning Optimization which is clubbing of Search Engine Optimization and AdSense Earning Optimization without unfair practices like motivated ad clicks which may lead to disapproval by Google AdSense.

  • Verify your website or blog URL in webmaster tools.
  • Add your website or blog in Google Analytics.
  • Google Analytics will generate a code like UA-12345678-9.
  • Put up this code in other settings in Blogger Dashboard .This will enable you to track your traffic reports to improve the weak areas.
  • Check the health of the sites and blog URL's for any malware, crawl errors.
  • Submit your site or blog URL for indexing by using the option fetch as Google if you are not familiar with submitting URL indexing yourself.
  • Make a Google+ and Facebook Page with same Title as that of website or blog. Link the Google+ Page with the website or blog for automatic networking of posts on the blog. Add Facebook Badge on your blog or website. Social Networking is the key to Search Engine Optimization.
  • Submit your Blog Posts to popular web directories like Sohoos and Blog Directories like IndiBlogger, BlogDada.
  • Popularize your posts by adding links at Delicious and if your blog is photoblog networking through Pinterest may enhance your search engine rankings. Remain active on the web by responding to comments on your web content.

Google AdSense Optimization :

There is limitation to resources of an individual on a personal blog whereas an AdSense Publisher can add as much as 500 URL for displaying the AdSense ads. Just imagine if you associate your AdSense account with popular AdSense Revenue Sharing Sites like IndiaStudyChannel, Hubpages, IndiaReviewChannel, DotnetSpider, and Techulator or with other trusted bloggers who can write articles relating to technology, review, health and other content which find favours with search engines. While associating your AdSense account you have to keep in mind that Google AdSense Terms and Conditions are not violated in any way. While associating your AdSense with such sites or authorizing other individual blogs or sites to display ads keep it in mind that any violation of AdSense TOS by such sites is likely to result into disapproval of your AdSense account. Major reasons of disapproval are:

  • Duplicate of Copied content. It is unethical on the web to publish the same content that is duplicate or copied content on two sites. Even if a small portion or photo images are found to be copied or duplicated then you are likely to be banned on the web publishing platforms as it is taken as infringement of copyright.
  • Adult or Porn material or content spreading hatred, violence or sex.
  • Motivated clicking on advertisements.
  • TOS of Google AdSense publication.

As per my experience the best option is to publish and write your content on AdSense revenue sharing sites and providing links thereof on:

  • Your Own Blog or Website by adding Title Link to your Blog Title. Keep it in mind that Title on your Blog is relevant to your article on AdSense revenue sharing sites. In the body section of your Blog Post write a brief about the article with available key words in the article.
  • Post or Share Link on Google+, Facebook and other social networks.
  • Submit the Blog Post in Web Directories and Blog Directories.
  • Add the URL's of your articles or profiles in the Add URL on the Google AdSense dashboard.
  • Follow the hyperlink policies of the websites.

If you follow the above tips you will see your web content finding favours with search engines resulting into more page views, more clicks and enhanced earnings. Over a period of time you will develop your own keywords and once you learn the Jugglery of Key Words then nobody can stop you building a spider's web.

Article by Ashok Goyal
Ashok Goyal joined ISC in 2012. He is Leading CIBIL Consultant in India after having retired as Chief Manager from Punjab National Bank, Experienced Blogger and Adsense Publisher.

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Author: Neha25 Feb 2013 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

It is really Useful and practical.

Author: Nipeksha25 Feb 2013 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

The article is easy to understand for a common man. Lengthy articles with hidden messages are difficult to follow. I would like similar articles on Key Words or search engine optimization.

Author: Ashok Goyal25 Feb 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Thanks for the comments and Feedback.

Author: Kapadia J30 May 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

The above article discuss regarding for the Application of the Google Adsense and its optimization. One should know when the blog is considered to be spammer or disqualified. The blog is not approved due to following reasons :-

Check if many affiliated link on one page.
Check if one affiliated link on on page.
Check if someone comment of your post and adding the affiliate link in the post.
Check the post do not contain many affiliated site.

One should know how many affiliated link can be added in post or page section. Is Google checking all your pages and post for your affiliated link due to which your blog is deleted