How to become best student in the school campus

Being best and shine in school is every student's dream. In this article, I explained how a student can become best among their friends. How he can become favorite of their teacher and could become an example to others.

best student of the year

Good in scoring in examination is not enough only in a student life. You also should have the qualities of an ideal student.

There must be a number of students in your class. Some of them must be intelligent and known well to all. Like others, you also must have some special qualities in you. If you still haven't found that specialty, then this is the correct time. Oh! Don't worry if you feel that there is nothing extra-ordinary with you. Almost all the genius once thought same. Now time to add those ultimate qualities that can shine you in the school campus.


Attitude gives you your own identity. Do not misunderstood attitude with ego or aggressive nature. You must have a kind of positive personality and behavior which must be reflected in your work.

Be fearless to challenges. To face them like a tiger. Get excited to learn new things. Even fill with zeal when challenges are difficult. You have your own beliefs and you stand by them anyhow. This is not your blind beliefs. You test your beliefs every time. You have adopted these beliefs after your own experience.


Stay in discipline and active in the classroom. Pay attention to what teachers speak. Do not start chattering in their back. If friends distract you from being attentive, then you can switch your seat. Or ask teacher to change your seat. Better to take seats in the front row.

Discipline doesn't mean that you do not have right to enjoy with friends at school. Of course you have and you must enjoy. You have recess and games period. Have complete fun with your mates at that time.

Some friends may complain you for your rude behavior. They may speak that you are selfish and moving away from them. Don't worry. True friends will never leave you alone. You are not leaving them. You are just doing for what you come to school. Moreover, if you will become good in subjects, you can help your friends in their studies. They will surely appreciate you that time.


Just reading books and completing homework can't make you shine. You are not only who have knowledge. You are not only who complete your work on time. You are not only who stay in discipline. Then, how can you be different than others. The answer is simple. Do not just copy others.

Like other students, you also must have your own perceptions towards different things. Do not hide them. Do not feel that you shouldn't express your views as it may seem stupid. You are not the only one who has questions in mind. There are always many questions arises in a student's mind. Some do not raise them because of that shame and a kind of fear. Raise your hand whenever have any question or doubt. If the teacher asks you to raise questions after finishing the chapters. Then okay, just wrote down every question you have in a notebook and clarify them later.


There must be some of your friends in school or neighbor who are not motivated and stay in stress because of hard syllabus and low marks. What do you say to them. How do you approach when they put their challenges before you.

Always show positivity towards life. Stay full with positive energy all the time and show how important challenges are in our life. They come to make you stronger and they are actually a kind of opportunities to enlighten your character.


How sweetly you talk to others? Do you bully others. Your behaviors reflect on your activities. So, look carefully towards your activities. Are they good enough. Does it look pleasure to others.

If good people talk good in your back. Then, don't worry and just move on. If not, then you have to check.

Helping hands

Show your high morale. And trust me this is something which you feel most happy for than any other thing in life. Do not get depressed if the one you helped disgrace you. You are moving towards a high standard and high humanism. These are the things to distract you.

A help done in greed of return something is actually not help. It is an unsaid agreement which breaks most of the time.

Help your mates, juniors and even those unknown to you. Help doesn't mean that you start writing your friend's assignment. If he is unable to cope with study and homework. Then you can motivate him, inspire him and help him to complete his work.

He has to work himself. By doing his work, you will make him dependent. If tomorrow you wouldn't be with him, he will feel helpless and may loose the work. Make him independent. Boost him with confidence and 'yes I can do it' nature.


"Who do not care time, time doesn't care them." This is an old proverb and justify itself all the time. Put this habit in your nature from the beginning. And it will keep you on top always.


This thing can't be brought to you by books or any other sources. It exists in you and you have to make this duty so strong that it should be reflected in your personality.

Honest and hard-working people respected everywhere. Moreover, success doesn't stay away from them for long.

Take part in extra activities

If any competition or festival activity held in school, do not miss. Take part actively as I said everything in life is an opportunity. You will definitely learn something from there.

Dress well

Is your dress clean and fit? Do you polish your shoes everyday? Always wear clean dress and polished shoes. Your appearance is the first impression. And as wisely said, "First impression is the last impression."

Students with proper dressing style appeared more intelligent and mannered. People around you respect to your look which boost your confidence.

Far away from ego

This is the last but utmost suggestion. If you are intelligent and have all the above qualities, then never ever show arrogant for these qualities. You are good and feel happy for that. But god has given these qualities to serve the society. Thanks to god for your goodness and give your goodness a meaning by helping others.

Share the article with your friends and help them to shine in the campus with you. Don't worry, the universe also has many starts and they shine together.

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Author: Deepshree Sharma25 Feb 2013 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

@ Munender Singh,
Well written! if every student practices these steps, he/she will definitely become an apple of an eye of not only his teachers but also his family and friends.

Please take care of your prepositions.

Author: Umar17 Apr 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

This a great write up by the author and needs appreciation for this great piece of article. Every student wishes to the best in the college or university. If a student follows all that you have unfolded in the article, surely students can bring laurels to their parents.
The qualities like good behavior, helping hand, dressing sense and of course working hard and taking part in extracurricular activities are the foundation stone to get successes in life.
The article is well written and blended with important points that can help a student in future life.

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