Top 5 Present Women Scientists of India

In this article I am going to tribute top 5 present women scientists of India who are doing great work in their respective fields of research and discovery. These women have struggled against many odds and stood boldly against limiting factors but never gave up on their passion for their work. I would like to pay tribute to all of them, including those who are not listed here, in no way their work is less significant.

There have been some great Indian women who have marked their excellence in the field of scientific research from the very early times. Some of these talented ladies who marked their excellence with their research work in the field of science and technology are as follows:

  1. Janaki Ammal Edavaleth Kakkat(1897 - 1984): She was a well known Indian botanist. Her field of scientific research includes cytogenetics and geography.

  2. Bindu A Bambah (born in 1957 at Amritsar, Punjab): She is an Indian theoretical physicist. She was a Scientific research Associate at The Centre for European Nuclear Research, CERN, Geneva. Her published book, "Women in Physical Sciences- From Followers to Leaders", was very much appreciated by critics.

  3. Maharani Chakravorty (born in 1937 at Bhagalpur, Bihar): She is a molecular biologist from India who did intense reasearch in genetic engineering field. Maharani chakravorty was well known for organizing the first laboratory course on 'Recombinant DNA' techniques in Asia and far East in the year 1981.

    She was awarded with 'Y.S Narayan Rao award',and 'J.C. Sengupta memorial award' for her excellent work in the field of molecular biology and genetic engineering.

  4. Anna Mani (1918 - 2001): Anna Mani was a pioneer physicist who did intense work in the field of meteorological instrumentation and solar radiation. She retired as deputy Director General of the Indian Meteorological Department but kept on working till her last breath.

Present top women scientists of India are as follows:

  1. Tessy Thomas (born in 1964 in Kerala):
    Tessy Thomas is a famous ISRO scientist who is popularly tagged as a 'Missile lady' due to her association with the successful launch of Agni series of missiles.
    Who would not know Tessy Thomas after the successful testing of Agni IV missile in 2011? She was also the Project Director for Agni-V missile in Defence Research and Development Organisation, which was successfully launched on 19 April 2012. She is the first woman scientist of India who headed a missile project.
    She was honored with 'Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award' for her outstanding contribution in the field of missile technology in India.
    She is warm-hearted, down-to-earth type of person who takes pride in living her dream with responsibility, she is sure a role model for all of us. She is popularly known as a 'Missile lady' and 'Agni putri'. We salute this lady of power who balances everything with a sweet smile and strong determination.

  2. Usha Barwale Zehr:
    Usha Barwale Zehr, aged 50, works for Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Limited, Jalna. She is one of the most talented researchers in the field of Botany. She produced India's first genetically modifies Bt brinjal. Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company came to limelight in the year 2000 for her major efforts in producing this genetically modified food.
    In the year 2010, Government gave clearance to this genetically modified brinjal but it will take some time before this modified vegetable could be sold commercially. We salute Usha Barwale for her efforts and contribution in the field of Indian botanical research.

  3. Paramjit Khurana:
    Paramjit Khurana, aged 54, works for the Department of Plant Molecular Biology at Delhi University. She takes pride in developing 'All-weather Seeds' with her intense research and experimentation. She is one of the leading ladies in the field of plant genomics. Moved by the plight of farmers who largely depends on weather for their crop production, she developed hybrid variety of special strains of rice, wheat and mulberry. Her seeds are draught resistance and have huge tolerance for heat, stress and ultra violet radiation; normal seeds usually get destroyed due to draught and intense heat of the sun but her new invented strains shows tolerance for these limiting factors. Government has given clearance to her research production and we can expect modified mulberry seeds, developed by her, to hit the commercial market within four years. Her firm belief in her work and a strong determination let her go on with her work irrespective of limited grants. We salute her for her hard work and strong determination.

  4. Mitali Mukerji:
    Mitali Mukerji, aged 43, is another lady of strength. She works for Institute of Genomics and integrative Biology, Delhi. Her work largely deals with personalized medicine. She is well known for the intense research on human genomics and the medicinal implications. According to her thesis, 'The variation in genomes of humans will lead to the identification of triggers for various diseases and its proper management'. She has faced a lot of resistance during her initial days of research but her strong belief in her project let her move on with confidence. We all salute her for her 'don't give up nature'.

  5. Charusita Chakravarty:
    Charusita Chakravarty is a 47 years old enigmatic personality who marked her presence in the field of science and technology. She works in Indian Institute of Technology at Delhi Water World. Her research is based on DNA proteins. Struggling with shortage of research funds, she is still doing her best. She is intensely studying the basis of molecules and how a change in this molecular base affects the behavior DNA proteins. We salute her continuous dedication.


This small tribute is not limited to the above mentioned renewed ladies of strong determination and dedication for their research work but is extended to all those women who never gives up their passion for their work and keeps on marching forward with an internal strength and strong motivation. These women scientists have also shown us that age is no bar to run behind their dreams; most of them have dedicated their entire life for their research work before achieving a big name in their work fields. Most of them struggled with the shortage of resources and biasing attitude of people around them but never once got deviated from their goal.

I would also like to send an appeal to everyone through this article to educate a girl child and let her cherish her dream; who knows she too might become an 'Agni putri' some day or develop a new hybrid seed. Let the celebration of women's day is not limited to a single day but is spread through out the year with our efforts to safeguard the right of equal education to every girl child around us.

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