Network marketing an ultimate way to become women entrepreneurs

Indian women are doing good as entrepreneurs with the advent of network marketing and any women wanted to stand independently for finance this is ultimate way to them. There are many network marketing which has its own merits to attract women and doing good business and glittering.


Entrepreneurship is a word which involves risk, money, innovation and while coming to women entrepreneurship has its own risk along with other risks carried away by men entrepreneurship and hence women are taking this route to become entrepreneur and it has created a good platform to them.

Network marketing also called multilevel marketing, structure marketing, multilevel direct selling and hence it attracts many women. Any women who is capable of inspiring confidence in people and has the ability to motivate others to work with them in fulfilling the economic goals set by her will become a good entrepreneur.

Features in network marketing

Before the advent of network marketing, business mostly done on direct marketing without spending lot of money for retail but network marketers have taken the direct model one step further. That is to say, the ingenious method of marketing, not only they do the sales but also train their chain members who are under them to do sales. Why these marketers chosen mostly the women because they are caretakers and well suited for network marketing.

This concept is wide spread in the world but in India it has taken its shape for a decade. The women entrepreneurs constitute almost 73% in the world and 60& in India which are inclusive of all network marketing companies including amway, oriflamme, modicare, tupperware, avon, conybio etc.

The success of this marketing is mainly based on the strong achievement motivation, torrent of motivation and significant team work from the women entrepreneurs. These led to customer activation in order to help them to enhance their service quality which in turn they deliver the product on time.

Since this is a network and optimistic coordination in team work has made them emotionally attached towards the organisation.

The non governmental organizations have a bigger role in stimulating and nurturing the spirit. With an experience team, it is easy for the companies to introduce new and improved products and market.

Also these companies developing the leadership skills of women, provide opportunities for women who aspire to be leaders and encouraging women to make full use of their abilities and a flexitime concept to be a successful entrepreneur so that they can balance the family and business.

To showcause their skills and improve the skills of other members, the companies are conducting regular meetings with experts and in turn these leader members form a group discussion with other members who are going to become members or new members on the concept of direct selling as well as to keep the chain well. This achievement motivation has improved their self confidence which leads to the improvement in the status of women entrepreneurs.

Some companies even to achieve maximum number of members, they even introduced a scheme of no initial money to become a member and only to start with the product buying for their buffer stock which members may be re stocked in a regular interval.

So the kind of methods and strategies used by these companies make women as entrepreneurs and ultimately bring empowerment to women and which proved that given an opportunity they will blossom.


The saying by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru 'When woman moves forwards, the family moves, nation moves' and to prove the statement now Indian women chose this network marketing which is ideal climate for them to exhibit their talents.

Story telling is a powerful communication tool of women, and hence the leaders use the emotive power of story telling to bring their business messages and engage their audiences in a very real way which is the real success of women entrepreneurs in the network marketing.

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