Travel tips to visit pilgrim places at Sivasagar in Assam

In this article we have discussed the significance of Sivasagr Temple in Assam , How to visit and offer your prayer in holy month of Shavan and during Maha Shivaratri every year. Maha Shivaratri is observed in a grand manner and Hindu saints and pilgrims from accross the world gather in this holy Pilgrim's place in Shivasagar.

About Shivadol

Sivasagar Temple is considered one of the important holy places of Assam that features in the list of pilgrims places in Assam which is enriched with historical importance and value. It is also a favourite tourist spot for the Hindus as the temple and the surrounding area offer a myriad of tourist spots in the form of various temples called 'dol' in local language. Moreover it is also a paragon of secularism since several temples for Hindus, a mosque for Islams, Buddhist monasteries are concentrated in the heart of the town and around the Sivasagar lake. The place is of great historical importance as well as a place that provide unity in diversity a unique aspect of India and Assam.

History of Shiva Temple

Shivasagr previously known as Sibsagar exudes old world charm with its historical monuments scattered accross the town. Every piece of architecture build in the bygone era ruled by Ahom dynasty provides links of history. The Sivasagar tank spread in 318 acres of land(and hence aptly named as Shivasagar, Sea belonged to Lord Shiva) and adjuscent four temples at its bank are architectural marvels to say least. These temples are Shivadol, Joydol, devidol, Bishudol. Dol here means Temple in Assamese language.

Although other temples are still functional and offerings and puja happen regularly Shivadol has become a pilgrim's place of top choice for Hindus, more exactly the Shivabhakt(devotees of Lord Shiva) of India.

The Shivadol or Shiva Temple was built by Bar Raja Ambika, Queen of Ahom king Swargadeo Siba Singha. Shivadol was constructed in the 1734 as cited by History. It is believed to be the tallest Shiva temple in India. The SHivadol stands tall proudly at 104 feet or 32 m height. and the perimeter is 195 ft or 59 meters at the base. A beautiful eight feet high Golden dome known as kalasi adorn the Shiva Temple in Sivasagar.

Maha-Shivaratri Mela in Sivasagar: Each year during the Shivaratri, a huge mela (fair) is organised in the Shivadol. The beautiful town of Shivasagar becomes a mahakumbh of devotees of Lord Shiva for a strecth of three days. One local holiday and two more holidays in the name of Lorrd Shiva turns these three days into a festival wotth waiting for a whole year.

Shivratri Mela happnes in the three days preceding and following Shiva ratri. Devotees throng in the Mandir premise to offer their prayer and Abhisek the holy 'Shivlinga'.

Pilgrims from different places of India gather at this Shiva temple during the auspicious month of Shravan. Shravan is considered an auspicious month for Hindus.

Devotees and pilgrims belive that walking to the Shiva Temple during the month of Shravana pleases Lord Shiva. They carry water and walk miles of road to reach the temple during a hot month of Shravana.

Travel tips for sight seeing at Sivasagar

  • You will get good and very good hotels to stay during your stay in Sivasagar. Hotel Brahmaputra, Hotel Siddhartha, Hotel Skycheff etc are good hotels if you want a comfortable and luxurious stay.

  • You can have lots of budget hotels as well.

  • Give the local food a try. Assamese food is healthy, albeit tasty. Ask your service provider to introduce you to local food. There are lots of roadside dhabas which provide you heavenly Assamese local food.

  • Keep lots of coins and ten Rupee notes handy. Auto and Buses there love to keep the changes if you don't give them changes.

  • Make sure you take a stroll around the Sivasagar lake to get the feel of history. A conjecture of Hindu temples(Shiva Temple along with the others), A Buddhist monastery, a mosque will greet you. Moreover during winter and spring flocks of migratory birds of different reasons makes the lake a divine abode. Don't miss the night view of the Shivsagar lake as well.

Sights to visit near Shivadol in Sivasagar

As I have stated earlier Sivasagar is replete with Historical monuments of different dynasties that reigned Assam, the town is the witness of changing times over the period. Sivasagar previously named as Rangpur(place of joy) was the last capital of reigning Ahom Kingdom before the Britishes had came. Hence huge palaces like Kareng-ghar(King's Palace) at another ancient capital of Ahom Kingdol Gargaon and Talatal Ghar are still occupying places of reverence in the heart of the town. These are must see if one visits to Sivasagar.

More temples like Ranganath dol, Devi dol, Joydol(in memmory of an Ahom Queen Borraja Bhuleswari, made by her son Swargadeo RudraSingha), Joysagar lake(tank), Rudrasagar, Borpatro dol and Vishnu dols are adorning the place.

You have Panidihing Rain forest to see the diversity of flora and fauna there. Winter Panidihing forest is a delight for the nature lover.

How to visit pilgrims places in Sivasagar town

Sivasagar is at a distance of 360 kilometers from Guwahati capital city of Assam. The town is well-connected by bus and train. Nearest Airport is Jorhat Rowriah airport which is almost 60 kilometers away. Once you reach Sivasagar you can hire taxis or any other comfortable vehicles for sight seeing. You will be needing one because all the pligrim places are situated at a distance from each other.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit an Assamese Naamghar(traditional prayer halls of Vaishnovites in Assam) once you reach there. You can also visit Satras(Vaishnovite religios and cultural centers in Assam) that are situated at Majuli(second largest river island of the world too.

Other pilgrim's places adjuscent to Shivadol are Gaurisagar tank and Gauridol a few kilometre away from Sivasagar town. The small moffusil town Gaurisagar like Shivasagr has these amazing architectural glory namely Gauridol( temples of Gauri(Parvati)) and Gaurisagar tank, an amazingly huge articial lake that has given the place its name and beauty as well.

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