Learn some amazing things you can do with Google

Google is not only a Search Engine but a tool to do many exciting things. While there is no alternative to some features and products of Google, the Google Search box itself is a calculator, a weather reporter, a stock reporter, currency and unit converter, clock and calendar and so on (the list continues). Read this article to know some amazing things you can do with Google.

What Google is

Google is famous as a Search Engine the world over. No doubt that it is the best search engine, but there are other things rarely known to internet users about Google. Recently Google launched its social network known as Google+ which is now becoming the world's best Public Social Network. There are other renowned Google Products like YouTube, Gmail, Blogger, AdSense, Calendar, Drive, translate, Google Books, Scholar, Blog Search, Wallet, Shopping, Sites, Play Store etc. But we are not going to focus on these things as they are already well-known. Rather I am going to introduce the various exciting ways to use Google Search which generally people are not aware of. Google Search Box can be used to do calculations (both simple and scientific), identify anything in images, see weather reports, stock reports, maps, definitions, translations to other languages, check plagiarism or content duplication of online articles and blogs, recover a deleted websites contents (using Google cache), perform site-search and even much more. Go ahead to learn all these exciting uses of Google.
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Doing amazing things with a variety of amazing Google products

Make free calls to USA and Canada

Using Google's email service (Gmail), you can make free calls to almost all numbers within the United States and Canada. But you need to be residing within the USA to avail this facility. More details are available about making free calls to telephone and mobile numbers here.

Google URL Shortener

Often we feel irritated by seeing long URLs. Therefore every publisher or blogger focuses on creating short and human friendly URLs. But at the same time it is almost impossible to prevent creating long URLs. For example, if you publicly share your Google Drive documents; you find that they have long and non-human friendly URLs. In this situation a URL shortening service such as Google URL shortener can be used to shorten any URL. You just need to be signed into your Google Account to use Google URL shortener ( http://goo.gl ). Moreover, using Google URL shortener is also benefited from the SEO point of view.

Use Google Drive to save your files online

Google Drive provides free online storage facility for your files upto a total of 15 GBs, but this storage capacity is shared with GMAIL, Photos and other online stuff from Google we use through our Google Account. More storage can be purchased from Google at specified rates. Google Drive can be used to create, edit and save a variety of file types including documents, presentations, workbooks, forms, drawings and much more through the "Managing Apps" link in Settings under the gear icon. Google Forms are an excellent tool to create a variety of forms easily, for example "Contact Me" form which can also be embedded on websites or downloaded to your computer.

Use Blogger to make free Blogs

Blogger is a subsidiary of Google which allows everybody to signup and make blogs (or websites) for free. Blogger is an excellent opportunity for people to make their own free blogs. Blogs are also a sort of website which are mostly managed by individuals as a private opinion sharing point, whereas websites are mostly owned and managed by professional groups or organizations. These blogs can display text, tables, graphics, pictures, videos, pages and we can even add JavaScript to Blogger blogs for increasing their functionality (whereas other platforms like WordPress don't offer this facility). People use blogs nowadays to share their personal knowledge, experiences and ideas for free with the rest of the world. Blogs often are also called a personal diary of events. Like websites, blogs can be searched in Search Engines such as Google and Bing.

Use AdSense to make money from Blogs and Videos uploaded on YouTube

AdSense is the advertising program of Google whereby Google sponsored advertisements are placed on websites, blogs and / or video content owned and uploaded by their publishers through a mutual agreement. Google AdSense is one of the best ways of making money online, because blogs can be used to show AdSense ads and in return get money for genuine visitors who visit these blogs or websites and click on these advertisements. You can also upload original videos to YouTube that are created / captured by yourself and make money through Google AdSense. The following article outlines more about using AdSense for making money online through YouTube.

Do some online shopping through Google

You can also purchase anything including electronics, smartphones, laptops, clothing / garments, beauty products / cosmetics and shoes etc from Google Shopping. You can find reviews of the products you wish to shop at the Google Shopping site, but the final purchase is made from the original seller of the product (Google redirects us to the sellers website when we click to "Buy" a product). The Google Shopping site is;

Preview or Purchase books online

Portions of Copyrighted books can be previewed online at Google Books, helping you decide whether purchasing a book might be of any benefit to you. So you can read some of the contents available online for a preview and chose to purchase the book or do otherwise. Books can be previewed and purchased at;

Using Google Search tool to do various amazing things

Performing a site-search

If you want to search for any phrase or sentence in a particular site, you can do so easily by performing a site-search on Google. This way you don't have the trouble to visit the site and manually find what you are looking for in that particular site. For example if I do not remember the URL of this particular article published at India Study Channel, I can search this article's URL from Google just by performing a site-search. All I have to do is type the query "Learn amazing things you can do with Google site:indiastudychannel" in Google and press enter.

A site search at Google is particularly useful in finding or locating content on a site where a search box is not provided on the site itself.
Perform a site search on Google
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Check content duplication and plagiarism

If you are a publisher of online content, you would probably be careful about monitoring your content to prevent it from theft or being copied to other sites. This is because if your content is copied to other sites, you might lose traffic from Google. Therefore you as a publisher are always in need of resources to check and counter theft of your content. Google provides an exciting and a free opportunity for doing this task. If you want to search for particular phrases (of your articles or general sentences you might be interested in, for example quotes), you just need to enclose your phrase or sentence within inverted commas and search it on Google.

For example, type or copy paste "Learn amazing things you can do with Google" within inverted commas as shown here into the Google Search box and press enter. When you do so, Google searches and displays all websites as a list of search results where this sentence or phrase is located. So this tool can be used to check and counter plagiarism very easily and free of cost. You can also use Google Alerts to monitor and get alerts about content copied from your sites. Google Alerts can be created at http://www.google.com/alerts

But if you want to check an entire website whether it has been copied or is copied from somewhere else, you can use copyscape.com.
Search a phrase on the internet
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  • Search for research papers or scholarly articles:

    Google Scholar is a great place to find research works by others from any discipline. This research work can be anything like an article, books, theses, abstract or court opinion etc. Moreover, as literature review is the prime step to go ahead with any research; Google Scholar can be an exciting tool to perform the literature review part of our research. Google Scholar can be accessed at http://scholar.google.com/.

  • Search for a particular word or phrase in the title:

    If you want to return search results with a particular word (e.g. amazing) in the title, you can write intitle:amazing in search box to search for all content that has the word "amazing" in its title.

  • Include related words in a search:

    Using the symbol '~' we can search for many related words of the word we type into Google Search. For example, typing ~colleges in Pakistan will also search related words for the word "colleges" which can be schools, institutions, academies and universities etc.

  • Search anything (website, book) that has been updated within a particular time range:

    If you want to search within a particular time range, for example all search results for your query between 2010 and 2014, you can use '..' (two dots) within the time range. For example searching for "climate change updates 2010..2014" will display all relevant search results with updates within the time range of 2010 to 2014.

  • Search for a particular file type:

    You can include the file type with the search query to search only that type of file in the search result. For example, if you want to search PDF files only, the term filetype:pdf should be used. Similarly Word documents can be searched by typing filetype:doc along with the search query.

Performing a calculation

Simply type in your numerical query and Google will calculate it for you. For example to get the result for the division 48/4, just type it in Google and press enter, and there will be the result on your screen. Performing a scientific calculation is also very easy. For example, if I want to know the result for "tan 30", I will type "tan (30)" in Google and press enter. Once you perform a calculation, a calculator is displayed beneath the Google search bo, which can easily be used to do any type of calculations.
Perform a calculation with google
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See weather reports and maps

To see the weather report of any area at that particular time, just type "weather" preceding the name of the area for which you want the weather report. For example to see the weather in New Delhi, type "weather New Delhi". Similarly to see the map of New Delhi type "New Delhi map" in Google and press enter, you can see the map below the Google search box.
See weather reports on Google
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See the current time in any particular city or area

To see the time in any particular city just type time preceded by the name of that area of city. For example to see the current time in London, type "time London" in Google, and you will be shown exactly the current time in London. Similarly you can also see the sun-rise or sun-set time for a particular area or city by typing "sunrise Dhaka" or "sunset Islamabad".
See the time on Google
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See the definition of any word

You don't even need the dictionary when you have access to Google. Type any word the meaning of which you want to know preceded with "definition", and Google will let you know its definition. For example to know the definition of "abandon", type "abandon definition" in Google and press enter.
See the definition of any word with Google
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Perform a Unit Conversion

If you want to convert any unit to another, you can do it easily with Google. For example to convert 100 cm into meters, I would type "100 cm in meters" without these inverted commas in Google and press enter. Similarly to convert 40kg into pounds, I would type "40 kg in pounds" without inverted commas and Google it. And to convert 60 km per hour into meters per second, I would have to type "60 km/h to mp/s".
Perform a Unit Conversion onlineA snapshot taken by the Author

Perform a currency conversion

If you want to perform a currency conversion or simply want to know the present currency conversion rates for any two currencies, just type the abbreviations of those currencies in the following manner:

To see the currency conversion rate from Indian Rupee to US Dollars, just type "INR to USD" in Google and press enter. Google will show the present currency conversion rate in boxes with values which can be manipulated to see the corresponding amount of the other currency. Similarly to see the currency conversion rate of Pakistani Rupee to US Dollar, just type "PKR to USD" and press enter, that's it.
Perform a currency conversion online
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See the performance of any stock

You can see the performance of any stock just by typing the query sock:(stock name). For example, to see the performance of Microsoft stocks, type stock:msft and press enter.
See the Performance of any stock
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Translate any word to any language

Google not only translates to any language, but also shows the translation in the script of that particular language too. For example, if I want to translate the English word "hungry" to Hindi language, I just have to type the query "hungry translate to Hindi" in Google and press enter. The translation in Hindi script (style of writing) will be shown below the Google Search Box.
Translate to any language with Google
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Author: Pravat Kumar Das01 Sep 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

I had no idea that Google it self has a calculation device.
And also I had no idea about the direct conversion from Google as I was searching for a conversion web site through Google and then I was converting the weights.
But from now on I got the simple trick through which I can save my time.

Author: Naveed Ahmed02 Sep 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Pravat Kumar,
Google is really exciting to use and learn about. For now, having read this article you might have known all the exciting ways of using Google. We can use Google for doing these various kinds of exciting tasks and save much time and resources of ours to be spent on other useful areas.

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