Live Longer Goals after Retirement - Responsibilities of Senior Citizens

No doubt as senior citizens you need to be treated like V.I.P., the Very Important Person by the society but as a senior citizen have you ever realized that you can be V.I.P., Very Important Problem also for the society. The old age is your biggest problem. This article explains about Live Longer goals for the senior citizens.

Introduction – Live Longer goals for the society

If you are reading this article then you are alive, not alive but young also, irrespective of your age and sex. You can be 25 yrs., 40 yrs., 50 yrs., 60 yrs., 75 yrs. and even 99 yrs. and hold your breath, you are still young and you have to travel a long journey of your life. In terms of longevity no age is defined for senior citizens. For the 75 yrs. old individual the person in the 99th year of his/her life may be senior citizen and he/she may feel young while talking about the individual ready to complete his/her century.

You are not only a V.I.P., Very Important Person for the society but can also be a V.I.P., a Very Important Problem for the society. The old age is your biggest problem and it is You and only You, who can solve this problem as you are very intelligent, experienced and you have the ability to work as a wiser guide for the society with your matured way of thinking and you have the competence to reorganize the society with your wisdom to achieve any one of the goals below as you might be one, who knows the best, connected with the activities to achieve the goal, which could not be achieved during your active life.

Preventive Wellness, Health Protection and Medical Services

This goal is for the general practitioners, medical specialists, medical research scientists, physic-therapists, surgeons, ENT specialists, dieticians, nutrition specialists, natural therapists, organic farming specialists for natural soil nutrition, yoga specialists, sportsmen, women and celebrities – who maintained their health, looks and physique to look younger always. Health protection starts with the correction of soil so that everything grows naturally without the use of chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides similarly as majority of children are born naturally by following Mother's Guide to Antenatal Care without any aid of infertility clinics.

Such old age V.I.P.s owes collective social responsibility to guide the national younger generation in their efforts to achieve the underachieved goals in their sphere of their working. I am sure that their honorary contribution will be acknowledged by the society with more respect and dignity than during their active working life. Government needs to facilitate such Senior Citizen Centres in all villages, towns, and cities, urban or metro centres with all infrastructure and resources so that the feedback provided by the contributors travels towards the policy makers. Such feedback may be commented by the new generation of senior citizen like working on a project so that the ideas do not get dumped in the dust bin. This can be a hidden treasurer of real wealth for the Society and Nation on the move.

Legislative, Constitutional and Legal Goals

The older statesman. Legislators, lawyers, political leaders who have retired from active politics, economists, sociologist and other members of professionals can do a wonderful job on the basis of their expertise and give a direction to rejuvenate the society. Such persons, who had been associated with social security programmes and have many years of practical experience of "Getting things done", can suggest better methods for retirement planning, old age benefits and I am sure that the solutions provided by these visionaries will be realistic and not just crackpots. Social Protection through legislative, constitutional and legal amendments is utmost necessary as it has been observed in all the developed countries that the citizens have unusual longevity through social protection alone. My aim is to start a new era of "Let youngsters realize their dreams through the experience of elders". Can you tell me how many of you consider yourself to be wise enough to guide the society and nation to rebuild itself? I think the answer in affirmative will be 100% and then where is the problem to start with. The government needs to channelize and reorganize the big army of self-less senior citizens passing their valuable time just either by gossiping or playing cards as I see in the Senior Citizens Home. Why don't we allow them to play their constructive role in the society as on the one side I can see degeneration of services and administration due to unavailability of skilled manpower? Doesn't the business class community put their grandparents as their icon in their flourishing business without any work and just for their guidance? Why the retirees from public offices, private institutions can then can be asked to shoulder their part of responsibility, if they are willing to do so, so as to command respect in the society as a contributor and not to live like useless burden on the society.

Jobs placements

I think special job opportunities be initiated and every town and city must have placement bureaus and HR consultants displaying the signboard on their doors "No One under Fifty Need Apply". Such placement cells need to be staffed by well-seasoned people out of the seasoned class discussed above as the recruits may be ready to work for non-profit public welfare societies. I am sure that such Job Placement Cells on honorary basis will be able to recruit the needy and willing personnel on the jobs meant for matured people with an aim to train the younger generations.

Volunteers, Training Schools, Workshops and Education of Retirees

Volunteer workers, the greatest unused national resources, must come from among Senior citizens (in advanced countries nobody likes to be called a senior citizen till the age of 80) want to go to school, to learn new subjects so as keep themselves updated. Government can channelize such willing contributors, with slightest recognition, to get involved in the shaping of Nation's future. They can take care of physically handicapped citizens like polio affected, people with hearing loss or vision impaired as giving money or shedding tears cannot change their lives rather centres need to be opened in every corner to teach them the ways and means to live with their handicap. I have found that many physically challenged citizens have contributed to the society much more than the society did for them. It is my utmost desire that every citizen in My India – India of My dreams must fall in love with his/her life and should never feel like that he/she is a burden on the society.

Article by Ashok Goyal
Ashok Goyal joined ISC in 2012. He is Leading CIBIL Consultant in India after having retired as Chief Manager from Punjab National Bank, Experienced Blogger and Adsense Publisher.

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Supplementary Article by the same Author

Senior Citizens can also guide and help in management of Social Services in their geographical location. For example:

Donor Service - Eyes and Blood Donation

1. Motivating the local residents to donate their eyes after death by creating awareness. Help them in registering processes for eye donation. Informing the eye collection centers swiftly immediately on receipt of information of death in locality as per local data base to be managed locally.

2. Creating awareness among the society for Blood Donation and help in management of data base of healthy blood donors along with their Blood Group and contact numbers so that in case of local emergencies such blood donors can be contacted at ease.

Hygiene and Local Cleanliness Drive

Senior Citizens can be utilized to manage the hygiene and cleanliness drives by providing them a Toll Free Help Line Number for their locality where the local residents can inform about the heaps of garbage, street lights in bad working conditions, stray cattle etc. The local senior citizens can manage such helplines for their localities easily. Government has to provide just Toll Free Help Line number to be installed at the residence of such volunteers. The information so collected can be passed on to the Gram Panchayats and Municipal Committees or Corporations with follow up action.

Be a VIP, Very Important Person and not a mere VIP, Very Important Problem.

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The present retirement age of 60 years in the Government and Public Sector is too early. In Universities and higher judicial services, it is slightly more as 62/65 years but there is no retirement age for ministers etc. who work as the chief executive of their department. In India, it has been left to the individual concerned to find some avenue to lead a productive life even after retirement.

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Senior Citizens can also guide and help in providing solutions to the problems faced by public in remote areas.

Free Digi Locker services by Government of India

1. To avail the Digi Locker one needs to have Aadhaar Card linked to an active mobile number.
2. Creating awareness among the society for linking their mobile number and email ID with Aadhaar Card, as many services are denied without linking of Aadhaar with mobile number.

Birth, Death and Marriage Registrations

Senior Citizens can be utilized to guide the public about the importance of error free and timely registration births, deaths and marriage registrations. In rural areas there is delay in registrations making it complicated process thereafter.

Pass Port and Visa Services

India has large manpower and most of the manpower is skilled or semi skilled. The senior citizens can guide the younger generation and help them in procuring PassPorts and Visas so that more and more persons from India make their livelihood from abroad to send foreign remittances and earn foreign exchange for India.

To make all such services I have opened a Samadhan Kender at my home town and about 34 services have been launched. I am trying my level best to open such Samadhan Kender on PAN India basis and to start with, 56 locations have been selected.