Tips on how to become famous among your friends and family

In this article, I will explain you how to behave nicely with your friends and family. This article also contains useful tips for you which will help you to gain self respect within your inmates. One should behave polite and speak sweet with his close ones for maintaining a easy going and nice relationship.


In this era of technology to laugh and to live feel free is almost impossible due to stress and tension by work pressure and personal issues in our daily life, but still in this deep tension and stress if you manage to bring a small and sweet smile on your face then it is healthy for your mind and the people whom you meet daily. You should behave politely with your friends, relatives, colleagues and life partner as it reflects your manners and morals in life, this kind of polite behavior will also help you to gain fame and recognition among the your near ones. If you really want to behave nice with others and want to have respect for you from your close ones and also to maintain sweet relationship with them, then by making few changes in your daily behavior you can easily attain this all, so for becoming good and known among your friends and society you are just needed to follow few easy tips which are mentioned below:

Say no to jealousy

First of all you are needed to eradicate the excessive feel of jealousy and anger from your friends and inmates whenever you find them successful and doing well in their lives. The approach of jealousy is really a bad and negative quality of yours which should not be observed, it also tampers your success in professional and personal life as well as destroys positive qualities from you.

Friend in need is friend indeed

Always be ready to help your friends and close ones as per your abilities and your help should be a self less one without any self interest of yours. Whenever you help out anybody from any trouble then it makes a respectable position of yours in the mind of that needy person. So, helping nature should be practiced for creating a feel of joy in inner soul and compassion within you.

Forgiveness is great donation

Although it is a tougher task but you should learn to forgive people whenever they commit mistakes. Forgiveness is not a coward's act or a sign of inability in fact it is the reflection of yours which shows the good approach of steadiness and patience within you. People always seek for any chance or possibility to take revenge from you for your past mistake, so you should always be careful and be a good forgiver in your daily life. Whenever you forgive your friend, colleague, family member or even a stranger on their mistakes you will definitely feel light and compassionate, it will also increase your prestige among your inmates.

Always speak sweet and polite

It is obvious that speaking sweet and polite creates a good impression of yours even on strangers and known people, but if you are very harsh and rude in your words then it will create distance and bitterness among the relationships with close ones. Hence, always be careful whenever you speak to anybody you should be polite, humble and sweet in your words.

Share your happiness

Sharing your happiness and laughter is the best way of attaining a respectable and friendly position with your inmates, so always try to smile even in serious issues and problems. You should also try to share your happy moments like birthdays, anniversary or any success with your friends so that they also join with you and you feel good.

Change is law of nature

It has been observed that majority of people do not like changing themselves even in their attitude or behavior, but change is law of nature and people do change as per the situations they face in their life. You should always be practical to welcome any change in your life if it is good, healthy and productive to you. By behaving good and nice it will give you a boast and change of mind and soul, also it will increase the number of people who likes you and of course you will enjoy your life with flying colors.

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Author: K Mohan05 Jul 2013 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

This is the very good article and I am really impressed by the content of it. But what I feel that one must excel and be one step of others to hog the limelight in the family and friends. There are people who wants to help others in need. I think we should not forget to attend those people who are in hospital with long treatment. Spend some time with the patient, he feels happy and gets very close to you. Like wise you need not go to parties and functions, but do attend funerals of near and dear ones including friends and known persons, that is more important and that gives instant recognition in society.

Author: Devdas Nayak07 Jul 2013 Member Level: Silver   Points : 3

Let me post the five important steps to be famous among your family and friends
1. Be patient
2. Be a good listener
3. Be friendly with every one, including the one who hates you
4. Accept one's decisions
5. Accept your drawbacks and if possible try to correct it..
According to me these are the one's which i followed and i insist the same to you ...

Author: Jagdish Patro26 Jan 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

This is a very good article on one of the elements of personality development. Our behaviour and interpersonal relationship makes us more friends. Friends and relatives can be brought together with our kind gesture and cordial relations so that they reciprocate in the same way. A pleasant smile, warm welcome and a homely talk make your surroundings more pleasant and happier one. Further,, once a while visiting our friends and inviting them at regular intervals make the bondage stronger. There should be no place for superiority complex and jealousy which would make you prominent in your circle.

Author: Swati Sharma11 Aug 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

A short but nice article by the author with tips to help people make themselves acceptable among their friend's circle.

A helping hand is always preferred by friends, so help them as much as you can. Don't criticize them at their back. Say whatever you feel about them but directly or in their presence. Be original in front of your friends, don't be fake. Don't tell anyone about your friend's secrets.

Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan11 Aug 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

This is a very nice article written by the author about what kind of personality we should have. Nowadays people are becoming rude and jealous day by day. In such a situation, it is necessary to follow the above tips. A good personality is part of our life. It can't be developed within one day. Our life would be better with a rich personality. Family, friends and relatives play an important role in personality development. Since from childhood you should learn about sharing nature. You should always be welcome to family and friends. Always be genuine in front of family and friends. Don't try to cheat close relatives and friends. People always keep in mind your good deeds. One thing is sure that as you do, so you get.

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