How to obtain Tourist Visa to India by foreign nationals?

If you are planning to visit India as a tourist then you need to know the Visa requirements and procedures to obtain a valid tourist visa along with best tourist destinations all over India so that tourists may not face any problems and their stay in India becomes a memorable part of their life. This article provides detailed procedures and the links to tourist guides while planning journey to incredible India…

Visa Requirements for foreign nationals

As a foreign national, visiting India as a tourist, you can easily get a tourist visa for the duration of your stay not exceeding 6 months. This excludes the transit period not exceeding 15 days. All you need to do is to provide concrete proof that you will be travelling onward to some destination which is outside India. If you are not a national of Nepal, Bhutan or the Maldives, as a foreign tourist, it is mandatory to have the following documents (requirements may vary and be country specific), while travelling to India:
  • Valid Original Passport issued by their country valid for at least 6 months accompanied with non-refundable Visa fee, which subject to change without any notice.
  • Valid Visa issued by the Consular Passport and Visa division of the Ministry of External Affairs. All the Indian missions abroad provide this facility. Note: Issuance of Visa does not necessarily confer any right of entry to India and can be subjected to the sole discretion of the Immigration Authorities.
  • Two passport size photographs.
  • Visa Application form, which can be had from the office of Indian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate in country where the applicant is residing or from where the tourists wants to depart for India, complete in all respects, along with supporting documents. Different Visa forms are prescribed for the nationals of Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  • Applicants, including children need to apply separately for Visa.
  • Proof of having sound financial worth by way of production of return ticket and proof of having sufficient funds to spend in India.

  • Exceptions explained for Tourist Visa to India

    No Visa is required to be produced by the nationals of Nepal and Bhutan to enter India whereas Maldives' nationals are also exempted from having visa for entering in India for a maximum period of 90 days.

    How to apply for Tourist Visa to India

    To obtain tourist visa foreign tourists can approach either in person or by post at Indian Embassy/ High Commission/ Consulate in the country from where the tourist wants to depart for India or country of his/her residence. Tourists can contact the nearest Indian mission for further details or clarifications.

    Special Scheme for Tourist Visa on arrival Scheme

    Non extendable and non convertible scheme is announced by Government of India for foreign tourists of specific 11 countries and the scheme is known as "Tourist Visa on Arrival". The facility is available at designated international airports of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Calcutta for citizens of 11 countries, as per scheme, strictly for the purpose of tourism for a maximum period of up to 30 days and that too valid for single entry in India with restriction on maximum two visits in a calendar year and a gap of at least two months between each visit. These eleven countries include Cambodia, Finland, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Luxembourg, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam subject to fulfilling of all other criteria for grant of normal tourist visa to India.

    The scheme is not applicable to the citizens of the above countries who were or whose parents/grand parents including paternal and maternal were born in, and were permanently resident in Pakistan. The scheme is also not applicable to persons holding Diplomatic/ Official passports, persons who is a resident of India and/or works in India, persons declared persona non grata by GOI and not included in the black list or any warning circular or other restrictive list.

    Fee for Tourist Visa on Arrival in India

    Currently fees, which is subject to change without notice, for visa on arrival is 60$ (Sixty United States Dollars) or equivalent amount in Indian Rupees, per passenger, and is also payable even in respect of children irrespective of their age.

    Know more about Indian Visa

    In addition to Tourist Visa the foreign nationals can also have different types of Indian Visas like Business Visa, Student Visa, Transit Visa, Conference Visa, Medical Visa to patient and attendant and Tourist Visa on Arrival as discussed above for select 11 countries. The applicant can apply for any type of Indian Visa online at: The secured online link will open either in Google Chrome or IE 8.0 asking the applicant to install Security Certificate as per instructions available on the website at above address as no hyperlink is allowed to the online applying website by Government of India. The applicants should also read all instruction such as size of photo to be uploaded (JPEG 10KB to 300 KB), printer setup (Inkjet or Laser) to print the hard copy for onward submission to the concerned Indian Mission along with documents. The applicants have the choice to schedule the appointment as per his/ her convenience with the concerned Indian Mission.


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    Author: Kapadia J18 Mar 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

    The tourist visa contain mentioned covers all point that required for any tourist who want to visit India.

    The Foreign nationals can make free assessment for successful Indian tourist visa. This visas is also known as travel visa, visit visa or visitor visa. This Visa is contracted to an individual or group of more than four people are travelling together

    The collective tourist visa is also available.

    Author: J.B.Gupta27 Apr 2014 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 4

    My friend from Singapore is visiting India on Tourist Visa on Arrival. Is there any restriction on visiting or staying with an Indian friend. I want my foreign friend to stay with me for a day or two. Are there any legal requirements to allow stay in such cases when friends visit India on Tourist Visa on Arrival. In case during the maximum stay period the friend is not in a position to travel back to his or her motherland due to ill health or other reasons, can such tourist visa on arrival be extended further. I will be watching ISC for the quick answers.

    Author: Ashok Goyal28 Apr 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

    @J.B.Gupta, No, I do not think there is any restriction on visiting of staying with an Indian fiend so far the visitor has valid VISA. There is no prior legal requirement for staying of foreign friend with you but if the visitor friend indulges into illegal activities, while staying with you then you could land yourself into problem. As such we should not allow strangers befriended by us through social networks like facebook as we never know their antecedents. In case of exigencies when your friend can't travel back then he or she should contact the concerned authorities in India through their own embassy in India or online at