Book review: Make Every Second Count

This is a review on "Make Every Second Count: Time Management Tips and Techniques for More Success with Less Stress" book written by Robert W.Bly. There are many books written on time management, still people look for new tips to match their multi tasking skill, to meet deadlines, to get expected output and to Work-life balance. This article is also about one such needy book in which I summarized its essence and expressed my views.

Tips for success with less stress

Time is one of the nature's gifts that every man in the world gets equally, but not everybody knows to handle it effectively. Time is a limited resource. Time is one thing that is mysterious to manage. "I am always quarreling with time! It is so short to do something and so long to do nothing"

But it is the only resource that gives all other rewards in life, if well managed. Robert W.Bly in this book Time management- Make every second count says how well one can manage time in order to get expected output on or before deadline and possible income by living a stress free happy life.

Be Productive

Apart from using time management tools like To-do list, prioritising the work, the very first thing to manage time is one has to prepare him/her to be more productive. To be productive, one has to avoid few things necessarily. They are laziness and inertia. He doesn't mean to be workaholic but sacrifice something to get much more to be productive.

Be Efficient

He beautifully says, "The ability to work faster and get more done in less time isn't slavery; it's freedom". To make use of time efficiently, one has to increase his/her efficiency. All of us know that Rome cannot be built in a day. In the same way, efficiency is not something that one can gain in a day. All that he wants the reader to understand is to feel the power of 10% extra. Gain 10% extra energy, read 10% faster, think 10% faster, as well as Sleep 10% less, waste 10% less time. Do these things only 10% better & together they will multiply the improvements in your life many times over.

Mastering the time management see-saw

Human tendency is to put more pressure when work is more and spend time leisurely when work burden is less. He gives more ideas that help you boost personal productivity in both peak & lull periods. In order to use downtime productively, use time fillers. These Time filler like part time job, teaching or learning will enhance your professional growth as well as earn extra income. In the same way, handle pressure & multi projects, he gives ideas to use technology, hire a temp and also put some more hours to complete the task.


After preparing oneself to be productive and efficient, he/she must develop the management skills of planning, organizing, scheduling, directing, delegating and controlling his/ her own time.

In making to-do lists, he prefers it to be 3 to –do –lists saying Daily to –do –lists, project to –do –lists and long term to –do –lists. This has to be placed where it could be often seen. Place for everything and everything in its place is the best way to organize things, so that the time consumption for retrieving data and other things will be easy always. Keeping the things organised gives neatness which also helps in positive work environment. Cleanse and purge frequently to increase shelf place. Delegate the possible things to sub-ordinates or outsource your work at some cost to make the task get done faster. The author believes that Time = Money

Manage the information overload

With all those new technologies, availability and affordability, getting information is easier in these days but it is good to manage the information by avoiding information which are irrelevant, passing the information to one who might may get benefit out of it(less time consuming way of personal relationship), selecting the information on the basis of present topics that you deal, topics that you are interested. The collected information (if hard copy) can be scanned and kept for further reference.
Maximize your Personal Energy by doing your interested things, having healthy food, and relaxing by meditation or listening to music or reading books to stick to your plan and enjoy what you do.

I am impressed with:

Use of technology is one important thing in this book that speaks how efficiently those modern & simple technologies make the time consumption less. The author not only says the benefits but also the ways to make use of technologies like Commute to telecommunications to make use of mailing through internet or intranet instead of travelling or sending by post. Having Boiler-plate folder in PC which stores data like graphs, reports, statistical data that need to be used for multiple purposes. Bookmark the webpage which is essential to look back again. He also says; how well the Telephone and cell phone can be used by using the facilities like caller-id, call divertion etc.

When he speaks good thing about internet and email facility, he also warns to be away from time wasters like chat room and other useless surfing. When he gives the tips to use phones efficiently, he gives tips like don't put people on hold, introduce yourself first, and be polite when you inquire the person at the other end etc to maintain good personal relationship also.

He makes the reader feel that, there is nothing to worry for working more or sticking to schedule all the time, but feel proud that you are a productive individual with plenty of projects to attend to. At the end of the day, it reflects on your success.


Everything in this book could be related to one's daily life. When they speak about handling different projects at a time, I could relate it to different subjects as well as different academic activities that I do. Since this book also spoken about use of technology, I can really follow the tips to manage time. The author clearly identified where one could waste time like watching tv, chat room, not managing the information etc. He also gives measures to have control over these time wasters. He has given so many time filler options to make use of idle time. Any one can be chosen according to the availability of idle time. This helps oneself in being productive all the time, by being consistent in following up all these measures, being efficient is also not a difficult.


By following this book, one can see positive changes with his work but not much in handling family life. How time with family to be spent and how it could be balanced etc would have been expressed. People in recent days go in search for time management books not only for meeting deadlines on time but also to balance their multi-interests in work, family, spirituality and social life. This book is much concentrated on work life only. Anyhow, it can be a treat to workaholics.

Book information

Publication: Published by Career Press. First edition was published in the year 2000 and it's 2nd edition was published on December 20th 2010. First edition contains 10 easy reading chapters and in the second edition it is 14 easy reading chapters.

Author: Mr. Roberty Bly has written more than 75 books, he is also an Internet Marketer who publishes an internet newsletter called The Direct Response Letter.

Price & availability: You can make online purchase. Price ranges from Rs.670 to Rs.860 in various online shopping sites. The least price for this book of Rs.670 is available in and as on 18th May 2013. Both the shopping sites provide free shipping.


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