How to get free web-traffic to your blogs

This article is aimed at helping bloggers to increase the number of visitors to their blogs by following and applying some simple tips. There are many simple tips to increase the web-traffic like making posts regularly, using images and keywords in posts and placing social sharing gadgets etc. Read this article for full detail about these and more simple tips for increasing web-traffic.

Getting More Web Traffic

You have many options to choose from when it comes to getting more web traffic. An intelligent webmaster / blogger would never waste time pondering here and there to purchase web traffic on payment (specially after the Google Penguin update wherein Google penalizes those websites / blogs which have purchased back-links for increasing traffic by demoting them from its Search Results and removing them from the index), rather he would go through and apply the techniques which are generally called Search Engine Optimization techniques.

I would like to discuss here simple blogging techniques useful for Search Engine Optimization and improving search results / rankings. These are the general good practices that you should follow to become a successful blogger and attract a large amount of genuine / organic traffic.

  • Post Regularly

  • Blog Posts are unique in that each of them has a particular URL although they normally appear on the same page of the blog. Therefore each single post contributes to increasing traffic provided they are customer centered. Making a post is just like updating your blog with some new content. When you post regularly than you maintain and even improve your traffic and when you do not post regularly you lose traffic.

  • Keep your posts shorter

  • Keeping your blog Posts shorter also helps Posting more and more, therefore use a separate Post for each title / subject you are going to discuss. But don't try to be too precise, maintain a minimum length of 500 words per post.

  • Use Images in your posts

  • Images often describe what words don't, use images in your post to make your words more sensible; but don't use copy-writed images. If you don't have images of your own, you can search Google Images, edit & publish them on your posts. Do remember to add the Alt Title & Alt Text in Image Properties, this helps you get traffic by making your images search able in search engines.

  • Use Keywords in your posts

  • Use Keywords in your posts, don't restate what you have already written before. Preferably use your keywords in the heading tags like h2 and h3 etc. If your keywords come within the body of your posts, highlight them by making them bold. Also defining keywords in your blog template (by editing template HTML) helps increasing traffic. You can get to know which keywords should be defined in the template from your Google Webmaster Tools>>Optimization>>Content Keywords.

  • Build Natural Backlinks

  • By natural backlinks, I mean backlinks that are not penalized by Google and other search engines. By the way, backlinks are links on other sites pointing back to your website so that they refer traffic back to your site. Natural backlinks can be developed in many ways, of these I am going to discuss leaving comments on other blogs and guest blogging.
    • Leaving Comments on other Blogs of your Niche

    • These are the backlinks you can develop by simply visiting other's blogs or websites in your niche and leaving your comments on their blogs or websites. Niche is the subject area of your blog or website and there are 99% chances that the subject about which you have your blog, will also be covered by other bloggers' blogs. All these blogs and websites about the same subject area are called your Niches blogs.
      But in leaving your comments, do not spam! i.e. don't give URLs to your blog or ask the Blog owner / other visitors to visit your blog in the comments you leave there, rather your comments should just be the feedback of the blog post you have read. On many websites, you can give the URL to your blog in a field designated for that purpose while in others your comments through your Google+ profile would serve the same cause. Also do not forget to mention your blog in your Google+ profile in the "contributor to" section. When this is done, people visiting your Google+ profile would also get to see your contributions and blogs from there.

    • Discussing in Forums

    • Visit popular discussion forums, and participate in the discussions that are related to your blog niche. In this way you can promote your blog positively by giving its reference where needed in the discussions and thus improve your blogs' outreach and traffic.

    • Guest Blogging

    • Guest blogging is blogging for others blogs. When you write blog posts for blogs and websites with high PR, you get the chance to directly mention your blog in that blog post. As the writer of every post is shown below that particular post, people can therefore visit your Google+ profile from the posts you write on these high PR sites and know more about your contributions.

  • Place Social Sharing Gadgets

  • Place social sharing gadgets like Google +1, Facebook Like & Tweet. These are the main social networking sites on which people love to share their posts. Use attractive and simple gadgets which visitors feel easy to use. For example an all in one gadget for easy sharing to many networks is the "Addthis sharing gadget". Pinterest and Stumbleupon are new platforms on which people share their stuff with others. Be there on these networks. Also making a page about your blog on Google+ or Facebook and than inviting people to join it would help you increase your blog's recognition.


Mostly people do not read all the post, they just read the starting and then jump directly to the highlighted steps or main points. So try to abide by the following so that people get the most out of the least they read.

  • Write in short Paragraphs

  • Write in short paragraphs or points and keep some spaces between them, do not write big paragraphs. They just irritate your readers and make them run away.

  • Use Subheadings

  • Use Subheadings in your posts, it makes your posts more clean and help the readers easily find what they are looking for besides helping web crawlers to crawl your site easily. Moreover it helps search robots to understand the exact topic for your posts.

  • Don't place much ads

  • If you are subscribed as a publisher (for example with adsense or infolinks), than you should keep in mind that people have come to read your blog and not to see the ads being displayed. So don't place much advertisements and keep them away from your posts contents. You can place ads after the posts so readers don't get disturbed. Keep in mind people have come to read your blog not advertisements on your blog.

After you have read and implemented all the simple tips highlighted above in your blog, I hope that you will get a boost in your traffic. Do come back here and write your reviews.

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Author: Adesola Adeyeye21 May 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

To get free web traffic to your site you need to write quality articles on your site. The reason is that quality articles will bring the visitors back and back again to your site. Discuss in forums relating to your website and leave a message there with a link to your website. Also, do not place too much adverts on your site because it might scare them away.

Author: Naveed Ahmed21 May 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Adesola Adeyeye,
That is what all I already mentioned in my article. I think your post would be another summary of the article above.

Author: K Mohan21 May 2013 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

I think just creating a blog is not important but keeping touch with the responses is most important. Daily update has to made and corrections if any must be carried out. One more thing good suggestions from the response person must be given credence and that must be implemented. Moreover a blogger must be open to criticism and that gives more chance for others to review your blog.

Author: Naveed Ahmed22 May 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Dear K Mohan,
First of all I am very happy to get a feedback from you sir as it is the first time I felt your presence in the articles section of this site. You are almost always found in the forums section but the articles section rarely finds its luck to get a post from you. And now coming to the contents of your feedback, I completely agree with you. Feedback helps improve the content and remove deficiencies as there is always room for improvement in human work.

Guest Author: indian02 Jun 2013

Wow. I'll try this. thanx

Author: smitha14 Mar 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0


This is a very useful article. Thanks for coming up with this topic.

Author: Naveed Ahmed04 Jun 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Thanks smitha for your appreciations about the usefulness of this article.

Guest Author: Irfan Ullah28 Mar 2015

I am new in the blogging world and must say it was really worth reading information I was looking for. Sure I will practice it and revert back to you with my feedback on the effectiveness of your article in real world.

Author: Naveed Ahmed30 Mar 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Irfan Ullah,
Sure, I would be happy to receive your feedback regarding the effectiveness of my tips for improving web traffic to your blogs.

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