HostGator Live chat regarding creation of new website

Individual bloggers, technical or non technical, after achieving success with Adsense might start thinking of launching website like IndiaStudyChannel or HubPages. Though it is not child's play yet this Live Chat is meant for you and only you to know the basic to fulfill your wishes.

While replying in forums and ask experts columns at sites like IndiaStudyChannel and HubPages, I came across so many questions and forums as to how to own a self owned website on similar lines. Such wish is not out of envy but human nature to learn and to implement his/her own ideas after learning. Who knows that your one of the student may even excel your own achievements and make you proud to feel that you had been his or her teacher.

My Live Chat with HostGator

Today I had live chat with the HostGator and the same is reproduced below as it will put many questions of my fans including web users desperately trying to find answers for their anxieties.

Live Chat about - I am an established author with real works on the web at wqaindia.hubpages, webquestionanswers at IndiaStudyChannel
and at myeveryminutediary. Now I have engaged professional people to develop a forum and question answers site along with articles for public in general as I am an approved Google Adsense Publisher. How can you assist me. So far I am using blogger interface and my main domain at webquestionanswers, with domain name registered with eNom as a Google Client.

Hostgator Live: Hello, welcome to HostGator live chat, my name is Nicholas and I would be more than happy to assist you today.
Ashok Goyal: I am a blogger with domain name registered at eNom. I think you must have through my details.
Nicholas K.: For security purposes, I will need to verify your identity by having you provide your account's billing credentials in the popup that will soon follow this message. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Ashok Goyal: I could not get you. I am not an existing customer of Hostgator.
Nicholas K.: is the domain?
Ashok Goyal: Yes
Ashok Goyal: Can you see the information provided in my chat ID: 8123852, as I can see it as it will be more convenient for you to help.
Nicholas K.: One moment please.
Ashok Goyal: OK
Nicholas K.: That chat ID is the chat we are in now; did you register the domain with us?
Ashok Goyal: No, whatever I am doing is through Google only.
Ashok Goyal: Domain is registered with eNom
Ashok Goyal: Do I need to wait?
Nicholas K.: is owned by eNom or an eNom re-seller other than HostGator, you may need to get with eNom on locating the registrar.
Ashok Goyal: It was purchased through Google clients
Nicholas K.: Then you need to contact them about the domain.
Ashok Goyal: Domain is registered in the name of Neha Goyal
Nicholas K.: what can I help with? We have no control over this domain.
Ashok Goyal: I have contacted the Google Team and eNom Team but they say they have provided only the domain name and not Hosting. Hosting will have to arrange by me as my site will be having data bases with sign in and profile of members facility.
Nicholas K.: Are you trying to purchase a hosting plan with us?
Ashok Goyal: Yes
Nicholas K.: How may I help?
Ashok Goyal: Will I be able to work as an Adsense API host by hosting site with you.
Nicholas K.: Certainly.
Ashok Goyal: I am purely a non technical person without any knowledge about development and up keep of websites. So far I had been managing of my own through Google Help and now I am going to engage professionals. Even B.TECH professional is seeking guidance from me as to how to proceed. What will be best plan for me and what will it cost If I go for say 3 years or for life long hosting so as not to keep the renewal records.
Ashok Goyal: I expect professional honesty while advising.
Nicholas K.: How many domains are you thinking of hosting?
Time Gap for thinking process
Ashok Goyal: That is the point. I do not know weather sub domains or domains. I think even if I have a single domain then data base for say 100000 or more members can be created through one domain only with hundreds of sub domains or I will require more domains.
Nicholas K.: I would go ahead and recommend our Baby plan on
Ashok Goyal: Are you a real person or robot.
Nicholas K.: I am a real person, Ashok. Our live support is staffed by real people 24/7.
Ashok Goyal: Please do not mind a bad question from a non technical person.
Nicholas K.: No worries!
Ashok Goyal: Can you spare time to answer my at least 2 questions more.
Nicholas K.: Sure!
Ashok Goyal: Please visit, an existing Adsense API host site. My vision is to launch similar site with more ideas in my mind.
Nicholas K.: Certainly.
Ashok Goyal: Now go through my earlier questions and answer the unanswered questions.
Nicholas K.: Could you please clarify for me?
Ashok Goyal: e.g. 3 year and life long pricing for Baby Plan.
Ashok Goyal: and extra charges for secured sign in through HTTPS
Nicholas K.: What do you mean, exactly, Ashok?
Ashok Goyal: I want to purchase suggested plan for hosting with one time discounted charges for life or discounted charges for at least 3 years.
Nicholas K.: Alright!
Nicholas K.: You can certainly do this.
Ashok Goyal: Can you quote the prices including the life long or 3 years discounted value along with discount of 20% being offered by you on web.
Ashok Goyal: Waiting!
Nicholas K.: Thank you for your patience as I look into this.
Ashok Goyal: OK
Nicholas K.: I do apologize for the delay. Please allow me a few more minutes to get the answers you need. I appreciate your patience.
Ashok Goyal: In case it is likely to take time then you can quote the prices along with the services to be available to me via email at
Nicholas K.: You would only be able to prepay for 3 years at a time, Ashok.
Ashok Goyal: Can you quote the price or will you like to send the quotation along with services available to me via email above.
Ashok Goyal: One last thing "Pre-Pay" for 3 years will be DISCOUNTED VALUE along with already available 20% DISCOUNTS.
Nicholas K.: That is correct; you'll receive a 20% discount on your first invoice.
Ashok Goyal: That is not the discount of Pre Payment for 3 years. Forward the chat message to your seniors to reply.
Nicholas K.: If you were to prepay for 3 years of a baby plan, it would be $228.96.
Ashok Goyal: It is not discounted value. Discounting factor is no where applied.
Nicholas K.: That is the discount, Ashok. Without the discount, it would be$286.20
Ashok Goyal: What are your normal monthly charges?
Nicholas K.: It would be $7.96 for your first month and $9.95 for every other month.
Ashok Goyal: For Baby Plan? What the advertisements say something else (9:11:27am)
Time Gap for thinking process
Nicholas K.: That is for the baby plan, Ashok. I think you are looking where it says for 3 years, as it would cost less per month.
Ashok Goyal: It says starting $6.36 per month
Nicholas K.: If you click on the drop down menu, it shows that that price would be for if you prepaid for 3 years.
Ashok Goyal: It has start mark offering 20% discount and even then it is payable monthly with auto renewal.
Nicholas K.: That is correct, when you prepay for 3 years, Ashok. I do apologize for the confusion.
Ashok Goyal: Then it is better to pay $6.36 per month through credit card and pay it monthly but I will confirm auto renewal for 36 months. I am a social blogger and my site is not for commercial purposes but at NO PROFIT NO LOSS as Adsense earning will be utilized to meet expenses and reward the contributors and authors at the site.
Ashok Goyal: What do you say?
Nicholas K.: Sure thing.
Ashok Goyal: You have not confirmed that I will have to pay $6.36 per moth and/or payment will be automatically taken from my Credit Card every month. MOREOVER CONFIRM THAT THESE RATES DO NOT INCLUDE ANY OTHER CHARGES AND ARE NET CHARGES FOR BABY PLAN.
Nicholas K.: For the 36 month plan, that would be prepaid for 36 months all in one payment.
Ashok Goyal: Can you arrange an email with the offer of $228.96 net of all charges so as to buy the plan?
Nicholas K.: What would need to be done would be to signup for the plan at I apologize for any inconvenience in this matter.
Ashok Goyal: It means you can not help that way I am a professional legal adviser too. As you were concerned about my Identity, I also wanted reciprocation in the same way. Any how thanks for your help.
Ashok Goyal: You have even avoided confirming net of all charges.
Nicholas K.: Our order form at is able to display full charges before the order has been placed. I apologize for any inconvenience in this matter.
Ashok Goyal: OK Thanks; I can understand your limitations.
Nicholas K.: You're welcome.
Note by the author: Mistakes have not been corrected as Live Chat should appear as Live Chat.

How to become an adsense host partner

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Article by Ashok Goyal
Ashok Goyal joined ISC in 2012. He is Leading CIBIL Consultant in India after having retired as Chief Manager from Punjab National Bank, Experienced Blogger and Adsense Publisher.

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Author: Sarojah12 May 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

I always see you as an Entrepreneur and it is really proved that you will be a techopreneur (that is doing business using technology for your instance say net and websites) and usually I feel good to learn so many things how you are turning each piece or bit to great ideas. Hats off. Hope to see you soon a webmaster and best of luck.

Author: Ashok Goyal12 May 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Madam Saroja, Thanks for remarks. You can add your ideas in the comments so that I can use those ideas. To boost the ideas further you can tweet or Google the idea to make an everyminutediary of the ideas and search the myeveryminutediary on the air.

Author: J.B.Gupta27 Apr 2014 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 3

What an honest and true confession of ideas by the author.

@Ashok Goyal, At last you converted your ideas into reality at .I have created my profile page at webquestionanswers too. Article link is shared on G+ and facebook so that other aspirants can also know the facts before creating their new website through hostgator, godaddy or other web hosting services.

Author: Ashok Goyal28 Apr 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

@J.B.Gupta, Thanks for patting on the back. I am really motivated to do better.