How to get approved for Google Adsense at IndiaStudyChannel, HubPages or Blogger

Your Adsense may not get approved by Google for various reasons. The reasons can include not providing full information while applying for Adsense or violation of Adsense policies in the past as Google reserves the right to withdraw Adsense approval even at a later stage for having violated any Adsense policies knowingly or unknowingly. This article is for authors desperately trying to get an AdSense publisher ID.

First of all be honest and real while submitting data to the Google as once you get disapproved for a particular address, particular mobile number, particular IP address, particular blog, particular Gmail or Email ID – it will become difficult for you to win the confidence of the Google and you will get repeated automated replies about the inability of the Google Adsense to accept you as their Adsense publisher ID. It is better to be late than never. Honesty is the first essence of starting any business venture and Adsense in not less than a business venture which can be grown to any extent as it will depend upon your sincere efforts, hard work, following Adsense policies religiously and above all implement the announcements bringing about changes. How can you expect any business to generate revenue if you have put the shutters down? Keep yourself updated from time to time. Some of the common mistakes committed while submitting a Google Adsense application are mentioned below and moreover, Google does not like tricking and cheating as explained above:

Use your profile page URL as your website address while submitting Google Adsense application at sites like IndiaStudyChannel whereas blogger dashboard provides for applying to Adsense through earning tab in respect of your personal blogs.

Your profile is real you

There should not be any mismatch in the name provided in Your Google Adsense application and the name in your profile page at Blogger, Google+, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks and Profile Pages at host partner sites like Blogger, IndiaStudyChannel or HubPages. It will solve your numerous problems before they arise and make it easy for the search engines to locate your content anywhere on the web otherwise it will become difficult for the search engines to locate the Real You from fakes. It will be better even if you put your latest real photo from your computer in all your profiles on the web. It is better not to have a profile photo than to have an unreal photo of the Real You. A real Photo will add to your credentials and creating trust on the web. Adding your photo on publishing platforms is not the pre-condition by Google but why to hide your Real You as it will enhance your impression among your readers and fans. Never use smiley cartoons, jokes, and irrelevant links in your profile which may depict your profile as that of an irresponsible author. As a long-term strategy, you should Own Your Article to Own Responsibility as Google Verified Author. The idea is to convince Google that you are a genuine author having taken to publishing with a good motive.

How to edit your profile

While editing your profile at IndiaStudyChannel, HubPages, Blogger or G+ Profile, make it a point to provide the other information such as Gender, Age, Interests, Employer's name, Country, Contact Mobile Number, State and Pin Code of your address correctly. Pin Code and Mobile Number is very important for your Adsense account. All my profiles at various Social Networks (like Gmail, Google+, Google Products, Yahoo Products, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger or publisher platforms like IndiaStudyChannel, HubPages under API host partnership with Google Adsense) have 101% uniformity as I have drafted and prepared my profile on my desktop which is copied and pasted wherever I want my profile to appear. How can one real person have different profiles and ask this question yourself if you will trust an individual with dozens of different profiles? No, I think no one can trust and then how do you expect that search engines will favour such a profile to appear in search results. Crawlers and Robots on the web will get confused to find a Real You.

The profile should be written like a biography with a detailed description of yourself including your educational qualifications, birthplace and current location, colleges and universities attended along with your vision for the future. In nutshell Profile Page is the Real You which will make you different from the crowd on the web. Moreover, Google does not accept Minors as Adsense Publisher as a matter of Policy.

Know AdSense Basic rules

Google Adsense does not permit more than one account per individual. Though same address location is not the official published the rule by Google, yet in case of Indian applicants, Google often rejects multiple applications from the same address same location. However other persons including family members residing at the same address or location can apply for Google Adsense but with their real identity and profile without any effort to cheat or trick the Google lest your address be blacklisted by the Google.

Before applying for Adsense either at IndiaStudyChannel or at other API host partner sites like HubPages or through your own blog at Blogger (owned by Google) ensure that you have gained experience and you have put up sufficient quality content in the shape of articles at IndiaStudyChannel or other publishing platforms through your profiles. You can apply for Adsense only after having 6 months exposure at IndiaStudyChannel, HubPages or Blogger and that too with the condition that you have sufficient quality content on your profiles. Sometimes sites like IndiaStudyChannel have their own Terms and Conditions such as the one should be a Gold Level member on the site. Before you apply for Adsense through these sites to read their terms and conditions so as not to feel embarrassed after having applied. Gold Level is the eligibility condition subject to quality content and six months of experience. Webmasters and editors on Google Adsense API host partner sites are the best judges to decide if your content is sufficient enough to pass through the quality test at Google Adsense. Even then if your Adsense application gets rejected then it is always better to review your own content and earn credibility on the site or on the web to increase the chances of approval of your Adsense application.

Are you an existing Adsense publisher

If you are an existing Adsense Publisher, then you need not apply again on sites like IndiaStudyChannel or HubPages as you can create or associate your existing Adsense account with your profile at such sites. As regards blogs, you can add blog URL's in your existing Adsense account as far as the blog URL's are trusted and do not violate Google Adsense policies.

Article by Ashok Goyal
Ashok Goyal joined ISC in 2012. He is Leading CIBIL Consultant in India after having retired as Chief Manager from Punjab National Bank, Experienced Blogger and Adsense Publisher.

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Author: Nipeksha30 May 2013 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

Becoming Google Adsense Publisher, made easy, that is what can I say about the article. I am promoting the link through my social networks and links everywhere on the web so that genuine authors are not deprived of their dues due to lack of knowledge.

Guest Author: Udayasaran03 Jun 2013

To get approve from Google Adsense we have to create a blog with good content and have to wait for upto 6months to apply for approval.

And from this article I came to know that this way is applicable for ISC , Techulator and Hub-pages.

But there are also some other sites provide you to have Google adsense approved by doing some tasks but lesser than
doing in Blog or websites.

They are Bukisa , Docstoc , Indyarocks and Flixya.

Author: Ank Arya09 Jun 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Mr. Ashok Goyal,

It is a nice article that may really help the needy and desperate population of authors who want to have an AdSense publisher ID.

I would like to inform you that you have made a typo in the heading of your ending paragraph.

('and' should be replaced by 'an' in the heading "Are you and existing adsense publisher")

Your article really provides an encouragement to new authors for getting AdSense approved easily.

Author: Ashok Goyal09 Jun 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Ank Arya, Thanks for liking and correcting. Half of my job is already done by you as people while reading the comments will come to know about the proper heading of my ending paragraph. This is, how the things should work. The commentators can make a value addition to the content of the article by adding more information as readers also go through the published comments. I am trying to edit the correction after ensuring that the articles goes to the approved state automatically. At HubPages if any minor spelling mistake is corrected in the article then it does not go in the submitted stage and gets published and approved within a few hours. Let me check up the policy at ISC and I never like even a single mistake in my articles meant for global audiences.

Author: Mahesh Gaikwad11 Jul 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Hello Ashok sir,
This article is very informative and encouraging. One thing I want to ask you that, if someone's blog site had already rejected by Google for adsense and now he wants to apply from or fro other site. Then can he apply with the same email id again?

Author: Ashok Goyal12 Jul 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Mahesh, If you feel that the content on your blog site meets with all the criteria then you have the two options:
1. To apply for reconsideration.
If your consideration request is also disallowed by Google Adsense, as usually is the case, then transfer the blog or site ownership to another mail id with different address and different contact number. Have dedicated mail ID for managing Adsense account. After getting approved you can re-transfer the site or blog ownership. Best of luck and follow adsense policies.

Author: J.B.Gupta27 Apr 2014 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 4

Thanks for your article for the benefit of authors making a beeline for getting approved as adsense publisher ID. Now after I have been temporarily approved for adsense, I do not know to implement the code guide so as to get final approval. Can you write up a simple article for layman about implementing the google adsense code. It will be very useful for the publishers who can not get their temporary approval confirmed into final approval by adsense team. The intervening period between temporary and final approval is critical for the publishers as most of the publishers get disapproved during the intervening period alone.

Author: Ashok Goyal28 Apr 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 8

@J.B.Gupta, Your assessment is correct about the intervening period which is very critical. I am trying to come us with an article with Titles as "Common mistakes committed by publishers approved temporarily by adsense". In this article I will try to explain step by step the code implementation and unintentional violation of adsense policies in an effort to get final approval quickly. Till I come up full fledged article, please ensure the following before implementing the adsense code.
1. Verify your blog or site in webmaster tools and submit the URL for indexing.
2. Have a Google Analytics Account and add the analytics code in the shape of UA-XXXXXXXX-X (Where X is a numerical number generated by Google Analytics starting with UA followed by - and 8 unique digits and again followed by - and one numerical digit.
3. Do not make haste. Work day and night to fill your sight with unique high quality content in such a way that your application is not rejected on the ground "Insufficient Content" or you have applied before completing the probation period of six months content writing in India.
4. Upgrade your Blogger profile to Google+ Profile.
5. Never use an existing email ID which is disapproved by Google in the past.
6. Do not put up multiple applications for adsense from the same IP address or by changing IP address for the same individual as no individual publisher can have more than one adsense publisher ID.
Stay connected to read the article to be published soon. In case of doubt it is always better to search and consult the experienced publishers on the web.

Author: Pravat Kumar Das02 Oct 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

Due to cheating by many Indian adsense publisher Google has become now days strict to approved the application of genuine members also.

Most of Indian publisher apply to a new adsense account through there blog ( But this is a small suggestion from me first ask your self what is your expectation from Google adsense earning.
Whether you want to make it full time earning or just want to try your luck whether you can make some money from adsense or not?
If you are serious then second question is read number of articles and testimonials of many adsense publisher, and whether you are able to write good content online or not?
If you are ready to post some good content then it does not matter for you whether to apply through Indiastudychannel or through your personal blog for new adsense account.

By joining Indiastudychannel you get dual benefit from this site ( cash creadit and 90% of your adsense earning for 1 year through ISC) although your blog can help you to earn 100% of your adsense earning and that earning would be for life long for the same content.
But by writing in ISC you get more opportunity of getting visitors as it is India's largest online educational portal as well as it has huge foreign traffic also.
So either apply through ISC or your personal blog you can make good money from adsense but before that you need to post quality content and stay updated with latest news and information.

Author: Ashish yadav12 Jun 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Getting Adsense account is not so hard. Write unique posts which contains about 700 words. Update your website regularly. When your website completes six month then apply for adsense account.

Author: Umesh09 Jun 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

The article has brought out some of the main reasons for Google Adsense refusal to some prospective bloggers and website owners. Generally, Google will approve the Adsense account to the eligible applicants and one will be able to share the Google Adsense advertising revenue. Another factor which has been lately added is that there are so many people now applying for Google Adsense, as the number of bloggers and freelance writers is on a continuous increase, and in that situation, it does not seem feasible that Google will approve the Adsense account for everyone irrespective of the eligibility. Google must have some criterion for a percentage of applications to be approved to maintain its revenue sharing potential. I think this is is one main reason why some of the applications are being kept by Google in the pending category rather than in the rejected category. So one has to wait for some time till it is included in the approved category.

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