Kent Supreme water purifier vs Kent Grand water purifier: working, features, specifications & review

Are you tired by cleaning cartridges of water filters twice in a week? Then here is the alternative product, which came into existence to overcome the disadvantages of water filter is water purifier. Here I am comparing two water filter products of same brand, Kent, in which one is already released and the other is released today. To know more details of these two products like how the water is purified, it's working process, features, specifications and more.

We all know that there is a need to conserve our existing resources. In that, water is the first thing to conserve for future purposes. Generally, we boil the water in the rainy season to kill bacteria and virus. But, the dissolved impurities are in the water only. To remove that, long back, we used water filters to purify water. But, we need to clean the cartridges whenever they fill with bacteria/viruses. To overcome the disadvantages of water filters kent came with a product called water purifiers.

Kent, The house of purity, the best Indian company for healthcare products came in the 21st century with a motto "Healthy Homes & Lifestyle begin with purity". It started in Noida 1999, with the purpose of giving perfect health to the people across India.

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The healthcare products other than water purifier by Kent are Kent Ozone vegetable & Fruit purifier; Kent Ozone purifier, Kent Mini water softener. For its quality, facilities the awards are given. The awards you may know by visiting the website:
Kent RO water purifiers, removes dissolved impurities along with bacteria/ viruses and some chemicals which are included with water. While purifying water, more than half water goes into the drain as a wasted. To overcome this, a new product, Kent RO supreme water purifier, released by Mr. Mahesh Gupta, Chairman of Kent RO systems Ltd. on 5th June 2013.

The following are the differences/ comparisons between already existing product Kent Grand water purifier and newly released product Kent RO Supreme with its working process, specifications, features, price, availability and all.

Working process in RO technology

When the water purifies is starts working then raw water will enter into the RO tanker. In RO tanker, the dissolved impurities are removed. Dissolved impurities are fluorides; pesticides etc. and the dirty water came out with another pump. After that, water enters into UF chamber and TDS controller. In the UF chamber, any bacteria & Cysts are there, those are removed here and passed to TDS controller. TDS controller retains essential minerals and then water comes into UV chamber. In the UV chamber, double purification will be done. Here, any missed bacteria & viruses are in the water that is totally killed and gives the 100% pure water to us.


Both are having a transparent covered body. With this, you can view and know the water levels. The body is constructed with ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) thermoplastic material for injecting so there is no need to talk about rusting. The cartridges used in kent grand are: Sediment, Activated carbon, UF and post carbon and the kent supreme has Sediment, Carbon block filter; UF and RO filters are used. Kent Grand and supreme both are space makers by designing with 400 X 250 X 520 mm and 430 X 270 X 630 mm dimensions with a weight of 9kg and 10.900 kgs respectively.

Kent Grand - 15,500
Kent Supreme - 17,764


The RO purifier capacity per hour is 15 litres and per day it purifies up to 75 litres, in both products. You can mount this appliance on the wall. By doing this, you can save space in the kitchen and looks neat. Kent grand contains push-fit components to avoid wastage of water. Whereas in Kent Supreme contains two storage tanks to reuse the wastage water for other purposes. In the supreme appliance, double purification is done (first on RO and second through UF and UV purification). Using of TDS controllers in-built in the appliance we can get the natural minerals in the purified water.


Double purification is done by RO and UV, UF TDS controller whereas in Grand Double purification is done by RO and UV only with the help of TDS controllers. For leakproof performance, push-fit components are used in Grand, whereas in supreme, double storage tank are used. Supreme purifies 0% water wastage and Grand purifies with a 3/4th of water wastage. Maintains essential minerals and removes salt/sweet, bacteria, viruses, dissolved impurities etc. In Grand, if UV stops functioning, then there is no assurance for giving pure water. In supreme, there is an automatic alert for filter change whenever needed, whereas in Grand we need to set alarm for changing the filter. If UV stops functioning then there is an alert and UV fail alarm will ring. UV lamp should be replaced otherwise it won't give purified water. Purifies all types of water like tap water, bore water, bore-well water etc.


The specifications maintained by both today released Supreme and already released Grand are:

Product Name

Released on 5th June, 2013 is: Kent Supreme using Mineral RO Technology
Already released is: Kent Grand using Mineral RO Technology


Kent Supreme: Rs 17, 764/-
Kent Grand: Rs 15, 500/-


Kent Supreme: 430 length, 270 width and 630 height in mm
Kent Grand: 400 length, 250 width and 520 height in mm

Inlet water pressure

Kent Supreme – Minimum and Maximum inlet water pressure is 0.3kg/(cm X cm) and 3kg/(cm X cm)
Kent Grand – Minimum inlet water pressure is 0.3kg/(cm X cm)

Filter Cartridge

Kent Supreme: Sediment, Carbon Block Filter, UF and RO
Kent Grand: Sediment, Activated Carbon, UF, Post Carbon

Net Weight

Kent Supreme: 10.900 kgs
Kent Grand: 9 kgs

Storage capacity

Kent Supreme: Storage Capacity for purified water and rejected water is same that is 9 litres.
Kent Grand: storage capacity is only 8 litres

Purified water production rate

Kent Supreme: 15 liters/hr
Kent Grand: 15** liters/hr

Membrane Type

Kent Supreme: Thin Film Composite RO
Kent Grand: RO Membrane with 1812-75 GPD

Mains/ Input Voltage

Kent Supreme: 100-300 V AC/50 Hz
Kent Grand: 160-300V AC (50 Hz)

Filter change Alarm

Kent Supreme: Yes
Kent Grand: No

Similarities of Kent Supreme and Kent Grand

Both Kent supreme and Kent Grand have made with ABS and those can mountain on the wall. In both appliances, 11 watts lamp is used. Both purifies the water up to 75 litre per day with the pump voltage of 24 V DC.

Price and Availability

While selecting a product, the customers will choose the appliance based on the features available in the appliance and cost too. Kent announced the product Kent Grand RO mineral water purifier at Rs 15, 500/- in India. The official announcement of Kent supreme was not yet announced. But it is about approximate Rs. 18,500/- including shipping charges.

The kitchen appliances are available on:
  • You can buy this appliance by visiting and ordering through the official website shop and official website.

You can watch the video, officially launched by the chairman of Kent Supreme in TamilNadu is here:
The famous Bollywood actress Shipa Shetti is the Brand Ambassador for Kent Supreme water purifiers.


Both water purifiers are from the same brand named Kent. Kent is the name for purifying. Both have a facility of wall mounting to save the space in the kitchen. But, generally, the newly appliance came means; the product is developed with at least one advantage but with best. Here also the same. Kent Supreme came to save water and 0% water wastage. Another advantage with this is, it stores the water (purified and wasted) in separate blocks, it has an auto-off and auto-on facility, Filter change alarm and more. Despite of these advantages, if you want to know more details about the newly released Kent supreme product then go through the official website and enter your all details there for request a demo.

Contact Information

Kent branches are in Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. If you want to visit any of the above-said branches then go through the link:

corporate office

Kent RO Systems Limited
A-2, Sector-59,
Noida – 201309 (UP), India
Tel: +91-120-3075000
For Export enquires:

Service Center

Kent RO Systems Limited
C-15 Sector 7
Noida – 201301 (UP), India
Tel: +91-120-4669666
Fax: +91-120-3917727

  • For more information, you can call us on Toll-Free number: 1800 100 1000
  • You can send SMS KENT to 53636 for more details.

Note: On behalf me, I am dedicating this article to Home appliances contest on the occasion of world environment day.

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Author: Umesh29 Oct 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

A very detailed and exhaustive article by the author on these particular water purifiers.

Clean water is the necessity in our household and day by day new models and new technology is bringing in new type of machines in this segment.

Now the problem is that we are already having water purifiers mounted in our house, albeit an older model, that are in fact giving good service and we cannot replace them so often as it involves expenses on that account. So we have to first use our old machine optimally and then only go for a newer version or newer technique.

These costly gadgets have another expense associated with them and that is the annual AMC charges which are also high at about 15-20% of the price of the item. So that should also be taken into consideration when going for a high priced machine.

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