How to use Google Adsense score card for publishers to optimize revenue

Google Adsense has introduced Publisher Scorecard in 3rd week of June 2013 so as to introduce benchmark information to optimize Adsense earnings. If you have missed the Google Hangout then the adsense publishers can go through this article

Know Your Google Adsense Score Card

Google Adsense has introduced Publisher Scorecard in 3rd week of June 2013 so as to introduce benchmark information to optimize Adsense earnings. If you have missed the Google Hangout then the concept is reproduced for the benefit of Adsense Publishers.Adsense Scorecard

Score Card is divided into three broad categories as under
Revenue Optimization

Site Health


Each category is having score card rating of 5 Blue Dots along with Green, Yellow or Read signs followed by upward or downward signs as show in the image. Help through Learn More is available to the adsense publishers along with the three parameters discussed above. Green color signifies "Excellent" that is the publisher need to make any changes to this item. Yellow color suggests improvements and the publisher can make some further improvements to the item with yellow color sign of exclamation. Red color denotes that the publisher needs improvement in the area and Google Adsense recommends the publishers to take action to fix items denoted by red color signs of exclamation.

Revenue Optimization can be improved through revising the following
Ad formats

Enabling text and image ads

Removing crawling errors, if any.

Adsense Publishers can find the scorecard through Home tab of the adsense publisher dashboard or account to know if the score card is moving up, going down or suggests improvement so as to lift the scorecard upwards. It is very easy to understand and fix the issues if the performance score is indicated through red or yellow mark of exclamation and once you resolve the issue, it may increase your revenue through increase in traffic.

Ad formats with more width are the best earning ads formats. To quote 336 x 280, 350 x 300, 728 x 90 are some of the best performing ad formats as for vertical sky scrapper formats the visitor have to scroll down the page. Both text and image ads are best suited to earn revenue for the publishers as the visitors get attracted towards images and videos more. Crawling errors can be removed through webmaster tools so that your URL's and Pages are not ignored by the crawlers resulting into loss of revenue.

Google+ feature in score card can be very helpful if the publishers have linked their site with their corresponding Google+ Pages.

Site Health can be improved by going through the layout plans suggested for blogs, sites, forum and above all if the the valuable content of the site on which Google Ads are being served, is available above the fold and Google Ads slot is also above the fold.

The Score Card gets updated regularly and based upon updates the adsense publishers can make improvements as suggested. Do not panic about low score as the score card is for you to make improvements and not penalize the publishers so far the publishers are following adsense program and policies without any violation. Google is not going to take any action just because of your low score card.

As per Google Adsense the scores will be calculated daily but its updating in publisher's account may take a few days before score card getting reflected in the account after you have implemented the suggestions based upon earlier score card.

Google being an advertising company has introduced this tool for the bottom line publishers so as to help site or blog owners make more money through Adsense.

Adsense has introduced the feature on the eve of its 10th anniversary earlier last week when about 2 million publishers use the Adsense service currently as informed by the great Google. Google Adsense has reportedly paid more than US$7 billions to its publishers, using Adsense on their sites and blogs, last fiscal year.

Article by Ashok Goyal
Ashok Goyal joined ISC in 2012. He is Leading CIBIL Consultant in India after having retired as Chief Manager from Punjab National Bank, Experienced Blogger and Adsense Publisher.

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Author: Pravin S Chavre.24 Aug 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Oh My God! Google has paid such a great amount to all the publishers across the globe in their last fiscal year.

Guest Author: WQAINDIA24 Aug 2013

That is why a PIL has reportedly been filed to tax the Google and Facebook for their earnings in India.

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