Preparation of the delicious South Indian Dish 'Dosha'

The article describes how to prepare dosha. Dosha, is a common South Indian dish. Dosha is a very delicious and healthy dish. There are several types of dosha, masala dosha , ghee dosha & thattu dosha being the most common & preferred varieties. Here is how to prepare it step by step.


Dosha is a dish used in South India mainly for the breakfast. Hot dosha served with chutney, chammanthi or sambar is the favorite dish of tamilians and malayaalis. 'Dosha maavu' is widely available in the markets nowadays. It is a packet of ready to 'cook dosha.'

Ingredients required for the preparation of dosha

sesame oil - 1 cup
raw rice or pachari - 3 cup
black gram or uzhunnu- 2 cup
salt- as required
fenugreek- 3 table spoon
water-3 cups

Preparation of the batter or 'Dosa maavu'

This is the first and formost step in the preparation of the delicious dish dosa. For this we need a mixer grinder or a wet grinder. First rinse the black gram thouroughly with water. Then with some water, put in the wet grinder. Grind it so well that it becomes a very good paste which is somewhat thick. Be carefull that the amount of water used is not too more not too less. For two cups of black gram 1/2 cup of water is enough.

Move this from the mixer jar into another vessel. Now in the jar take the raw rice now and wet grind it thoroughly. After grinding it so well to make it a real paste with water ( in this case 3/4 cups of water can be used or as required). Now move this to the same vessel where the earlier mix was pored . Mix the two very well to make the batter. Now add three or four table spoons of salt as required and mix very well. It will be much more tasty if you add the fenugreek to the mixture at the time of wet grinding either with the gram or rice ar with both. If you not prefer using fenugreek it is alright then. Thus the batter for the preparation of tasty dosha is ready now. One thing to note is that the same batter can be used for making idli which is a another very nutritious South Indian dish. For idli the rice need not be grinded so well as for the dosha mix.

Preparation of the dosha

Now let us look how to prepare the simple plain dosha. Firstly take a flat pan that is the dosha pan. Light the stove and put the pan over it. Now when the pan becomes somewhat hot rub over it the sesame oil.
Then take a big spoon (cup size) and take tbe batter in it and spread the batter over the pan in a round shape. Now when after the batter becomes somewhat solid to become a dosha take a thava and turn the dosha the other side. When it turns a little brown in color take the dosha from the pan. and now repeat this method to make a number of doshas.Thus the tasty and delicious dosha is now ready to serve. It can be made thick or thin as a paper as our wish. Serve the dosha with chutney which is a nice combination.Variety of chutneys are also available.

It is not compulsory to use sesameoil itself for the preparation of dosha. If required we can use ghee or butter instead of that which will only adds to the taste of the dish. Dosha made like this is termed as the ghee dosha. The ghee dosha is usually very very thin and large in size comparatively. It has got a very nice aroma of ghee which makes its most of the south Indian's favoriye. Masala dosha is prepared by keeping masala mix inside light paper dosha.

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Author: Selvipriya.N10 Jan 2017 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

Fenugreek gives a good smell to the dosa and it also increases the taste of the dosa. Note that one should be careful when adding fenugreek because if you add more it will be difficult to make the dosa in the correct shape and it will also be difficult to turn the dosa. When the batter becomes more sour you can rectify/solve it by adding a little bit salt and rava.

Author: Venkiteswaran10 Jan 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Dosa, like Idli, is a very popular snack in almost many places in India. Even abroad Dosa is available in Indian restaurants. I have seen people relishing Dosa in the evenings on roadsides sold from small carts and improvised eateries in many states in the north and west in India.

Many households in non-south Indian states also prepare Dosa on Sundays and holidays as a variety and special item. This article will help such people to prepare tastier and crisp Dosas.

(The spelling DOSA is enough. 'Dosha' may be understood as' ill-effect' at least by some.)

One witty person said about the origin of name Dosa. When the batter is poured on the hot tawa(pan) we hear a sound 'sai'. Then when the dosa is turned over we again hear another 'sai'. The two sai became Dosai- Do in Hindi means two. Actually it is Dosai in Tamil.

Author: Umesh10 Jun 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Dosa is basically a South-Indian dish but it has become so popular now that it is available everywhere in our country and even abroad.
One thing I would like to add about this unique dish is that it is available in various forms and depending upon local taste people have even modified it. People who travel a lot might have observed the variation in dosa dish from place to place.
One interesting thing is the conventional filling in a masala dosa being replaced with various other fillings and sometimes even experimenting with noodles or pasta.

Author: Neeru Bhatt02 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Dosa is a dish which has captured the fascination of food lovers all across our country and this is a dish available every where.
The variation in dosa preparation from place to place is mind boggling. Specially some chefs are experimenting new fusion methods to mix chinese and muglai ideas with dosa which is giving it a new avatar.

Author: Chitra19 Oct 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Dosa is the most common item made in the mornings for breakfast by the South Indians. It goes better with Chutney or Sambar. There are different types of dosas like uzhunu dosa, neer dosa, masala dosa etc. To get softness for dosa, it is better to add little steamed rice when grinding the ingredients to a batter.

Author: pramilakapahi13 Nov 2017 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Dosa can also be made of rava or Sooji. Sooji mixed with sour curd and kept for 2 -3 hours makes excellent dosas. Salt, green chilies and finely chopped onions add flavour and is healthier too. Those who do not want to eat dosa made of rice can use this option.

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