Precautions for monsoon tourism in India

Monsoon season is the best season when we consider other seasons of the Indian subcontinent. Many tourist spot lovers would like to get into tourist trips during this season. But sadly the enjoyment turns into danger in some cases. This article is related to the causes and precautions on tourism in monsoon.


Tourism is something that makes your mind happy and fresh. We would all like to get into trips to tourist spots during stress. But sadly some of these tourism ventures turn into danger due to lack of precautions and knowledge about hidden dangers. The monsoon season in India is the best season for tourism. Many places in India especially the southern part of India turns beautiful in this period. The presence of water in backwaters, sea and waterfalls make monsoon favorite for tourists. But we should take care as dangers are hidden in these journey. This article is just a small information regarding the precautions needed and causes while we conduct a tourist trip to favorite spots.

The facts on tourism during monsoon

The data available show that monsoon season is favorite for tourist and other data make us shocked too. It is the same season which takes away the life of many tourists. The enjoyment places sometimes turns out to be danger zones due to lack of care. Tourism trips in monsoon season are mainly in two types. Indian youth like to enjoy life in tourist spots and so a big gang of youth would become freedom lovers in this season. In other case families would like to enjoy the beauty of waterfalls in monsoon. Both these trips are essential in our life as they cherish good memories. But the precaution should be also ready. Especially in the case of youth. They would like to enjoy a lot and the lack of knowledge and care regarding dangers would always turn out into disasters. The data related to accident during monsoon at tourist spots also show the same. The youngsters are the most dangerous species in monsoon. India is well known for monsoon beauty. But the trips should be well planned when we conduct trips too. That can only make the magical monsoon of India worthful.Families are also in danger as they just goes on with the children. It can be see that many accidents was due to the wishes of children to enjoy. We should be ready to avoid such wishes of children even if they insist as it is matter of life.

How to enjoy waterfalls?

Trips to to water falls in India is enjoyed by most. The natural beauty of waterfalls and the freshness of such tourist spots make the trips cherishing memories. The waterfalls with little drops shattering is one of the experiences that none of us should never miss. In monsoon the entry of water to these falls become more. The rivers related to the waterfalls. The dams everything gets filled with water and the place turns out to be the heaven in earth. But sometimes the hell turns out in th same place. The main reason is a discourage to boards. We can see on the way and at the spots many boards giving us highlight about the dangers hidden in that place. Especially the boards asking to leave out entry to rivers. The rivers would be in anger mood in monsoon. Many would like to take a bath in such rivers an that is the biggest danger hidden. Many place selected are not at all suitable and would be having hidden problems. For example at a spot the river would seem to be silent but the underwater currents would be large and occasional people cannot find that too. They would get into the river for a simple bath but the underwater current s and waves would make them easily in danger. It would be easy to say that we can escape if we know swimming but at that time during the strong underwater currents even the best swimmer can't escape. So be careful about the boards that deny entry to water. It is better to avoid such entries to river when we go to tourist spots. Enjoy the natural beauty in its complete format.

Some would like to go to forest in more deep grounds. The forest would be the place of core animals. If we deny the boards regarding the entry of wild animals it would later become cause of death. We should be well aware that wild animals are not that easy to follow an escape. Once w are got is finished. Indian monsoon season is well known and also animal richness in monsoon forest too/. So always be careful about the wild animals especially in night. Never turn way from the boards and be ready with precaution like access to help from forest department etc. Never try to tease the wild animals an d that would make them more prompted t attack.

Also try to avoid alcohol consumption when we look for the picnic spots. The rash driving and the absence of mind would lead to more danger. It can be well understood that alcohol is the main reason that leads to problems at tourist spots. So it is better to avoid the alcohol and enjoy nature and the beauty on Indian monsoon with a fresh mind ,not with an addicted mind.

How to enjoy sea and backwaters

Trips to backwaters and sea is other mode of enjoyment. But this leads to dangers. The boat journeys, enjoyment at shore etc are well prepared beauty idea in monsoon. But we are well aware about the problem through tsunami and Boat tragedies. So when we plan such trips we should be well prepared. Enjoyment should never turn into death. The best way to be happy and enjoy in a boat ride would e silent nature. We should confirm that the boat is well secured and it has the escape accessories within it. Also avoid the entry to sea without proper idea. Never avoid the boars that deny entry to sea in some places. The tragedies taking place now are just some that can show the seriousness of this issue. The short waves of sea would seem small but the large waves can always bring in danger. They appear any time even after short waves. Don't try to jump over waves. It is just a guess that jump would help. But the strong waves can take you away in jump too. It is better to stay away. The power of waves sometimes take away the mind too. It take away the health soon that loss conscious.It happens easily with small wave sin case of children. So always be careful about the power of sea in monsoon. It is sure that the sea is powerful in monsoon but it is beautiful too.


The article does not ask you stay away from tourist spots. It just asks to take some precaution so the monsoon of India would become the best ever in world. Enjoy the nature beauty of monsoon with ease and silence. Especially take a leave form alcohol in trips. That is the best way to enjoy the trips. This article is just an initiative to avoid the tragedies that are going on at the tourist spots during monsoon in India. Enjoy the beauty of monsoon but not with your life and let this poem enhance the ideas of this article to you.

Its time for your journey this monsoon
Sea and we look silent
but in us we are violent.
Enjoy with family and friend
but not with life and love.
Monsoon is the best in India
and time is right to enjoy
Have some precautions
make every trip valuable
Rain everywhere here
let it be in the mind too
the rain of happiness
the rain of freshness
but not the rain of danger
Monsoon the real beauty of India
Its time for your journey

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Author: Sarojah09 Jul 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

This article is really commandable in bringing the precautions while on tour and especially during monsoon as the monsoon time differ from region to region in India and most of the Indians even educated are not well aware of them.

I can even quote from my own experience when I visited Varanasi while clubbing my official trip to offer prayer for our any generation of departed souls. The time was in August when Ganga river was flooded and our trip was only two days and the person who supposed to do this karma took us in a boat to the other sides of ghats as the ghats on the Varanasi were not able to reach which is definitely involved high risk and so people should aware of the seasons and causes and also the precautions.

Author: K Mohan25 Nov 2013 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

While I appreciate the author for bringing out this useful resource a mention must be made here that taking a pleasure trip in Monsoon season always ends with discomfort and unusual experience and if we go with the family the ordeal becomes more painful. Often during monsoon, the heavy rains may disturb the vehicular traffics on road and the trains also run beyond the normal time. Since the Monsoon holidays are short and limited, we cannot program a trip with definite purpose. Therefore we can avoid trips during monsoon and instead chose the summer as the best time to visit places of interest leisurely. Nowadays the Railways are having advance reservations extended and you can book the tickets in February itself and thereby planning a pleasure trip with the family without any hitch.

Author: Jagdish Patro27 Nov 2013 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

This article is a good post which is quite useful for a proper idea to the reader to take extra care for visits during monsoon. But, certain places in India like Chitrakoot and Thiradhghat water falls in Chattisgarh and Nagarjuna Sagar dam in AP are the places we can enjoy only in monsoon season. The nature's beauty can be a scintillating one during these times.
A good article by the author.

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