Advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power plants

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The discussions on ways to curb global warming (climate change) have also surprisingly again triggered discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of the use of nuclear energy. Therefore below a brief summary of the arguments:

Advantages of nuclear generation of electricity

  • The current production caused relatively little carbon dioxide (CO2), so it does little to climate change.

  • The technology is available, ie it does not need to be developed.

  • Disadvantages of the use of nuclear energy

  • The waste problem is still unsolved. The resulting waste is very dangerous and must be treasured for several hundred thousand years.

  • Although accidents have a low probability due to the high security measures, they can never be completely ruled out. A 100% security is not technically possible. The consequences of an accident would be absolutely devastating for people and nature. (Click here for examples of mishaps and accidents in nuclear power plants ). The more nuclear plants are built, the greater the likelihood automatically that happens somewhere in the world a serious accident.

  • The nuclear plant itself, but also the resulting radioactive waste, may be preferred targets for terrorist activities. World could withstand an attack like 9/11 in New York nuclear plant no. Such an attack on a nuclear power plant would have catastrophic consequences worldwide.

  • Radioactive material which arises in the operation of nuclear power plants can be used for making bombs.

  • As an energy source uranium is used in nuclear facilities. But uranium is itself a scarce resource, depending on the amount of demand the supply will only last for about 30 to 60 years.

  • For permits, planning and construction of new nuclear power plants are to be expected in Western democracies with a period of 20 to 30 years. In other words, new systems are not feasible in the short term.

  • Sustainability: Are nuclear power plants sustainably?

    Nuclear energy is not sustainable for several reasons not "green" or:
  • The nuclear waste from our systems and the discarded equipment itself represent a heavy burden for thousands of generations to come dar. If future generations will have to deal with the waste of our time, this contradicts the idea of ??sustainability in a really blatant way.

  • Uranium, the fuel for nuclear power plants, is present only in relatively small quantities. Uranium is "used up" in nuclear power plants (transformed) and then is no longer available to future generations.

  • From the disadvantages of nuclear energy is clear that nuclear power generation is not a solution, on the contrary, is the cause of many other problems. We can no longer close our eyes to the consequences of our existence on earth. In addition to moral, ethical and spiritual reasons, we should already be rigorously pursue a sustainable lifestyle of pure will to survive and realize with us personally. It is (high) time for an energy revolution: reversing time!

    The interest of the energy industry

    The energy industry is aware of the many disadvantages of nuclear power production in general. Your current intense lobbying has therefore to extend the operating licenses for existing nuclear power plants to the destination in the first place. As the investment costs are amortized under the intended operating period, an extension of the operating time of existing nuclear power plants for the operators would be extremely financially lucrative - a real cash cow.
    In terms of security but this can be highly questionable, because the plants are so designed and built from the start for the intended service life and technical equipment towards the end of their life are always infallible.

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