Know all about Google AdWords – Rich media and text advertising on internet

Are you looking for rich media for advertising your products or services then Google AdWords is the right answer as advertisement is key to success for increased online sales of your merchandise. This article clears the doubts and myths of the advertisers to get advertised their products, services and knowledge articles.

What is required for AdWords?

    Valid email ID.
    Preferably create a Google Account with valid Gmail ID.
    Mobile Number to get Verification Code.
    Verify your Gmail ID and check in Google Dashboard or Google+ Profile that your mail Id is verified with a check tick sign.

Are your selling products globally or locally?

Keeping in view the area of your operation or likely area of operation, create your first campaign in Google AdWords by selecting the audience in campaign settings by selecting the current or likely countries of for selling your products or services. If you find it difficult to select the countries, regions or cities just use the exclusion clause by excluding the area or regions where you do not want to sell your products or services. Unnecessarily showing ads in geographical areas beyond your reach can prove costly by way of unsolicited calls and inquires. Sometimes it may be a rewarding preposition also.

Control your daily budget to cut cost of advertising

As a business man or enterprise or corporate, you might be projecting your yearly advertising budgets to advertise your products on various medias including print media, live media, email marketing, internet or through AdWords by Google. Keeping in view your yearly projections you can start with a minimum level of advertising budget per day say Rs.300/- per day in India for yearly budget or around INR 100000 per year and $5 to $10 per day if you are a global operator. At AdWords, the cost is well within your own control and you can keep on changing daily budget as per the results you get.

How to push up your ads on internet

You can select automatic bidding in bidding and budget area of your AdWords Campaign so that rates of bids will be automatically adjusted to so as to have maximum clicks within your pre defined budget. Later on depending upon the conversion rate of clicks you can analyze the key words where you get those clicks getting converted into business and you can set the rates of Cost per Click within your daily budget. The only difference will be enhancing the convertible clicks based upon your experience.

Design your ads your self online

While designing your ads to be displayed keep the following in mind:
    Select an attractive Ad Title.
    Enter Ad Text or Rich Media about the products or service.
    Add your website URL.
    You can create multiple ad campaigns with different text to display and later on based upon your experience and taste of your visitors and customers, you can keep or delete the high performing or low performing ads. Do not mind having multiple campaigns to begin with as you will pay for only conversions out of ad appearances getting displayed through the bidding process. Google takes care of its AdWords advertisers through automated tools and advertisers are not made to pay for motivated clicks or fictitious clicks. Google ads have transparent system in place.
    Think as your customers will think. If you were the customer of your own product or service, what would have you liked in the product or service. Use the same adjectives within your ads so that such adjectives and words become the top converting key words for your product ads. You and You alone are the King of your ad campaigns and no body other than you understands your customers online or in physical market.

Make Relationship with the Media or Google on internet

Based on your daily budget, credit your AdWords account with at least three months budget through billing information so that your monthly invoices get adjusted automatically and your ad campaign do not get stopped for want of funds though AdWords do not prescribe amount of advance credits. It is all in your hands and it is trouble free and easy to experiment with Google AdWords. You can get adjusted your AdWords Coupons while signing up for AdWords Ads.

Word of Caution

Google AdWords do not advertise such products, services, content, videos or photo image which may promote sex, porn, religious hate-redness in violation of its Terms and Conditions in similar way as is applicable for approved adsense Publishers to follow the Adsense Optimization Tips.

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Author: Ashok Goyal22 Mar 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Update by Author:

Google Adwords has enabled Check and Drafts form of payment for their Google Adwords customers. Even bloggers can make use of the services and opt for checks and drafts mode of payments but make sure to pay your monthly bills well in time so as to avoid stoppage of display of your ads. It is better to keep your Google Adwords account credited by about 2 times your average monthly budget or bill. Google has provided the Google Adwords Tools to opt for checks and Drafts mode of payment.

Author: Ashish yadav18 Jun 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Google adwords is a very well known name in field of advertising. Everybody knows Google have very strict policies. Therefore publisher can't cheat advertisers. Adwords is very secure place for any advertiser where he can invest money.

Author: Ashok Goyal18 Jun 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

@Ashish Yadav, Adwords campaigns need to be managed by professional people to have better conversion rate otherwise the advertisers may lose money by wrong targeting of their Ads.