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This article is about my interview experience at Datasift, a subsidiary of Wealth-X for the post of Research Analyst. I have included the company profile, job description, eligibility and interview procedure of Datasift along with my personal experience. I have also added few tips to get through the interview levels.


Datasift is a 100% subsidiary of Wealth-X, located at Mysore in India.This company mainly prepares profiles of ultra high networth individuals (UHNW) along with their financial analysis. Ultra high networth as per this company is $30 million. They mainly have 3 categories of customers: banks, luxury goods producers and non-profit organizations.

Job Description

Research Analyst should prepare the profile of the assigned UHNW individual using open source information (OSI) eg: Google. The profile includes business biography of the person; people closely associated, contacts, interests and about his/her detailed wealth report.


  1. Master's degree
  2. Good at financial terms and analysis
  3. Good at report writing

My experience - opportunity through Job portal site

When I was doing my MBA (Finance & Marketing) final semester in Chennai, I have registered in job portals like and I used to get job notifications and I apply for whichever job that meets my expectation and for the jobs that I am eligible to. A week after my final exams, I received a call from Datasift asking about my interest to work in Mysore. Though I have registered in many job portals and sent my resumes to various companies, I first enquired about how he got my number and details. He said it is through Naukri and preferred to call me because of the place preference I chose in Naukri site that includes Mysore. Then I continued with the call. He first cross checked me with his available details by questioning about my qualifications and marks secured.

Preliminary knowledge test

Before continuing with formal interview procedures, he asked couple of subject oriented questions which are relevant to the job.

Q: Since you have chosen Finance as one of your specializations, are you clear with financial instruments and its' terms?
A: Yes. I had Security Analysis & Portfolio Management (SAPM) and Derivatives as part of my syllabus. I am clear with financial terms as well as security market terms.

Q: What is portfolio management?
A: Managing more than 1 security/stock in stock market's basket.

Q: What is Derivatives?
A: A financial instrument whose value depends upon one or more underlying asset.

He corrected the last answer with exact book definition and confirmed a date and time for on-line test.

Online test

In two days I had my on-line test. Three links were sent to my mail id.

1st link: Multiple choice questions to test the logical reasoning. It majorly consists of questions expecting to answer the next possible diagram, number, alphabets etc. People good at mathematics and logical reasoning ability could easily crack this test.
2nd link: Multiple choice questions to test the Grammar and strength in English language.
3rd link: Kind of essay writing. Consist of 2 questions only.
  1. Choose any one of the following person's name and write a biography about them. (3 billionaire's name was given) concentrate more on their financial part.
    • I chose one person; she is a billionaire as well. Written her biography in a chronological order, starting from her date of birth, education, marriage, career, business, how she expanded her business, the positions she hold, the awards she got etc.
    • With respect to her wealth, written her wealth as per Forbes, her investments, the business from where does she earn the most or which contributes more to her wealth etc.
    • Important note: I gave reference links at the end of the biography
  2. How will you value a land if it's market value is not available?
    • Sqft value of that area * area of the land.
    • Last purchase value of the land plus its appreciation value.
    • Value of the lands that are nearby to the land which need to be valued.
I called back the person and informed that I finished the test. He acknowledged that he too got the notification and said he will call me back with the results. The same evening I received a positive reply from him that I have passed in my online test and short listed for the telephonic interview with the Manager on the next day morning 10am.

Telephonic interview

As fixed, I received call from Datasift's Manager. He introduced himself with his name and designation and confirmed whether I am also ready for the interview.

Manager: Before starting our discussion, let me know whether you are interested to taking up this job in Mysore (if selected).
Me: Yes. I have no problem in moving to Mysore for job.

Manager: Nice. Please tell about yourself and need not to be about your family.
Me: Well, Myself XXXX, completed MBA in YYY College, Chennai and did my B.Com in YYY. Done my final year project in YYY Bank on its relationship between Net banking services and customer satisfaction. I have also done my summer internship in YYY (Mfg Company) where I have been closely involved in their inventory control research team.

Manager: Can you explain the project you did in bank?
Me: yes, and I started explaining my project. Answered to his questions asked in between regarding the analysis methodology, tools used to analyze and end results.

Manager: Since you have worked both in Service sector and manufacturing sector, which one is comfortable to you?
Me: Both. In both the places, my primary objective is to learn. Since my tasks are research based, it was interesting. As far as the jobs are not monotonous, my interest will not get deprived. So it's not the sector but the nature of job that defines my comfort level.

Manager: Fine, 20 years from now, which industry will stand high in the business market.
Me: I always strongly believe on financial institutions and related sectors.

Manager: Why? Even this sector saw its downs some years back and they were the reasons for recession.
Me: Yes, I agree, but as long as men live, their desire for earning and saving are not going to stop, that is the reason I strongly believe that these institutions will keep growing. I agree that any industry should see its ups and downs, but this sector will not go out of market, as it does not have any replacements.

He said, he agreed with the statement that desire for earning and savings for men will not stop. Then he asked whether I know about the organization. Still he told he will explain it once and explained what DataSift is all about, what they work and for whom they work. That gave a clear idea about the organization and work nature.

If selected, what would be my possible joining date? He asked me to choose between two dates. I chose the later one.

He asked me whether I have any questions from my side. I asked about accommodation and pay. He said temporary accommodation will be arranged. Regarding pay, he asked for my expectation. I said mine. He said that he noted down my expectations and let me know my results soon. He also wished me a good luck. It was nice speaking to him that he made the interview so lively with interactions in between Q&A.

In 2 hours time, I got a call from HR person; he said those blessed words that I got selected. Of course we had pay negotiations and joined DataSift successfully as a Research Analyst on the chosen date.

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