Methods to improve Memory / Brain Power

A good memory is a very good tool for a student as well as any one in any profession. In this article I have written about how to improve your memory power. Children usually studies every thing but unable to produce it in the Answer sheet because of poor memory power. Here we will learn some simple steps to increase your memory power.

A good memory is very much needed in today's students as they have a lot of things to learn. Strengthening your memory is not a difficult task at all. To remember is to recall the knowledge or any image or any past experience stored in the brain. Here are some points you can use to improve your memory power.

Practice these methods to improve memory power

First thing is try to concentrate on the thing you want to remember. You can improve your concentration by forming the habit of bringing back your mind whenever it wanders from your subject you study. Develop an interest in the matter which you are studying.Relax ! Remove the tensions of exams from your mind. If you have any emotional problem then settle down it before going to study with your parents or teachers. Otherwise it will be a distraction for your studies.

Second thing is repeat the matter which you want to remember. Always try to understand the thing you are learning and then repeat it. Try to study for a short time period every day rather than a long period now and then. Try to study every day and not on the previous day of the exam.

Third thing is have confidence in yourself that you can learn it and produce in the answer sheet. Tell to yourself that " This subject is useful to me and I like it more each day ".

Fourth thing is learn by wholes rather than parts. Try to learn one subject or one chapter at one stretch. Do not go for another works or to watch T.V before you complete your subject.

Sixth thing is try to relate the things you are studying with the things you are interested in. By associating one thing to another we can remember certain things. Try to associate certain years in history with your birth year or month or your roll number which you won't forget.

food items that can help improving memory power

1. Our brain consists mostly of water so drink lots of water daily.

2. Milk and milk products, egg, sea food will help you to improve concentration.

3. Food which contains iron will help to carry oxygen to brain. Thus spinach, fish which contains iron will help to improve the working of our brain system.

4. Honey especially honey collected by small honey bees which is available in market will improve your brain power. You can have a spoon of honey before going to exam.

5. Food which contains Omega-3 fatty acids will help the working of our brain system. Small fishes from sea and egg contain Omega-3 fatty acids.

6. Food which contains anti-oxidants will improve our memory power. Carrot, grapes, spinach, tomato, pulses contains lots of anti oxidants.

7. Small green gram is very good to improve your memory power. Also it will energize your body.Try to sprout it eat it in the salad or the way you like it.

So work hard and try to reach success. Wish you All the Best for your future.


Author: Umesh04 Sep 2022 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

This is an interesting article describing the brain and memory function. The brain starts developing with the increase in age and becomes fully developed when one becomes adult.
After a particular age, around 60 to 70 years, there is no production of fresh brain cells unlike the normal cells in other parts of the body. So it is obvious that the mental power, that is the capacity and capability of the brain, will be diminishing with increasing age.
Many people believe that there are some tonics and supplements which can boost the brain power. To some extent this could be true but after a particular age it is difficult to say whether these nourishment really make that happen or will increase the brain power only to a small extent.

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