Weight loss and few important tips

Weight gain have created havoc in many people's life affecting both physical and mental health of an individual. People try to lose weight but it's always seen either their weight loss found to be temporary or they fail. Weight loss appears to be very difficult. So in this context this article deals with few important tips that one should understand before losing weight.

Weight gain and obesity is now turning to be a global problem. Many people specially women struggle to lose those extra pound that have been loaded on their body. Weight gain have created havoc in many people's life affecting both physical and mental health of an individual. People try to lose weight but it's always seen either their weight loss found to be temporary or they fail. Weight loss appears to be challenging but losing those extra pounds and keeping them at bay is not an impossible task. All one need is to have dedication, patience and few simple and effective dietary changes which is key to lose weight.

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Things to keep in mind before weight loss

Before being prepared for the real countdown of weight loss one must always be aware of few things about weight gain and weight loss which will help them to enjoy their weight loss session without any disappointment and frustration. It's true that no one want to be bulky and struggle with day to day activities and health problems due to excess weight. Then why so many people still categorized as obese? The problem with them is that they either stick to wrong way of losing weight and without knowing their body requirement they keep on forcing themselves and in spite of losing weight they lose hope. So here are few simple tips to keep in mind before you start your weight loss program.

Be practical and patient

The very first step towards losing weight is to be patient and practical. Its known fact that in one day you neither put on so much weight nor you will able to lose them in single day. So forcing oneself hard in gym for long and cutting down your food will further make your weight loss impossible rather frustration and disappointment will pile up. As with this step you will just slow down your metabolism and are even prone to muscle injury. Set small and achievable goal and try to increase your pace slowly with each achievements. Making haste will only hamper your health or you will experience temporary weight loss. As this will make you starve like hell and give negligible result. You finally get de-motivated and weight loss program gets over.

Increase your pace slowly

What people generally do is that they get determine and promise to themselves that okay I will lose weight. They chalk out plans of low fat diet and hit the gym to have desired result. But have you ever heard people saying I hate going to gym it makes me feel tried whole day and they even turns to be irregular there. On contrary some people love to workout, its part of their living and its make them feel happy and active. The first opinion is generally of people having Sedentary lifestyle who recently started to run on treadmill and feel restless. So avoid all this kind of feeling start initially with walking and simple cardio exercises then go and burn fat in gym. Ensure you have build enough stamina to get rid of prolonged excess weight. And with each day sweating feel happy and relax rather than restless and tried. It's very important to realize that you will only continue with thing you love to do and which makes you happy. Enjoying each workout will only help you achieve your target and there will be no question of facing temporary weight loss.

Incorporate healthy dietary habits

Many people have misconception that eating food is the only reason that is making them fat. But if this would be the only cause why many people keep on complaining I ate so less but I keep on putting weight. Weight gain can be the outcome of many factors-improper hormones regulation, less sleeping, eating less nutritious food, low metabolism, inactivity etc. Whatever may be the reason for one's weight gain eating healthy is the solution to curb those extra weight. Always remember your food must contain all important vitamins, minerals, calcium, protein. Because if your body lack any of them it will leads to worsening your weight loss and you will end up in frustration. Say no to junk foods, sugar, white flour and excess salt rest eat everything in moderation without being obsessed of weight loss and cutting all crabs. Right and moderate combination of each food group should be included in daily eating. Relying just on fruit or grains is not advisable. Mix all healthy and fresh food to lose weight. Along with it always see you have 8-10 glasses of water each day as this will help you get away with all toxin from your body. Go for medical checkup and get percentage of all vitamins, calcium and hemoglobin present in your body. And accordingly prepare your food chart targeting to your body requirement. This will help you to put food into your mouth which your body requires the most. If confused and unable to prepare food chart by yourself then consult dietitian and follow her advise.

Keep stress away

Do you all know that being stress make you fat. Don't be strange its fact and have been proved being stress make you fat. Emotional eating is what the worst impact of being stress and make you go fat. So keep stress away always smile and be happy. Being happy make your journey of weight loss more easier.

Imagine yourself being transformed from fat to fit

Last but not the least simply love yourself and imagine of achieving a new fit body. Feel and imagine each day you being much healthier. Since we human have powerful mind and our imagination will strive us to go long and achieve what we desire. As Buddha said- Every human being is the author of his own health or diseases. So determine to write a fantastic review of your journey from being fat to fit. Close your eyes and imagine beautiful and healthier you. And trust me if you can dream it you can achieve it.

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Author: Venkiteswaran14 Feb 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

The world is now undergoing a curious cycle of events in personal life style.

The better purchasing power and easy availability of luxury foods and other tasty items make people eat more and better. The highly nutritious and fatty foods on one side and the junk foods which cater to calories only add up to the weight gain and obesity in youth especially. This is again supported and increased by the sedentary life of these youth spending more time before TV or computer and remaining time either sleeping or driving a vehicle.

The same youth who are conscious of their appearance and as a fad, can afford to spend money go to the gyms or weight loss centres and spend money to lose weight. This is a vicious circle.

If the cause itself is understood and restriction or regulation brought in, all these circuitous route is not needed.

However the article deals with the situation after weight gain and hence restricts itself to such points.

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