How to learn playing musical instrument after the age of 40?

Are you in age group of 40 and above and wants to learn to play musical instrument? What stopping you at this age, do you think you can't learn or feel shy? Then stop your negative thinking and start working towards your interest. There is nothing hard to learn musical instrument at this age, only thing you have to motivate yourself. I hope this article will give lots of positivity of those people who are belong to this age group.

Often I have come across this kind of questions. People after getting certain age (mostly above 40), think that they can't learn to play musical instrument which is not true at all.

We normally say that age is just number but when the time comes to apply this theory, we always questions ourselves. This is true that after certain age your physical performances can change but still I feel that it depend on your strong mind if you want to do something or not. Obviously, you will required stronger mind set to achieve something but believe me learning musical instrument is not at all tough in any age, if you have faith and interest on it.

There are many people who has dream to play certain musical instrument but due to work or some other problem, they could not learn. For them, I would suggest that please don't let die your dream, come up and take decision. There is nothing in this world a human can't do, only thing you will have to raise the strength of your inner power.

I have seen a man who started learning Piano at the age of 60 and after a year he has not only passed the theory exam but practical exam too. He was a retired person and having ample of time so he get himself into it and learned the instrument. This is all about the will power, if he can do it why can't others? You will have to just need guidance which I am trying to say it here, just follow it.

Look at your interest

You must have having your interest on certain musical instrument, what is that? Your interest is the most important part and will play vital role on your progress. So, decide your choice of instrument if you have any. Here, I would like to inform you that playing certain musical instrument like Violin at matured age is tough, I am not discouraging you but informing you. Holding a violin takes long time to learn at matured age but if you believe in yourself and have interest and patience, you can learn. Please remember playing any musical instrument will take your time and patience, so please never get frustrate if you could not do it easily. Relax, no one learn to play musical instrument in just one day or one month, it take time. For an average person at least six month for matured person may be nine month to a year. You will definitely start knowing and playing few notes or chords in few days but the technique and method will take months to learn.

Selection of musical instrument

It is very important for selecting musical instrument for your requirement. At younger age, your body parts are flexible and adjust the movement according to its requirement but after certain age it will not be the same. So, you must choose your instrument which is easily accept your body structure. I mean to say, you should not be in hurry, as per my view, a Keyboard or a Piano is much suited for elderly people. These instruments are flat and can be played by properly sitting on the bench, in some case you can play Keyboard by standing also. At this age, you must feel comfortable while playing any musical instrument. If you are comfortable, you can concentrate well and this will help you to learn fast.

Take proper lesson by good tutor

Now, when you have decided that you wants to learn, take proper lesson by good tutor. Finding a good tutor for you will not be easy but if you have any musical store at your town or city, you can ask them the details of tutor. Most of the musical store keeps a record of good music teacher. You can also learn by yourself through internet or books but it is advisable to learn with the help of tutor. Some method or technique you may not understand while learning through internet or books but if you have tutor, he can guide you better way. Please remember, learning techniques are very important. Once you learn the the wrong technique, it will be very difficult to make it correct. So, you must not go to short cut way.

Have patience and concentration towards your goal

Remember, even in younger age, learning a musical instrument required lots of patience and concentrations, you must be ready for it and should not be in hurry. Keep your interest alive even if you feel difficulty in playing, you may not get technically right in one or two days but with practice, you will sure get it right. Give your time and interest, you have to have proper and regular time for practice your lessons.

Enjoy the music from your heart

Music is a subject where only your hard work and time is not sufficient, your feeling towards it required a lot. You should enjoy it from your heart whatever you play. Rest you leave it with time, if you give yourself into music, with the time you will automatically learn everything. So, enjoy yourself without even thinking that how long it will take you to learn and play it properly. I would like to mention it here that music is a beautiful feeling, a way to reach God. So, enjoy it from you heart and feel it from your within. Let the music take care of you and gives you the happiness and satisfaction of life.

At the end, what you will achieve will be something special for you. Remember, no one can mastered in music, ask anyone, all will say that they are still learning, no matter how great the artist is. You too are not coming here to become master but devotee of music. Make music as your best friend, a friend who will never leave you whether you are sad or happy. A friend, who can be your best support when you are alone. Even if you do not achieve anything great, don't worry, music can become your major attractions with your grandchildren.

Think it again, isn't music make you complete. Yes, no more thinking now, jump into this crazy world and get blesses with it.

Article by Jeet Singh
Jeets is a natural born writer who tries to translate his thoughts into words with utmost clarity. He is a firm believer of 'know what you're talking' and thus shares his knowledge and adds inputs only on those subjects in which he is confident about. He has a strong hand in the field of Music and musical instruments from past 19 years and devoted his life to Music.

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Guest Author: Dennis06 May 2015

Thank you for the encouraging article. I recently started taking music lessons, but I am becoming frustrated. I am certain that you are correct that patience is important. I will try to enjoy the music even while I am only a beginner. Thank you.

Author: Siddhi Satpathy06 Mar 2016 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

Jeets this is so true! age should never matter for anything! We should have spirit and determination from heart!

Author: Jeet Singh07 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Apologies for the late reply.

Dennins sir, learning music at any level is a frustration initially. Only our desire and love to learn to play can help us to overcome this situation. It is not very easy indeed initially but as you progress it will become easier for sure. As I said please give yourself in to learning musical instrument, it will take care of your progress. I am seriously hoping that by this time you would have already learned the basics and is enjoying your music. If you happened to read my response, please reply me , it will be interesting to know your experience.

Siddhi, Thanks for sending your time to read this article.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao25 Jun 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

A good article. This gives a very encouraging support to those who have crossed 40 years and think that they can't learn. We are learners till we breathe our last breath, only thing is that one should have the zeal and energy to learn. I know a person who worked for his doctorate in his 45th year and got the degree. I admire the author's view in this regard.

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