Google Android OS Success from Astro to KitKat

Read this article to know brief about Google Android OS successful history on their OS series names with relentless effort. Detail on Android Astro OS to Android KitKat OS.

As we are aware, Google is giant search engine in the internet history. They added their business by expanding their team's plan, thoughts and efforts, 5 years back Google first introduced Android Astro OS which was not that familiar nor it was used that much in the Smartphone due to huge OS competitors in the market at that time. The competitors were like the giant brand mobile manufacturers viz. Nokia (Symbian OS), Samsung (BADA OS) and Apple's iPhone (iOS) etc. to mention few. It seems Google doesn't give up on this effort at that time.

They went ahead to launch the next version as Android Cupcake OS for Smartphone which was reasonable known in the market though there were no that much customer for it still. To go further ahead, Google launched one more its Android version called Android Donut, again it was pretty catchy in the market and it was still lag behind. Google again upgraded newer version as Android Eclair to improve further and expand its OS in competitive business environment without any further delay. However, it was not given result as expected.

Google Android OS success from Android Froyo OS release

Google once again tried for the next one without given up, yes. Android released Froyo (Frozen Yoghurt) which was finally make them first step of the success of OS in the competitive business market across globe. Almost many major companies and consumers turn their glance at Android Froyo OS from Google. Some of the companies joined hand with Google and launched their product with Android Froyo, one of the example is Samsung introduced their device with Android Froyo OS which makes many international buyers/users to satisfy.

Android KitKat New OS from Google
Image courtesy: Google

Android success history begins here. The same time, some of the new OS company for touch-integrated device launched as Google's Android OS competitor, this is one way tough compete for Google. However, after the releases of Android Gingerbread, they took little breath on its lead and success. Gingerbread OS shook the many Smartphone device OS manufacturer and become one of the best Android OS. Followed by that, Google expanded and released another newer version called Android Honeycomb which reasonably helped to move their feet again with new development.

Android OS success in 5 years

Success never comes without plan, continuous effort, hard work and so on. The same story for even giant search engine Google, they never given up and introduced and released Android Ice Cream Sandwich which helped them to stay ahead in the business of Smartphone. Most of them still would like to go with Android OS device than other expensive or low cost smartphone.

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Android OS really helps including children to operate the device friendly as all of them are touch-integrated only. Google Apps from PlayStore brought revolution and one more internal adventure for kids and youths. Google Nexus and device brought some more additional history on the row. Recent past, the turn was for Android Jelly Bean to rock the world and the recent most Google introduced Android KitKat which is hot topic at the moment for Smartphone lovers across. Let us wait and see how Android KitKat will rock the world after the last success of Android Jelly Bean. These all are of course 'Sweets'.

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